11 Most Powerful Microsoft Project Alternatives

Introduction to Powerful Microsoft Project Alternatives

After HP ALM(Application Lifecycle  Management) technology, Jira has become one of the great tool to track the projects. During this time Microsoft also came up with an awesome tool called Microsoft Projects to track the project progress.

Interestingly when Jira is completely an online-based tool, Microsoft Project has targetted offline users too along with cloud-based online users.

Apart from these Microsoft Project has enough intelligence to assist the workforce with more profitability.

What Is Microsoft Project? Uses, options, and rating

Microsoft has been the 800-pound great ape in the package for therefore long that it’s arduous to consider the business while not it. whereas there are challenges to its rule, and plenty of WHO have surpassed it, Microsoft remains large.

This is definitely true in project management software: a sector that has been growing steadily. No discussion of the project management package would be complete while not together with Microsoft Project.

But what’s Microsoft Project? What will it extremely do, and the way well will it do it? the merchandise has evolved since its introduction, and it’s been a regular for a few times. Yet, like some dark mystery, it’s each intriguing and opaque.

Let’s take it slow to explore Microsoft Project, and therein journey we’ll verify if it’s the correct project management package for you.

What Is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project (MSP) may be a project management package created for project managers in order that they will manage theirs comes. betting on your arrange, Microsoft Project helps you to arrange comes, assign tasks, manage resources, create reports and additional. It offers a full plate of services and was fast to dominate the project management package field once it had been 1st introduced.

Microsoft Project is a component of the larger suite of Microsoft workplace merchandise, nevertheless, it’s not prepackaged with different workplace package, like Word, surpass, and Outlook. There are unit 2 editions on the market, the quality, and skilled versions. each shares a novel file format, called MPP.

It was 1st commercially on the market in 1984. the primary version for Windows was discharged in 1990. future year, Microsoft created a mackintosh version of Project, however, it had been quickly discontinued and by 1994 was now not being oversubscribed to the general public. Currently, Microsoft Project isn’t compatible with mackintosh computers, however, there’s a workaround if you would like to run MS Project for mackintosh.

Microsoft Project options

There are unit lot of options that project managers and their groups ought to manage their work higher, and MSP encompasses a variety of them. However, to induce a full image, there may be a list of all options on the market to customers WHO place up the large USD.

  • Grid View: A project read that’s wont to arrange and manage comes with a task list.
  • Board View: a visible kanban board read that helps with managing advancement and standing.
  • Timeline View: the normal Gantt chart used for planning tasks over a project timeline.
  • Communication & Collaboration: groups will work along on comes.
  • Coauthoring: Stakeholders and team members work along to edit and update task lists and schedules.
  • Reporting: Pre-built reports that may track progress, resources, programs, and portfolios.
  • Roadmap: Track programs and project portfolios.
  • Timesheets: Collect project and non-project time for payroll and invoicing.
  • Resource Management: Manage resources by requesting and assigning tasks.

Microsoft Project is touted as united of the best project management software system that assists project managers in developing plans, assignment resources, pursuit progress, managing budgets, and analyzing workloads.

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Although it’s still riding high on its quality, there square measure many Microsoft Project alternatives providing wonderful options and advanced functionalities. That’s why we’ve created an inventory of ten unbelievable tools that merit being known as Microsoft Project alternatives.

The list is exclusive as every MS Project substitute has one thing or different that sets it except others on the list. By no means is that this list comprehensive of all MS Project alternatives, however, it undoubtedly includes a number of the most effective.

Best features of Microsoft Projects

Planning and Scheduling

No doubt planning and scheduling is the core part of the project. Microsoft has taken care of planning and scheduling very well making it fundamental for the project.

It determines the time and material along with the available resources thus makes a project smooth and simple. It also creates boundaries across each task. As a result, every worker knows the exact tasks, they need to complete along with their boundaries.


Microsoft Project can create individual tasks and highlight the most important task to finish. the prioritization feature keeps the project on track.

Task-Based Approach

Each main task can be further subdivided into smaller subtasks. Each worker knows the timeline and task details well ahead of time.

Team Schedule

Team scheduling keeps the team updated with the latest updates so that every team members can be on the same page. This feature also helps to distribute workload in case somebody goes to leave.

Project timeline

Microsoft Project adjusts the project based on the time and material order. It also adds two more variations called resource and time. These four factors keep the project on the time by adjusting the task calendar.

The timetable view of Microsoft Project does the wonder by applying a top-down approach. In case of error, sudden changes can be adjusted by using the above written four factors.

Effective Collaboration

Effective collaboration is another cornerstone of the Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project seamlessly share file and transfer files among the participants. This makes the documentation and sharing of knowledge easy.

