7 Best Tips to Prepare Child for a Nursery Admission and Interview

Introduction to Prepare Child for a Nursery Admission

Preparing your child for a preschool or nursery interview can be a little worrying. You want to make sure your kid does well.

But you’re also afraid of how the experience might affect your little tyke. You want to get your kid enrolled in the right school.

But you’re a little anxious that some of the admission processes or interviews might lead to a bad experience that could harm your child emotionally.

All your fears are normal. One way to make sure your child suffers no such thing is to choose reputable schools. Once you do, then you can prepare your kids for admission and interview. Look at the following helpful suggestions. 

Know About the Process

What will the interview questions entail? Will you be there during the interview? Most nursery tests determine your child’s ability to understand as well as follow instructions.

The interview is to find out the lateral thinking ability of the child. How does yours respond to difficulty? Is your child confident or not?

Through the interview, the school has an idea of what your child’s behavioral attributes are, and that helps them figure out if your child is a good match for their school. Knowing this will help you figure out how to prepare your child.

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Re-create Situations

One of the best ways to help prepare your child is to recreate situations. Go over sample situations and go over how your child will react to each one.

Correct any behaviors that need to be corrected. That’s one way to help your child be ready for the exam and nursery admission in Pune

Improve Understanding

Help your little one understand that the interview is a serious matter; that they shouldn’t joke around. That the interview will affect where they go to school, a decision that has life-long consequences and long-term impact on their growth, choices, and development.

Make sure your little one understands the importance of following instructions and to show off one’s skills during the interview.

Start with a Conversation

You could simulate the interview to get your child used to the process. Start with a simple conversation and then gradually expand that into a written and oral exam. Half an hour should be enough.

Encourage Drawing or Writing

Your child will need to know how to communicate their ideas during the interview. One way to improve that skill is to encourage your child to draw a journal or to write an account, like a diary of sorts.

That trains children to express themselves and will help yours gain confidence when talking to people. That’s something the nursery will factor into its decision on whether to accept your child to the school or not.

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Be Ready for the Interview

You’ll also be called in by the school. They will ask you questions regarding your child. You’ll need to be ready as well. Some of the questions they will ask likely include:

  • Tell us something about your educational background? Your professional degree, as well as your academic and professional achievements, will count in favor of your child.
  • Describe the nature of your child? Is your child aggressive or meek? Arrogant or confident? When you get this question, be sure to mention the positive traits of your kid.
  • Does your kid live in a joint family or nuclear family system? If both parents are working, having a nuclear family means someone is there to take care of the child while you and your spouse is working. That provides a good home environment for the kid.
  • Are you both working? You’ll need to make them understand how you take care of the child if both parents are at work. Does this also touch on questions such as who helps the child with assignments? Who will pick up the child after class or will you allow your child to use the school bus?
  • What have you taught your kid? Did you teach your child colors and numbers? What about words, sounds, and shapes? The alphabets? Do you read stories to your child regularly? Mention those instances.
  • Is your child potty trained? It’s important that the school knows if your child requires assistance when your little one goes to the washroom.
  • Why did you choose our school? Maybe you’ll want to mention the curriculum, the extracurricular activities, the school’s reputation, or the fact that it uses English as a medium language.
  • How do you discipline your child? This is an important topic to talk about. You also need to find out how they manage children’s behavior at school. If you don’t agree with the way they handle it, then look elsewhere.
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Reassure Your Child

Talk to your child to help your little one calm down. They need to know it’s a serious meeting, that they should be respectful, that they aren’t there to have fun. But no matter the outcome, you love them. That will help keep them steady when they step into the interview.

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