Quick Facts on What PSI Pressure Washer Do You Need in Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Pressure Washer

Cars help us in moving from one place to the other conveniently and easily. Moreover, cars need proper care and maintenance.

One of the major maintenance of the car is proper washing. However, when washing using a pressure washer, you should use the recommended PSI.

This will help in minimizing damages and removing all the dirt. Sometimes the car can have oily dirty, salty mud and other kinds of dirt. This will require you to use proper PSI pressure.

A thorough wash of your car should be made at least once a week. When washing your car, you need to know the safest PSI to use in your car.

Why use a pressure washer

The best pressure washer makes it simple to clean your car fast. Moreover, with a pressure washer, it only takes about 10 minutes to wash the outside of the car.

A pressure washer will also help you clean everything including birds dropping, growing molds, dust, and others. Furthermore, a power washer can also be utilized to clean the wheels and the car’s body.

What’s PSI?

A power washer is a powerful hose that spray-out pressurized water-jets. Furthermore, this pressure is 100 – 200 times the air pressure.

That is, it’s more than 1500 – 3000 pounds in a square inch. This measurement is referred to as PSI. PSI factor determines if a pressure-washer is secure for use in your car. Moreover, this pressure offers the cleaning force.

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hat’s the safe PSI for a car wash?

Most car exterior can be strong, but you need to get the right power washer which is secure for it. Moreover, for most cars, it’s recommended that you should use a power washer that releases water with a PSI (pound per square inch) amount of between 1200 and 2200.

Additionally, any PSI amount that’s above that value will cause damage to your car paint. Furthermore, any PSI value that’s below 1200PSI won’t offer proper cleaning to your car. Thus, you need to maintain the range to get appropriate cleaning and take care of your car paint.

Normally electric pressure washers provide a PSI of water within a range of 1,300 and 1,700 PSI. Furthermore, the gas-powered washer offers a more powerful PSI.

It’s PSI water ranges within 2,000 and 2,800 PSI. Moreover, if you have a more powerful pressure washer and maybe can be regulated, you can change the nozzle.

This will make it safe for your car. One can use a 40, 20, or 15-degree nozzle. Either of this nozzle will spread out water evenly thus, it won’t put more pressure on a certain point of your car.

There are 4 various kinds of nozzles that one requires a pressure washer. Furthermore, the nozzles are normally color-coded which makes it simple to differentiate from others.

0-degrees nozzle shoots out a single-powerful water jet. 15, 25 & 40 degrees nozzles spray out water at various velocities.

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When is it suitable to use powerful PSI to wash your car?

Sometimes, a power washer can have as much power as 4,000-PSI. This is suitable for use when having special purposes which include stripping a car of shades.

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You can also use it when removing stubborn-graffiti and other commercial-grade repairing jobs. Remember, if you use this powerful pressure on the normal cleaning of your car, it will cause damages.

Moreover, when testing the pressure of a nozzle, you should do it from a distance. This will help in reducing possible damages. Furthermore, when spraying a dented surface, you should also do it from a minimum of one foot away.

Nozzle Recommendations

Nozzles are normally color-coded to allow you to differentiate them easily. It’s good to start with a 25-degree nozzle which is painted green.

It’s suitable for cleaning wheels & a serious rinse. Always ensure that you maintain a proper distance between the car and the nozzle. The 40-degree nozzle is painted white and it’s suitable for a surface car wash.


When using the best pressure car wash, it will greatly help in saving you time and effort. Furthermore, your car will always be sparkling clean.

When you have the right nozzle, right cleaning agents, and appropriate pressure, you’ll have no damages caused to your car. Furthermore, always test the pressure to the ground and find the appropriate distance to wash your car from.

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