5 Ways Of Boosting Productivity using Technology

Introduce to Productivity using Technology

Maximizing Technological Potential

Maximizing Technological Potential
Maximizing Technological Potential

What good is a smartphone to some tribesman out of the densest Amazonian jungle? It’s no good at all; they don’t know how to use it, they have nowhere to plug it in, and even if they had any of those things, who would they call? Yet in even second-world countries, and much of the third world, most people have and use smartphones today.

The point is, though common technology works well, and may have a legitimate use, how good it is at providing you direct value will depend on the context in which that technology is used. In that sense, some of the best tech may do nothing for your business. That said, there are quite a few innovations that offer notable opportunity.

SMBs regularly contend with enterprises today owing to technological advantages such as cloud computing, IoT, and Big Data. Even a fleet of taco trucks may well utilize options of this kind toward cost-effective, productive operational enhancement. Here we’ll explore five generalized uses of today’s tech that may well help your business, large or small.

Overall Operational Cost Reduction Through Decentralization

Decentralization of hardware and software to the cloud saves tens of thousands of dollars a year—you may save tens of thousands in a month, if your business is big enough. Instead of servers, connections, storage, shipping, troubleshooting, upgrades, acquisition, and dispersal, you jut pay a monthly fee for a turnkey version of the same thing.

With outsourced technology through cloud, server virtualization, virtual desktop services, and other similar options, you can simultaneously decentralize your office. What need do you have to rent out some huge commercial building downtown when only three people have to meet together regularly to get all the managerial work done, and the rest telecommute?

Rental space in such a situation is just a loss—unless you’re writing it off cleverly enough as regards taxes to make the expense profitable. Accordingly, many businesses decentralize not only their hardware, but their workforce. They use options like BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, and remote desktops through the cloud.

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Competitive Viability Enhancement

Technology can both reduce costs involved in operations, and increase your “edge”, allowing you to make more money for less investment. Altogether, both of these things can enhance your competitive viability overall.

Additionally, specific technological solutions can be put to task in this way. For example, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tech increases visibility and expands rates of conversion when properly applied.

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Infrastructural Optimization Internally

You can more efficiently handle the human element of your business’s resources through HR software specifically designed for managing employees.

Software of this kind comes in a variety of forms for a variety of infrastructural purposes, and when it is properly applied can reduce your overall need for managerial personnel. Internal optimization like this is very conducive to business growth.

Perception Management—The “Modern” Feel Is Good For ROI

The “Modern” Feel Is Good For ROI
The “Modern” Feel Is Good For ROI

Public relations is all about perception. Modern technological veneers give customers a modern perception of your business. However, don’t just try to look “cutting edge” for the PR.

While this will have some positive effect, it’s better if the money you spend on tech actually produces value, instead of merely looking attractive. When modern appearance matches capability, you should definitely see Return On Investment (ROI).

Material Cost Reduction Via Better Asset Management: IoT


The Internet of Things, or IoT, can be used as a sort of neural network that provides a multi-dimensional picture of assets through Big Data. An international shipping conglomerate can watch all its trucks, ships, trains, and airplanes as they travel to and from varying locations in real time. They can simultaneously collect data on those vehicles for route optimization.

This is just one application of IoT through Big Data and the cloud. Small businesses can operate similarly. Factory equipment, computational equipment, and more can be monitored and optimized to get the most life possible from it, maximizing investment in material assets.

Leveraging Tech Against Operational Conditions Toward Profit
Proper technology application can reduce costs through decentralization, increase competitive viability, optimize your organization internally, provide your company with a modern veneer conducive to sales, and more efficiently manage your existing assets.

The key to taking advantage of such value is simply assuring the contextual use of associated tech matches the advantage it brings, and that you can capitalize on that advantage. Consultation may be helpful in appraising you of new and existing options which may answer this reality.


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