Python in Hindi: 5 Minutes Detailed Overview

Introduction to Python in Hindi

Most developers prefer to learn Python as their first programming language because of its ease and versatility.

Python has grown to be one of the most widely used programming languages in the world today, and most industries look to hire individuals with Python skills.

In this introduction to python in Hindi blog, let us understand the characteristics of Python, the skills required to become a python developer, the various job roles, and more.

Let us understand the characteristics of Python in Hindi:

  • Simplicity and Consistency
  • Platform independence
  • Wide range of libraries and frameworks
  • Flexibility
  • Visualisation Options

How to Install Python

If you have installed Python using the Anaconda package from, and if you are a windows user, all you need to do is click on the “Download Anaconda” option and then look for the latest version of Python 3.6 and download that.

After downloading this, the remaining process is pretty simple and straightforward. Once installed, you should power up an IDE.

This is done so that you can start coding in Python. You have the option to power up several IDEs and text editors in Python.

To install a text editor, you should either use Sublime or Notepad++. Or, you can also make use of Jupyter.

But Jupyter can be used if you are comfortable with IDEs or Integrated Development Environment.

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You also have the option to use Wingware, Komodo, Pycharm, and Spyder. In Python, we have multiple packages available.

A few of the widely used and most instrumental libraries are numpy, pandas, seaborn, scipy, xlrb, openpyxl, matplotlib, and io.

Who is a Python Developer?

A Python Developer works on several things such as writing server-side web applications. One of their main responsibilities is developing back-end components that can connect a web application to a web server.

They essentially perform three main tasks: develop, deploy, and debug. They also ensure the implementation of the programs and data security and protection too.

Another important responsibility of a python developer is to improve the functionality of an existing system, coordinate plans within the internal teams in order to understand what their requirement may be, and ensure the implementation of the same. Let us now understand the skills that are required to acquire a job as a python developer.

Skills Required to Become a Python Developer

Be it scrolling through your Instagram feed, listening to music on Spotify, or watching your favorite videos on Youtube, python is the main programming language that is being used.

To become a python developer and work on such interesting projects, you will require the following skills.

  1. Familiarity with ORM, or Object Relational Mapper libraries
  2. Knowledge about Python web frameworks such as Django or Flask
  3. They should know how to integrate multiple data sources and databases into a single system
  4. Knowledge about different server-side languages such as Jinja 2, Mako
  5. Front-end technology such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  6. Basic design principles behind a scalable application
  7. They should know how to perform unit testing and debugging
  8. Problem-solving and analytical skills
  9. They should know how to use Python packages such as NumPy, Scikit learn.
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Job Roles in Python Development 

  • Software Developer/Engineer
  • Python Web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Why should you choose Python in Hindi? 

Time and again, Python has proved its value in the space of programming languages. Growing to become one of the most widely used programming languages, Python works much faster than R.

Since it is a java-based programming language, it is easy to integrate its applications beyond only analytical research.

Did you know that Python in Hindi can be integrated with other platforms too? It is very beneficial for IT developers, IT analysts, IT programmers and so much more.

There are several reasons why choosing python in Hindi can be an advantage to you. It is also used in enabling data science and machine learning applications and has a common object-oriented architecture.

It is also used in game development, software development, AI, and ML model development. Thus, choosing to learn python can definitely be beneficial to you.

Python in Hindi also has the following benefits

  1. Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems
  2. Robust Standard Library
  3. Readable and Maintainable Code
  4. Multiple Programming Paradigms
  5. Open Source Frameworks and Tools
  6. Simplified Software Development
  7. Test-Driven Development

Python Salary in India

Forbes has declared Python to be the most in-demand skill of 2020. Instagram, IBM, NASA, and Google are a few among the top industry leaders that are making use of Python.

There are 8.2 million python developers and the average salary in India comes up to ₹4,89,656. This salary may vary depending on the job location, your work experience, and the company that you choose to work for. Here is a table that depicts the salaries in different cities in India.

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LocationAverage Salary

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Top IDE’s in Python in Hindi

  1. Spyder
  2. PyCharm
  3. Thonny
  4. Atom
  5. Jupyter
  6. Komodo
  7. Wingware


This brings us to the end of the blog on Python in Hindi. The blog covers various topics and talks about what python is, how to install python, who is a python developer, and what are the skills required to become a developer.

This blog also covers the salary aspects of a python developer in India. Today, more than ever before, recruiters are looking to hire individuals who have python skills, and have worked on projects prior to their career.

The number of jobs available is on the rise, and the market for python developers is growing rapidly.

Having basic knowledge such as ORM, python frameworks, python libraries, and javascript can go a long way in your career.

Looking at the salary trends, it is safe to say that a python developer will continue to earn more as he/she advances in their career. So start learning today and build your dream career.

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