QTP Add ins

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What QTP supports….

QTP supports almost all industry leading technologies, but by default it does not support, with respect to add in license it supports.

Default Add- ins of QTP are:

• Activex
• Visual basic
• Web.

Other available Add Ins are: .NET, Java, People soft, Siebel, TE (Terminal Emulators), SAP for GUI, Sap for Web, Oracle Apps, Web Services etc.

During QTP launching it shows Add in manger dialog box, Add in Manger lists out all available Add Ins in the company.

User needs to select appropriate Add Ins for his application or AUT.

One can select more than one Add Ins also; if we select unnecessary Add Ins QTP performance will be reduced.

Add in Manager will look like this snap….We need to select the correct add ins before we start.
Say my application in on java…I will check the java add in and will say ok.

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