4 Best Ways Pressure Cooker In Kitchen Will Save Your Money

Introduction to Pressure Cooker

Experts say that one of the best ways to save money on food is to cook foods at home rather than eating out. And although Americans are cooking less currently, according to the Washington Times, mostly because people don’t really have the time.

Any cookery tool that can save you time in your kitchen can save you money long term. By cooking with microwaves and slow cookers, many customers realize they might save time.

Fewer people hear of another kitchen device that can save even more time: the pressure cooker. Until recently, most people considered pressure cookers to be old relics of the 1970s – like the massive vat that sat on my parents’ counter, its whistle-blowing pressure valve, And dangling on top as she cooked our vegetables.

But today the pressure cookers have returned to fashion. Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker and a slow cooker, is also one of the hottest items on Amazon.com, selling more than 215,000 units on Prime Day 2016 alone, BusinessWire confirms. Pressure cookers have even been showcased on famous cooking shows like the Iron Chef.

How much a Pressure Cooker Save Your Money

A pressure cooker does not really just save you time at home, it also helps you save money. Pressure cooking saves energy and opens up a whole new scope of cheaper meal options for busy chefs. Here are some of the ways this magical kitchen appliance can put money in your money pocket.

  1. Pressure Cooker uses Less Energy

Since a pressure cooker can make food ready in very little time, this even uses less fuel. Let’s take an example, that you’d like to cook a beef pot roast.

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You would usually have to brown the meat first and then roast this in a 300°F oven for 2 to 3 hours. The very same pot roast could be cooked in a pressure cooker even one hour after browning.

Since you’ve reduced your cooking time by almost 66%, you’ve as well cut your energy consumption by the same percentage.

However, according to energy specialist Michael Bluejay, a typical medium-heat electric oven has to use approximately 2,000 kWh of power.

Which really means operating it for 3 hours would use six kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. Instead of cooking a pot roast in a pressure cooker, your energy use would be reduced to about 2 kWh.

Let’s just say that you might do this once per week. You will save a total of 208 kWh over the duration of a whole year. According to another U.S. statistic.

Energy Information Administration (EIA), the estimated price of electricity in the country is $0.127 per kWh. So, cooking one dinner per week with your pressure cooker will also add an additional $26.42 to your electricity savings wallet.

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  1. People can still use the cheapest cuts of meat

One of several good tips on meat is to make cheaper cuts, such as the shoulder of the lamb, the shine of beef, the brittle roast, or the flank steak.

Sadly, these leaner meats, quite, tend to be harder. This really takes a long, slooooow cooking time over moderate heat to cook them tender and delicious.

Until you’ve got a pressure cooker. The high-pressure heat inside will be great for breaking down the stronger muscle tissue.

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With such a pressure cooker, people can enjoy a tender roast without having to choose to spend $7 a pound or to wait for 3 hours for a meal.

  1. Making Homemade Food Fast

That is no shock that after a stressful day at work, the last thing most people want to do is come back home and spend one or two hours preparing dinner. It sounds a lot faster and easier to pick up a pizza. Even worse, it’s a lot more costly and unhealthy, too.

A 2015 study in the Los Angeles Times showed that based on where in the world you live, a big cheese pizza would cost anything from $8 to $23.49.

The USDA, by comparison, estimates that home-cooked meals for two adults are worth a whole week. By comparison, the USDA reports that the expense of home-cooked meals for two adults for an entire week will cost even less as $78.70-about $3.75 per meal.

By comparison, the USDA reports that the expense of home-cooked meals for two adults for an entire week will cost even less as $78.70-about $3.75 per meal.

It’s a save of $4.25 to $19.74 per meal. If that family were able to cook one extra night a week at home rather than ordering a take-out, family members can save $221 to $1,026.48 per year.

Within a pressure cooker, it’s a much simpler choice to cook. People can get home from work, place some food items in a pressure cooker, to have a whole one-pot meal prepared in 30 minutes.

The best thing about it is that people will not have to plan ahead as they do for a slow cooker. Rather than trying to chuck dinner in the pot before running out the door in the morning, people can start cooking when they come home and also have dinner ready at a reasonable time.

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  1. Pressure Cooker keeps your kitchen calm and cool

Cooking a meal during the summer will inject a lot of heat into your kitchen. the air conditioner needs to work harder to eliminate all the extra heat from the kitchen and it will raise your electric bill.

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So whatever people can do to decrease the temperature in their kitchen can also help to reduce costs on air conditioning.

The central air conditioning system requires over 3,500 kilowatts, so you add 3.5 kWh to your utility bill for every extra hour you use it.

If you reduce your summer AC usage by just 2 hours a week over the whole summer, you will save about 50 kWh for an additional $6.35 in energy savings.


Moreover, most chefs are able to devote about as many resources and space to a big cooking pot – and a pressure cooker is only a pot with extra features.

People can use it like every other pot for simple cooking chores, so you can also turn the pressure option on to make an excellent stock or a superbly cooked risotto.

If you don’t have space in your kitchen for both of them, it’s better to pick a versatile pressure cooker that can do all the cooking pot does and some more.

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