5 Amazing Plumber Marketing Strategies to Attract More Customers

Introduction to Plumber Marketing Strategies

As a local business owner, it is likely that you already have a perspective about the challenges of handling a plumbing service.

As a plumber, you see first hand what it looks like when people try to do things they aren’t suited to. How many “fix my DIY” calls do you get in a month, especially during this pandemic? I’ll tell you — it’s a lot!

Fortunately, you can help people make better decisions about their plumbing issues and build your business at the same time.

All you need is a strong content strategy that will educate your customers while helping them choose you as a qualified professional.

Here are the steps to make that work for you today!

Importance of Content Marketing

“Content marketing articles are capturing attention and engagement at a far higher rate than the few seconds that readers generally engage with a standard display or social newsfeed advertisement.” – NewsCred Insights

As you can see in today’s fast-paced world, successful content marketing provides a boost to your overall customer relationship building.

It is a combination of various online trends that focuses on using your site’s content or blog posts as the main medium to get the word out there for your business.

Today, business owners know that they have to capture the attention of possible prospects. Back then, most of them just use ads delivered by publication websites because they have engagement.

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However, we have social media now to directly build engagement with consumers. But social media platforms like Facebook began to monetize users.

Many business owners are now led to focus more on great content because no matter how much engagement you have, you can’t win a business deal by just selling stuff — you have to tell a story.

It’s not about how great your product is or how affordable your services are, it’s about how they can help your target consumers.

For instance, if a user is looking for ways on how to fix a clogged drain, you have to create a story on what causes the drain to clog.

Understand Your Customer Journey

People come across your website with a variety of needs. Some of them want to know why their water heater is knocking, while others have a plumbing emergency and need to call someone right away.

You’ll want to build your content to meet people where they are. You can broadly outline the customer journey this way:

  • The potential client becomes aware of your company
  • The prospect wants to learn more about their plumbing
  • The customer has a problem that needs to be solved
  • The customer chooses to call you for an appointment

These stages are called Awareness, Engagement, Decision to Buy, and Sale

The goal is to create content that meets the needs of people at each stage.

Create Relevant Content

Plumber Marketing Strategies
Plumber Marketing Strategies

Every piece of content on your website should meet potential customers at the stage they’re in and invite them to the next one.

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For instance, the About Us page should explain your company and invite people to learn more from your blog.

Your blog should give helpful, relevant information and invite the reader to check out your service pages.

Your service pages — tailored to the “decision to buy stage” should make it easy to contact you and make an appointment.

Creating all of this content on your website can be overwhelming, which is why many plumbers turn to market professionals to help.

Just make sure the professionals you choose to understand the sales funnel and give every piece of information a job to do!

Promote Your Website

Now you have an incredible website — great job! It’s time to boost your online presence and promote your website to bring in visitors.

There are a variety of ways to do this, including search engine optimization (SEO), plumber social media marketing, and more.

You can include your website on your business card, share blog posts with your email list, and encourage current customers to leave online reviews and share your content themselves.

Promoting your website is a long-term strategy — you won’t get thousands of visitors overnight. However, once you have a steady stream of traffic, your content will move them through your funnel and boost your business.

 Get Your Content Strategy Moving Today

Content strategy requires patience, and there’s no time to start like today. The sooner you have a well-optimized website, the sooner you can begin to promote it and get traffic. Over time, your business will become one that people know, like, and trust.

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Don’t forget how valuable your satisfied customers are. Reviews matter to new customers, and advocates for your company can refer their friends and family to your services.

A great content strategy will keep your customers flowing in!

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