Oziva Protein Based Nutrient: Know Every Advantage in Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Protein Based Nutrient

Protein is an essential part of our healthy diet. It is an important nutrient that our body requires for building up the cell and repairs them and helps it to work properly.

It acts as building blocks of bones, blood, cartilage, muscle, and skin. Protein is found in comprehensive food and it is important to get enough protein in our everyday diet.

Intake of Protein

According to researchers, a protein-rich diet helps in losing more body fat and especially from the belly area. A high-protein intake along with good strength training can help you by preventing muscle loss and metabolic slowdown.

In meeting the daily recommended protein intake it helps you in muscle building and body strength. It is recommended that soon after exercise you serve a high-protein intake along with carbohydrate which helps you maintain a proper body balance.

Nowadays there are many protein powders available in the market that makes your protein intake easier.

Among all other protein powder in the market, Oziva Protein and Herbs is one of the best protein powders in India. It is exclusively designed for women.

What makes Oziva a Good Protein Powder?

Oziva protein powder is a must-have for women for a better hormonal balance and a good metabolism rate. It is a good meal replacement shake regularly along with a balanced diet and a consistent workout routine.

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This is a pack of Cold Processed Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrated and Whey Protein Isolate along with 5.5g BCCA.

Whey is absorbed more quickly comparing to casein; as a result, it will help you feel less hungry in a short period.

Oziva protein pack is a pure muscle toning meal replacement shake with low calorie, high protein, and is enriched with natural products together with added vitamins and minerals for weight loss, and improved metabolism.

Oziva protein pack helps maintain hormonal balance; increases alertness and focuses; eases post-workout muscle soreness and also maintains healthy hair and skin.

Ingredients of OZiva Protein and Herbs

It is a proprietary mixture of health blends like

  1. Hormonal Balance Blend, i.e., it is rich in ayurvedic herbs like Ashoka, Bhrami, Ashwagandha, Flaxseeds (Omega-3), Curcumin, Tulsi, Shatavari
  2. Metabolism Blend, i.e., a mixture of Guduchi, Green Tea extracts, Cinnamon
  3. Skin and Hair Blend, i.e., a mixture of multi-vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, B-Vitamins.
  4. Digestive Blend, i.e., the mixture of Pap pain, Bromelain

It also bottles up with many more herbs which helps you in reducing your excess body fat and stimulates energy.

What makes Oziva a distinguishable protein pack?

OZiva also has its Plant-based Protein Gainer which is a high protein formula for optimum muscle mass gain. It is a package of class-1 plant protein, complex carbs, and many more essential micro-nutrients.

It is a pack of A-Class whey protein that is loaded with amino acids per serving and can be digested rapidly. It is Gluten-free, Soy-free, and a Non- GMO drink and has no artificial sweetener. It tones up your body muscle and also improves your body stamina. It also supports your mental-clarity.

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Direction of Use

Take 300ml of water or milk in a glass. Then take 30gms or one leveled scoop of Oziva Protein Powder. Then gradually add the powder to the glass of water or milk and briskly stir until the powder gets completely dissolved. And finally, you get an appetizing protein shake.

It’s Aim towards its customers 

Oziva protein shake helps you in controlling your appetite which plays an important role in losing body-weight. It keeps you fit and healthy. It helps you build body muscle and also boosts up your energy.

Oziva aims at solving the basic demand to fulfill the need for proper nourishment of your body. It has brought to you a modified solution of natural products providing you a simplified healthy living helping you reach your fitness goals.

It is highly recommended for you to take medicinal consultation.

Nevertheless, the brand also provides Diet Plans and Consultation for their customer for you to successfully reach your fitness goals.

Benefits of Protein Powder and Protein Intake

Presently Protein Powders are very popular as a protein supplement Adding protein-rich food to your diet is important as it functions as building blocks of enzymes, hormones, and vitamins. Protein is one of the three main nutrients, the other two being fat and carbohydrate.

Protein powders are a good meal replacement and aids weight loss and muscle gain. OZiva is the best protein powder in India that will satisfy you and help you reach your health goals.

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