Microsoft Project also provides a customized team dashboard. This feature shows multiple charts, graphs and other required details about the project. The dashboard also showcases the project KPI.

Microsoft Project also allows us to share customer information among team members without compromising security.

Multiple Project Execution

Microsoft Project allows us to carry out many projects simultaneously without hampering or disturbing any project, task, subtasks or common/shared resources.

Effective Resource Management

Microsoft Project offers efficient resource management by observing assets, accessibility. It covers various aspects of a project like-

  1. Money related
  2. Faqs
  3. Meeting and workrooms distribution
  4. Crud materials
  5. Finished and unfinished work
  6. etc

Microsoft Project provides a detailed view of each asset and resources. It also takes care of individual project requirements.

Excellent Reporting

As and when projects are going deep, Microsoft Project provides several reports to showcase the advancement of the projects with several parameters. With all the parameters one can fabricate several reports.

Different views

Microsoft Project provides several different views(Gnatt chart, graph, Pie charts, schedule, task view etc). This helps project administrators to carry out the project in a seamless way.

List of Microsoft Project Alternatives:

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an associate degree all-in-one project management software system that comes with a myriad of powerful options. This MS Project different brings along everybody from your team members to shoppers to comes to a centralized place. In ProofHub, you’ll produce tasks, assign them to multiple team members, and track the progress of comes. With its wonderful markup tools, you’ll review and share feedback quickly and simply.

Why is ProofHub excellent different from MS Project?

ProofHub is sort of versatile because it offers options like that of Gantt charts, on-line discussions, Notes, Reports, and more. These options assist you to stay high on your comes and makes a manner for seamless collaboration along with your peers and colleagues. Moreover, it’s additionally accessible as a mobile app for golem and iOS users.

Pricing: final setup starts at $89/month (billed annually).

2. Workzone

Workzone is a powerful and simple to use project management software system with project dashboards and portfolio views to convey your full visibility across all comes. As an MS Project different, Workzone provides sturdy options designed to be used with success by the whole team, even those with no background in project management.

Why is Workzone excellent different from MS Project?

Microsoft Project’s advanced options square measure meant for formally trained project management professionals, whereas Workzone’s feature set was designed to be simply adopted by the whole team. Workzone includes 5-star client service as rated by its users. In fact, Workzone encompasses a battle-tested approach that has comprehensive onboarding and unlimited support.

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Pricing: From $24/user/month

3. Scoro

It is an associate degree end-to-end business management answer for professionals and artistic services that facilitate contour work and eliminate routine tasks. As a Microsoft different, its main options embody work-scheduling, invoicing, time-tracking, and project management. you’ll additionally add tasks, link them to shoppers, grant completely different levels to users during this cloud-based software system.

Why is Scoro excellent different from MS Project?

The score is thought for its budgeting and invoicing capabilities. Bring structure to your work with its ability to manage and set multiple calendars in one interface. Moreover, it may be simply integrated with apps like MailChimp, Dropbox, Outlook, and more.

Pricing: Its valuation plans begin at $22 per month.

4. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab may be a nice Microsoft Project substitute as a good project management tool and software system that fosters collaboration and cooperation. It brings all of your knowledge in one place accessible to each team member wherever they will simply communicate with one another. ActiveCollab, terribly neatly brings work management, time-tracking, and invoicing in conjunction with the assistance of cloud technology.

Why is ActiveCollab excellent different from MS Project?

ActiveCollab runs within the cloud like most browser apps these days, however, you’ll additionally install it on your own server – this can be what makes it an excellent Microsoft replacement. That’s the explanation it’s been trusty by quite two hundred,000 teams.

Pricing: Its monthly plans begin from $25 per month.

5. cooperation comes

As the name suggests, the software system has been designed specifically to change collaboration and cooperation among team members operating along. The MS Project various, cooperation comes maybe first project management and productivity tool that helps you to urge organized and find stuff done. It permits you to outline project tasks, assign them to individuals and track the progress of tasks.

Why is cooperation comes an excellent various to MS Project?

The main options of cooperation embrace task lists, time chase, file-uploads, and messages. High-level security is another and at the side of its compatibility with internet, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Pricing: Premium arrangement starts at $15/month.

6. Basecamp

Basecamp may be a nice Microsoft Project replacement because it might be simply employed by little businesses, massive enterprises, and freelancers likewise. completely different|completely different} individuals with different roles, responsibilities, objectives use Basecamp to figure towards a standard goal of finishing a project along.

Why is Basecamp an excellent various to MS Project?

Basecamp options embrace interactive Gantt charts, revenant tasks, calendar, project templates, programing capabilities provide it a position over different MS Project alternatives. Its OS is supported by Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac.

Pricing: Ranging from $99/month.

Maybe Basecamp isn’t your happy place for collaboration. Why not provides a try and Basecamp alternatives?

