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Introduction to Quran learning

Much has been said about Quran learning; for example, there were a lot of discussions occurred about the virtues and benefits of Quran learning; similarly, the scholars have discussed why we need to get the teachings of the Quran. There has been passed a lot of arguments about why our life requires the Quran’s learning.

There are different verses of the Holy Quran, which purely describes exceptional things about the holy Quran, for example, several verses of the Holy Quran terms it clear with the doubts. In fact, these verses of the Holy Quran describes why we need to learn the holy Quran from Online Quran Classes .

Some of these verses are following, which explores the topic.

Reasons from the holy Quran

The following are the different verses about Quran learning.

In Surah Kahf, verse no 1, the holy Quran includes,

‘all the admiration and thanks go to Allah, who descended down book upon Muhammad PBUH ( his slave) and has included any doubt in it. ‘

The present verse of the book of Allah Almighty tells us different things; the first is that we should say thanks to Allah Almighty who has bestowed us with Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the holy Quran, these both sources are the blessings upon us.

The second thing is that Allah descended down the book on the beloved Prophet PBUH, in other words, this book was written by Allah Almighty, the third fact which the verse describes is that it has included no doubt because it was from Allah Almighty.

The holy Quran is the true book which itself claims that there is no doubt in it, how can we place it teachings behind us. We should start to struggle to get the teachings of the Holy Quran as soon as possible.

In Surah Nisa, verse no 82, the holy Quran includes,

‘Do they not think about the holy Quran? Had it been happened from other than Allah,( if it happens) they would surely find some doubt,’

The present verse of the Holy Quran is giving us proof why we should learn the holy Quran, it is describing his truth himself by presenting the fact that why they do not consider the Quran carefully if it had been from other than Allah Almighty, you would have found flaws in it but you could not find flaws in it which is one of the symbols of its being true.

Somehow, it was a challenge to those people who were not paying attention to the teachings of the Holy Quran because it was declared as the principle that the one who reject the teachings of the book of Allah, on the Day of judgment, Allah will pay no attention to him and he will be sent to punishment, on the other side, one who will accept the teachings of the holy book of Allah, Allah will be happy with him, and he will be sent to the good place where he will always live with all the facilities.

In Surah Isra, verse no 82, the holy Quran says,

‘We have descended down the holy Quran, which is based on heling and mercy for those who keep believing.’

We have been sent here by Allah Almighty, who is the owner and manager of the affairs of the universe, Allah also sent the Quran, which helps us to spend our life according to the orders.

The issues discussed in the holy Quran are based on divine instructions; we believe that the divine power is held by Allah only. Therefore, we have the Holy Quran to be acted upon.

In Surah Younus, verse no 57, the holy Quran tells us,

‘O mankind, there has come to you fine advice, ordering to do for all which is good, prohibiting to do from all which is bad, and healing for the diseases in your chest, a guidance for the believers, a mercy for the believers,’

The present verse of Surah Younus tells us that Allah has sent you advice for all the issues which you face in your entire life. It is our religious duty to act upon that advice, Allah has told us about his principle that the people who accept the teachings of the holy book, will be directed to Paradise, and the one who rejects its teachings, will be directed to Hellfire.

It will make our decision which way we will choose. Allah is himself describing that the present book orders to do that acts, which is good; according to the book, it prohibits us from doing those who are not good; instead, these are bad.

In the last, he describes two characteristics of the Holy Quran; it is guidance for those who keep believing. Similarly, it is mercy for the believers.

In Surah Nahl, verse no 89, the holy Quran includes,

‘we have sent down a text to you, as an exploration of everything, guidance ( For believers), mercy ( For believers), waves of glad for those people who completely submit to Allah Almighty and his Prophet PBUH,’

In the present verse, Allah is inviting us to act upon the teachings of the true book because it is the exposition of everything, a guidance for those who keep believing, also mercy for those who keep believing.

In the last, Allah says there will be waves of happiness for those people who have completely accepted the teachings of the Holy Quran and Ahadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The present verse tells us we should only get help from the Holy Quran and Ahadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

We should not go anywhere for help rather than these two sources.

These are the reasons by which we learn the holy Quran. More importantly, the learning of the holy Quran is an obligatory act for us.

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