4 Most Popular Hotels in Surabaya

Introduction to Popular Hotels in Surabaya

So you have made your mind and now you want to tour Surabaya this festive season? Congratulations on making such an incredible decision.

Surabaya, Indonesia is famous among tourists for its gorgeous attractions e.g. museums, ancient & modern architecture, rich history, parks, beaches, wildlife, hiking trails, etc.

But before you can go to Surabaya, Indonesia, it’s worth researching the best hotels in the city – remember you will need a good place to dine and rest your tired head (after busy hours of exploration).

Now assuming this could be the first time you are coming to Surabaya, how will you know which hotels are the best and why?

Well, we understand the hard time you could be facing, and that is why we are composing this post. Here we will present you with the best hotels in Surabaya that you should give a try to the next time you are in the city.

The Most Popular Hotels in Surabaya, Indonesia

  1. Shangri-la

This is probably the most popular hotel in Surabaya thanks to its incomparable services. Unlike some other hotels you will encounter in the city, Shangri-la features extra-large restrooms, tight security, perfect location, gym equipment, gaming pads for kids, swimming pools, SPA facilities, Wi-Fi, etc.

The Hotel is situated on Jl. Mayjend Sungkono-120 closer to Ciputra World Mall and is regarded as the best place for people looking to have peace of mind following busy days of explorations.

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If you are a photo maniac, this is the best place to be – there are very many beautiful spots where you can take pics for your social media accounts.

  1. Hotel Majapahit

Hotel Majapahit is one of the oldest hotels in the city. It was founded amid the colonial era in 1910 and is still functional hitherto.

In 2014, the Ministry of Education in Indonesia recognized Hotel Majapahit as a cultural heritage thanks to its deep history.

Just like Shangri-la hotel, Hotel Majapahit offers comfortable spacious room, Wi-Fi, spacious parking, a spacious playground, surefire security services, etc. The Hotel is located closer to several 5-star restaurants where you can look for additional services.

  1. Harris Hotel & Conventions

    Popular Hotels in Surabaya
    Popular Hotels in Surabaya

If you are looking for the best accommodation in Surabaya, Indonesia, look no further. Harris Hotel &

conventions could be all you need. The hotel is strategically located for ease of accessibility and to give you a fascinating view of the town.

One of the things that make this Hotel a standout is its cuisine. Expect to enjoy delicacies such as Asian and Western dishes.

Unlike some other hotels you have tried elsewhere before, this Hotel offers a “grab-and-go –zone” – this allows you to self-serve yourself.

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  1. Grand Mercure Surabaya

This is one of the most recent Hotels in the city. It features a classic and yet modern design that will appeal to the eye.

Other than its internal beauty, the Hotel offers premium services such as SPA services, gym services, Wi-Fi, etc.

When making your entry into the Hotel, you will receive a warm welcome from their neatly dressed waiters – something that will likely convince you to come back again and again.

Bottom Line

The above are some of the best and yet most popular hotels in Surabaya, Indonesia. Give them a try the next time you visit and rest assured that you will love the deals.

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