5 DIY Methods To Try Before Calling A Professional Locksmith

Introduction to Professional Locksmith

Almost all of us have experienced the panic and desperation of finding ourselves locked out. You walk towards the locked door and search for the keys in your pocket and all you find is loose change and your phone. The struggle is real and the little panic attack you get is totally relatable!

The moment of “what now” can be pretty disturbing for most of us. The thoughts of having your house keys in the wrong hands lurk on your mind and it’s difficult to think of a solution. Stop for a while and take deep breaths. Stay calm and think about the possibilities.

In some cases, you have the right key with you but it fails to unlock the door. At such times, searching for reliable locksmiths in Victorville, CA is the best thing to do.

But are there are any other possibilities? Yes, indeed, there are some tried and tested DIY methods that you can try before calling in a locksmith. You may save a few bucks and a lot of time at the expense of your DIY efforts.

Here are 5 DIY methods worth trying before you hire a professional locksmith. Then follows a brief description of some tricks you must not risk doing!

The Best DIY Methods

Locks are mechanical devices. With a little basic knowledge and a lot of patience and practice, you can break in without damaging the lock.

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Most of the following tips need simple tools that may already be present in your toolbox. If that’s not the case, you can purchase them at any home improvement store for less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee.

1.      Lubricate The Door Lock

This solution is for those who have got the right keys with them but it is not working. The most common issue with such locks is that they are jammed.

The contaminants accumulate in the components of the locks and the moving parts face a lot of friction.

These components require lubrication for normal functioning. Try any lubrication method at your disposal.

If possible, avoid oil-based lubricants because they can leave oily residues that can make things worse over time. A few drops of lubricant may help you get inside the house without calling a professional.

2.      Use A Substitute Key

When you have lost or broken your house key, it’s time to think of the duplicates. If you have got any of them, contact the people who can help you access the copies. For those who didn’t get their house keys copied, using a substitute key is still an option.

Get yourself a set of bump keys. It is one of the simplest yet most effective lock picking techniques. Push your bump key in the lock, until one pin is left that has not been lifted.

Slam and turn the bump key to open the door lock. Acquiring a bump key is not so easy but it’s worth the effort.

3.      Pick The Lock Using Pins

Simple pins can be used to pick the locks. If the lock is small and simple, paper clips may do the work. For larger and sturdier locks, you will need bobby pins at the least.

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Most interior door locksets are made for privacy but are not entirely impassable. The non-locking side of the lock has a tiny opening that leads to a tiny button that can be pushed to open the door lock. All you need to do is to insert the thin wire of paper clip in it and push it.

If that does not work, you can use bobby pins to open the door lock. You will need two of them. What you need to do is to bend the last centimeter or so of the closed, rounded end of the bobby pin until it’s perpendicular to the two free ends.

Now stick this bent end deep into the key slot and use the protruding part of the bobby pin as a handle.

The other pin needs to be unbent. Once it has been molded into a log straight lock pick, add a slight upward bend to it.

Slide the bent end into the top half of the keyhole, over the bobby-pin key inserted earlier. Push and turn it to open the lock.

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4.      Use A Wire Hanger

For some lock types, bobby pins are not enough. You can use two coat hangers to unlock the lock. It works best for the latch bolts which is typically spring-loaded and has an angled end.

Bend a small hook onto one end of the straightened wire. Feed it into the gap between the edge of the door and the jamb, to hook the wire around the latch bolt.

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Now, hold the wire with one hand firmly and grab the doorknob with the other. Pull the wire towards you and turn to open the knob at the same time pull. Pressure on the latch will force it to retract, and the knob should turn.

5.      Remove The Doorknob

You can also use a screwdriver to remove the doorknob. Once it is removed, disassemble the entire lock and you can gain access to the house interior.

In most cases removing the doorknob requires drilling it. If it comes to drilling or breaking the glass panes, it is best to hire an expert. Search for the best yet affordable locksmith in Victorville, CA.

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