RAID Data Recovery With software or Hardware: All-inclusive In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to RAID Data Recovery

Nobody likes to lose important files, folders, photos, videos, or in other words, crucial data. Whether you are dealing with enterprise data sets or personal data management systems, data backup is essential.

On the other hand, the struggle with bunches of data is real. But, there are so many abundant data arrays. What about them? Here the role of Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks comes into the play.

We are talking about RAID technology that deploys numerous disk drives into a single logical unit. What’s the purpose of RAID data recovery?

Well, it works efficiently on data redundancy, improves the data performance. But, what if there is a RAID failure due to power surge, RAID controller failure, or something else? This is read as RAID recovery.

What is RAID Recovery?

Whenever the RAID controller fails or one of the collections of hard drives fails, the RAID system can collapse. Does this mean that you have lost all the saved data on RAID drives?

Probably not, because RAID data recovery in Dubai is possible through our professional service. On the other hand, the faster you avail of a service the more you can recover data from the RAID configuration.

However, when you mention RAID configurations, there are mostly two RAID configurations namely Hardware and Software.

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Both the RAID systems are recoverable by using the right software and technique from experts whenever any fault appears.

Hardware RAID

When all the disk drives connect to RAID Controller, then it is called as Hardware RAID. The RAID Controller is placed within the PCI slot of the motherboard.

The functionality of the RAID controller is to control the arrays of RAID as the name suggests. However, RAID Controllers can resemble smaller computers with specialized processors to process data within RAID configuration.

More specifically, RAID Controllers can be divided into two types. The first one is bus-based that operates the RAID levels on the lower end.

For card-based, intelligent ones, high-end RAID systems are a must. And, hardware RAID configurations are comparatively more expensive than software. But, it offers less-strenuous data recovery on any system.

Software RAID

Software RAID implements its predefined tasks in coordination with the operating system via any RAID software or driver.

You need not deploy any extra hardware for software RAID. Software RAID engages diverse adapters and interfaces to get compatible with different circumstances.

Moreover, it is easy to install software RAID as it is cheap and reconfigurable. Yes, you can reconfigure RAID levels without prohibitions. And, you can implement the same RAID driver on numerous systems.

Which One to Choose: Hardware RAID or Software RAID?

When you are thinking of implementing RAID configurations then one question should definitely pop up. And, that is which RAID configuration should you prefer?

Well, as far as seen, both RAID data recovery Dubai services are possible. So, data recovery is not the constraint. Possible constraints are as follows:

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RAID 0 or 1?

In case you are considering RAID 0 or 1, then you are free to choose anyone between software and hardware RAID. There’s not much difference in functionality between software and hardware RAID when it comes to RAID 0 or 1 level.

Budget Complications

In case you are looking for fault-tolerant RAID configurations in a comparatively lower budget, then software RAID is a good opinion. Otherwise, you can switch to a hardware one.


Have you installed numerous operating systems on your computers? Then, software RAID will mitigate RAID complexity and make the entire system quite flexible. On the other hand, if your priority is to maintain disk drives connected to the operating systems, then hardware would be better for your preferences.

Implementation of RAID 5 or 6

Whether you want to level up the RAID configurations like RAID 5 or 6, then you should choose hardware RAID. Hardware RAID offers more fault tolerance for higher levels of RAID.

Moreover, the choice between software and hardware RAID relies on the requirements of your system, data types, and business preferences or motives. Consider all pertinent factors before you make your mind.

RAID Data Recovery Dubai Service

Undoubtedly, RAID makes it possible to handle your bunch of data easily. But, unfortunately, RAID data loss is still possible. RAID servers can fail due to the following causes such as:

  • A power surge or power deficiency
  • Malware attack
  • Human failure
  • Damage of RAID strip
  • Rebuilding error
  • Numerous drive failure at the same time
  • Natural disasters

However, some of the causes have got definite fixes. Applying the right prevention techniques would reduce your stress and extend the life expectancy of the RAID system. Here’s what you have to abide by to protect the RAID configuration for years.

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  1. First of all, update the antivirus software.
  2. Don’t format drive partitions and data drives.
  3. Make sure that power doesn’t go deficit when RAID servers are active.
  4. Monitor the status of RAID servers, continuously.
  5. If you observe anything wrong then immediately pause the data rebuilding procedure.
  6. Keep backups ready and opt for the suitable and compatible RAID configuration for your system.


Avail only professional support for failed hardware and software RAID configuration. Because experts can understand what needs to be done according to the rate of damage or failure to the RAID system.

The perfect RAID data recovery Dubai program can save you tons of data as it employs only experienced data recovery specialists, on any kind of software and hardware combination.

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