7. Trello

Trello is an efficient MS Project various that allows you to organize, work additional collaboratively, and find additional done. It uses the thought of boards for comes and cards to stay things not off course. Trello offers a developer API section wherever users that have committal to writing talents will develop apps and plugins.

Why is Trello an excellent various to MS Project?

Trello has some distinguished options that create its associate degree amazing MS Project various like drag and drop practicality, in-line written material, knowledge filtering, archiving of card records, SSL coding of knowledge among others.

8. Clarizen

If MS Project is definitely accessible and cheap, Clarizen has all the necessary functionalities that a project manager would like. not like MS Project, it isn’t sophisticated and cumbersome. you’ll be able to manage comes and connect the enterprise – all from one cooperative place.

Why is Clarizen an excellent various to MS Project?

The sturdy various to Microsoft comes will manage a gamut of activities that you just have to be compelled to arrange, execute, and the monitor comes. It streamlines processes like time chase, risk management in an exceedingly centralized place creating a space for additional visibility across different processes.

Pricing: you’ll be able to request a rating by visiting Clarizen’s website.

9. LiquidPlanner

If you’re searching for an associate degree MS Project substitute that allows you to try and do the proper work at the proper time, you want to attempt LiquidPlanner. The fascinating factor regarding this project management software system is that it works on prophetical programming and ranged estimates.

know more on Microsoft Projects alternative

Why is LiquidPlanner excellent different from MS Project?

In LiquidPlanner, plans are engineered on priorities, so you and your team will specialize in the proper work. once things modify, good project schedules mechanically predict reliable end dates. massive names like Cisco, Daimler, and Thermo Fisher Scientific use this tool to set up and execute their work.

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Pricing: the quality setup prices $9.99 per user per month.

10. Mavenlink

Mavenlink may be a single application that unites project management, time trailing, resource designing, and a lot of into one place. Advanced analytics and powerful business intelligence (BI) engine qualify it to be an ideal MS Project different.

Why is Mavenlink excellent different from MS Project?

Stay a step prior to resource demand with role based-estimating and Bi that forecast future designing. Manage multiple tasks with ease by visibility into the performance and standing of comes across your portfolio.

Pricing: the essential setup starts at $19/month.

11. Project Insight

One explicit factor wherever Project Insight lack from different is advanced insights at each stage of business. this is often wherever Project Insight comes into the image. whether or not beginning with many options or making a centralized hub for your enterprise, it fits any team and project size.

Why is Project Insight excellent different from MS Project?

It comes with a straightforward and easy interface wherever you get completely different views of project progress and statuses. Project Insight conjointly offers period coverage and offers a secure thanks to sharing information.

Pricing: Business setup starts at $45 per user per month.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Project

Nothing is ideal. Even Microsoft Project has its drawbacks. If you’re thinking of making an attempt it out, take a flash to appear over its professionals and cons.


  • One of the most important professionals is that it’s Microsoft, then it integrates with the company’s different merchandise, most notably workplace 365, however conjointly Skype and Sharepoint.
  • It encompasses a similar interface to different MS merchandise.
  • It’s been around for an extended time, and its options have developed over time.
  • It’s a part of Microsoft and has the reliableness and support that coming back from such a longtime company represents.
  • It has money management tools that facilitate project managers with estimating budgets.
  • It is commissioned as a desktop application. whereas this may create it appear a lot of sort of an archosaurian reptile, there are still organizations that will need this rather than a cloud resolution.
  • It has templates to assist users to start, which saves time.

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  • It’s a desktop application. Yes, this was a professional, as well, however, the quantity of organizations that desire a project management software system that’s siloed is rare.
  • Though MS Project will have a cloud-based resolution, it’s not terribly agile. Even with Sharepoint, which is meant to require advantage of the cloud, MS Project has nice limitations on the cloud.
  • It’s troublesome to be told and use. There’s a great deal of your time and energy, and even intensive coaching, that has got to 1st be endowed within the software system before project managers and their group’s ar snug mistreatment the software system. This adds time to the project throughout the implementation stage.
  • It’s costly. the costs quoted higher than, again, ar per person, per month. This quickly adds up as you get licenses for team members UN agency should have access to the software system so as to require advantage of its cooperative options. Otherwise, it’s a lot of a chic tool alone for the project manager.
  • It’s not shareable. As mentioned earlier, files are saved as MPP, a proprietary format, so if you’re not mistreatment MS Project, you can’t browse those files. this is able to be less of a haul if the software system was more cost-effective, however, if you want to have an MS Project license to look at an MPP file, then it adds up. This creates a lot of inessential hurdles once sharing project files.


There are lots of different alternatives to Microsoft Project out there. Before you create the ultimate decision, attempt a minimum of many of them.

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