Purpose and Types of 8000 Series Flow Meter – Important Points

Introduce to Purpose and Types of 8000 Series Flow Meter

Industrial processes that use or manufacture fluids or gases, flow rate measurement is critical. The accuracy of flow rate allows plants to make and distribute high-quality liquid of gas products. Flow meters also help to detect issues within the hydraulic system to prevent damages and wastage. Since all fluids and gas products are not the same, they require varying flow meters based on their applications.

Flow rate measurement depends on the characteristics of fluids and gases. Flow rate is also measured on passing or stored fluid. Flow meters are also designed to cater to different industry requirements and constraints. Flow meters are also called flow sensors or flow switches. Today, we will focus on the 8000 series flow meters to know how they work and their applications. We will also look at the various categories of liquid flow meters and their applications in industrial processes.

The Proteus 8000 Series

The Proteus 8000 Series
The Proteus 8000 Series

The Proteus 8000 series flow meter works the same way as the 7000 series flow meter. They are both grouped under vortex flow meters. To give accurate readings, the 8000 flow meters the vortex principle of measurement. Besides producing high accuracy levels, this meter type is quite affordable. Proteus Industries is one of the best flow meter manufacturers, and it produces and distributes all types of flow meters, including the 8000 series flow meters. If you are dealing with liquids that require heat transfer, this is the best flow meter option.

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The 8000 flow meter series is made up of several parts used in stream flows to detect vortices frequency shed by the bluff body. With the 8000 series velocity flow meters, the pulse input signal is produced with high accuracy. The flow rate is directly proportional to the input signal. These types of flow meters deliver rugged, reliable, accurate, and affordable flow rates.

They are used to measure liquids that transfer heat from -40 to 90 °C. Although they measure fluids in this range, 8000 series flow meters can be customized to measure up to 150 °C and above. When using these types of flow meters, the device is protected because it has a built-in relay that sounds an alarm or shuts down the system.

The 8000 Series Flow Meter Features  

  • The flow range accuracy of these flow meters is high at about a 3% flow range.
  • The 8000 series flow meters have a wide flow rate measuring range of between 0.2 to 227 LPM / 0.05 to 60.0 GPM
  • The standard version measures fluid temperatures that range from -40 to 90°C. However, if you are using fluids that go beyond 150°C, the customizable version is available.
  • Has a high accuracy level of the 8000 series flow meters when measuring heat transfer in fluids is due to its digital signal processing.
  • With an automatic AutoAlarm™ feature that shuts down the meter when it malfunctions, the flow meter can protect the entire system.
  • Standard NEMA 4X / IP66 enclosure
  • 0–5 VDC or 0–10 VDC and 4–20 mA outputs
  • It has a customizable feature that is set based on either velocity of the meter or OEM needs.
  • 5-year warranty
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Other Flow Meter Categories 

Flow Meter
Flow Meter
  • Differential Pressure Flow Meters

The most used flow meters in various industries that deal with fluids are differential pressure flow meters. Bernoulli’s equation gives the flow rate in these types of flow meters. To measure the flow rate of liquids flowing through the pipe, differential pressure flow meters create constructions. As the flow increases inside the pipe, it causes a pressure drop and vise versa.

Within the meter, the flow rate is given by a transmitter that provides differential pressure from the impulse piping. The kind of applications that work with these types of flowmeters include power, mining waste, power, gas, and oil.

  • Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Positive displacement flow meters, also called PDs, or mechanical flow meters, measure flow rate in volume. It does this by filling and emptying a portion of the fluid that is being measured. All other flow meters measure flow rate indirectly except positive displacement flow meters.

The output of the flow is directly related to the volume of the fluid passing through the pipe. It has a system that fills and empties the bucket, constantly giving out accurate reading all the time. They are the preferred types of meters when transporting gas, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, water, and various gas applications.

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All kinds of Industrial flow meters have particular applications that require different flow measurements. Instead of buying any other meter when shopping for a suitable flow meter, always consult the manufacturer. Proteus Industries produces the best types of 8000 series flow meters, any other type of industrial flow meters you may need.

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