9 Amazing Pros and Cons Of Treadmills

Introduction to Pros and Cons Of Treadmills

The answer to this question is a “50:50” verdict. This judgment stems basically from my experience with treadmills and natural walking/jogging.

There are advantages and disadvantages of exercising on a treadmill which makes it difficult to agree whether it is totally overrated or adds no value.

The treadmill is a popular piece of equipment that has been in use for several decades ago. It is a machine bound to be found in every gym around.

Most people believe no work-out is complete without exercising on it. This is why I think its benefits have been overestimated since you can obtain better results while jogging or running on the sidewalk.

On the other hand, from experience, I have come to realize that you cannot achieve a full-body work-out on just a treadmill alone.

It only builds your lower body muscles, mostly your legs and feet. Soccer players may find this equipment useful because of the need to build their leg muscles.

Let me breakdown the perks and drawbacks of exercising on a treadmill. This should give you an idea of what to expect if you are thinking of owning one or using it at the public gym. Stick with me as you learn more about the most overrated gym equipment in town.

Here are the Pros:

Cushioned Surface

The treadmill is designed with a padded surface that keeps you safe during work-out. Although it mimics natural walking or running, it doesn’t expose you to the injuries and strain sustained outdoors.

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You do not have to worry about changing your running shoes every month with a treadmill because it won’t destroy the soles unlike jogging outside.

Favors all Weather

If you reside in a zone that experiences extreme weather conditions especially during winter or spring, your fitness routine will be determined by this.

It is impossible to take a walk or run outside during a winter storm but that is not the case with a treadmill. You can adjust the incline, say to about 1% and it will function as if you were jogging on the sidewalk.

The treadmill saves you from any harsh weather and does not put an unnecessary decline on your work-out speed. Your fitness goals won’t have to be abandoned because of the inability to move freely outdoors.

User Friendly

Aside from the fact that anyone can operate a treadmill without fuss, it allows multiple users to work-out without the need to adjust the machine. Overweight or not, you can easily hop on it with the assurance that the equipment will not malfunction.

The preset programs on the treadmill are not difficult to navigate. There is an LCD console that displays the automatic functions which control the incline, speed, and heart rate monitor. This can be maneuvered by anyone irrespective of educational qualification. 

The Cons:

  •         Very Expensive

Treadmills are on the high side of the bargain and the best quality choices cost above $4,000. The price is outrageous just to purchase a piece of equipment that doesn’t even provide a complete fitness regimen.

Although there are cheaper models, they aren’t durable enough to give you value for your money. You could use these for walking only to avoid a breakdown but it shouldn’t be the case since the machine is not meant to function that way.

  •         Selective of Muscle Groups

Unlike walking or running on the pavement or trail, the treadmill does almost all the work for you. The cushioned belt is automatically powered and propels you to run without helping you push your leg muscles enough to achieve your fitness goals.

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Your hamstrings need to be worked just like when you are running outdoors. On the treadmill, you only use your quads to imitate the natural method and this shouldn’t be so.

You tend to work-out fewer muscles only at the lower part of your body. Unlike the elliptical trainer which gives a full-body workout, the treadmill cannot be used to lose weight or get in shape.

  •         Monotonous

Working out on a treadmill can be very uninteresting. The motions are quite repetitive and can become so boring if it is your only exercise equipment.

Compared with other exercise equipment that provides full-body workout benefits, all you do on a treadmill can be achieved outside with a lot more fun.

Outdoors, you won’t have to face the same wall during your training sessions. Even with the best TV shows or music, you will gradually become discouraged by the dullness of running indoors.

Aside from the attractions, you will find outside, the natural breeze helps your immune system and keeps your blood inadequate circulation.

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  •         Gigantic

The size of a treadmill is a drawback that must be considered before you dream of having one. They tend to take up large workspace due to their enormous size.

A regular-sized one can be as long as 6ft and as wide as 3ft. Another disadvantage is that they cannot be folded up for storage when you travel out of town or relocating.

  •         Noise Level

Operating a treadmill cannot be done at odd hours of the night like other exercise equipment. The motor of the machine is loud, hence, causes it to make a lot of noise while in use. It is electrically powered and produces sounds that can disturb other members of the house when plugged in.

  •         Affects Posture

Your overall gait is altered when you limit your work-out to training on the treadmill alone. Remember the ground elevation outside, no matter the incline of your equipment, cannot be exactly the same. The way you walk becomes affected due to your attachment to the treadmill.

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 Final Note

When you notice a posture issue or any other drawback while using the treadmill, the solution will be to quickly switch to the natural speed work-out routine like walking or running outside. This will prevent any plateau from developing if you do not completely stop the fitness style.

My advice is to try not to buy a treadmill in case you haven’t done so yet. Otherwise, limit your usage if you own one already and incorporate running on the curb to balance your fitness style. The exaggerated talk about treadmills shouldn’t confuse your decision in giving yourself the best health regimen.

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