Outstanding Ways to Rank Videos on YouTube and Google Beyond 2021

Introduction to Rank Videos on YouTube and Google

The internet is expanding vast and fast, and there is no way for things to change anytime sooner. Easier access to smartphones and affordable data charges has given a major push to the digital economy, and hence one could not ignore the rapid development in the pace.

Content consumption is at an all-time high, and it is the video that is making a significant impact. As per the research carried out by Cisco, by 2022, videos would make more than 82% of all consumer traffic.

To add further to it, currently, a whopping number of people spend an average of 16 hours on videos per week. The numbers are impressive, and marketers and companies have slowly started realizing the importance of it.

However, one ideal factor that stops companies and marketers from using YouTube and Google to grow organically is RANKING.

Yes, SEO or search engine optimization do play a pivotal role here as well and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Here are some ways to gain significant traffic without spending a single penny on these platforms.

Ranking a video on YouTube (Organically)

Rank Videos on YouTube and Google
Rank Videos on YouTube and Google

As per the SEO experts, there are quite several tips and tricks that apply to the scenario. Some of the tips may sound obvious but are simple, which many marketers fail to understand. Some of these are as follows.

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Don’t be a content mill. Churn out quality content.

When it comes to content, video or text, or any other form, the quality is the first and the very basic priority in the list. One could not judge a content’s quality.

However, factors such as likes, dislikes, comments, and shares play a pivotal role and could not be ignored. These elements determine the scope and reach of the content.

Some of the valuable tips shared by the SEO expert regarding this are as follows:

  • Make sure your content is addressing difficulties and providing solutions.
  • Ensure to share content that provides values.
  • Help others on how to do something. It could be cooking or painting and maybe an entire course on digital marketing.
  • Provide insightful and in-depth analysis of facts in your industry.

Keyword Research: The next crucial thing

Next on the list is keyword research for building out videos. While unlike Google analytics, there are no keyword research tools; however, knowing some simple tips and tricks could be fruitful.

The first simple technique is to build videos on the recent happenings. Is there a looming crisis? Why do vaccines take time to be formed?

The topic could vary based on your interest. To make the content reach many people, ensure to include insights that resonate with current emotions.

However, do not fall for views in the initial stage. Many marketers promote their posts, and hence the figures spike. Generally, try going up decent likes to views ratios.

If the percent hovers around 2-3%, then the video has grown organically. Try to replicate their success story and derive insights on what works and what does not.

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Length of the Video

While a lot may say that length does not matter, they are partially correct. Length does matter in YouTube videos and hence plays a very crucial role.

While the fact may not be direct causation, it is differently a correlation. Longer videos are more comprehensive, and the answer is detailed and hence rank better than others.

However, the growing trend of small bite-sized videos may cause a new momentum, and hence videos are currently under the spotlight in the domain.

Another fact, the growing shorter span for attention and lack of humorous and exciting longer videos have been affecting the rankings. However, if the content is good, then there is no stopping.

Use Keywords in the Video

Rank Videos on YouTube and Google
Rank Videos on YouTube and Google

While many may ignore the fact that Google’s algorithm does not support video reading abilities, it is subjected to debate.

Many SEO experts do agree with the fact that the company has the capabilities to read what’s inside the video. The machine learning algorithms are already displaying closed captions of a video, which gives it the benefit of the doubt.

The added benefit to this fact is to integrate keywords within the videos themselves. No wonder the Meta descriptions are crucial, but this new age technology ensures that one does not miss out on the offer while still gradually understanding it.

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Tags were originally formed to cluster content under similar topics. The same applies still today but has evolved a lot. Today tags help users to discover content all across the globe, and hence tags should be used carefully.

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For instance, let say you watch a video and knowingly or unknowingly chosen from a specific hashtag. The videos using the same hashtags would pop up, thus giving your video greater visibility. Make sure you use the right keywords and an attractive video name to click-worthy.

Mobile Optimization

The last yet very crucial element in the list is mobile optimization. YouTube has effectively made its platform incredibly efficient enough to host all sorts of videos.

The growing trend of smartphones has grown exponentially, and hence it becomes crucial for companies to produce mobile-optimized videos.

Concluding Remark

While the topic may sound simple and much more to implement, it requires huge patience. To make sure all your videos rank well on YouTube and Google, learn these tricks and hence should not be ignored at all costs as suggested by an SEO expert.

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