ReactJS: Essential You Need to Know in 2021

Introduction to ReactJS

Hello, everyone who is interested in this topic! If we analyze the topic of this article, we can make assumptions or even conclude that working with ReactJS requires knowledge of something other than the library itself. It really is.

Working in ReactJS requires much more knowledge than it may seem at first glance. You will not be able to work with React simply by entering it.

There are certain programs and materials that you need to study before you start studying ReactJS itself.

So what do you need to learn to work in React?

So, our main goal is to study ReactJS. Let’s pay attention to the name of our goal. As you can see, there are two letters of JS, which are an abbreviation of JavaScript.

In general, there are three main program languages, let’s call them the columns on which React stands, of course, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Believe me, without them you will not go far (or rather nowhere at all). So let’s take a closer look at each of these “pillars” and understand why they are so important.

JavaScript is the programming language that is responsible for the interactivity of web pages. The JS is responsible for a lot of the information that the user eventually sees on their screen.

After all, static sites are not popular with users, so JavaScript aims to increase the interactivity and design of the website.

But in addition, JavaScript performs other important functions that are necessary for the operation of the website, namely:

  • first of all, JavaScript is easy and clear to use;
  • JavaScript works even without Internet access;
  • JavaScript has all the features to create a sensitive interface for better user experience and increased functionality;
  • in this program you can download the content without reloading the entire page, and do it when the user needs it;
  • JavaScript can evaporate errors directly in your browser during testing.

So, as you can see, JavaScript plays an important role in creating a website and is extremely important for React, because React is built on JavaScript, so first of all it is necessary to start learning this programming language.

The second “pillar” of programming is HTML. Believe me, each of you encounters it every day. The purpose of HTML is to provide certain rules about how content should look when received.

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This markup language does not specify which methods should be used for this and there is no target context, so this control is not ideal, but this is its beauty.

Until recently, a few years ago, almost all web applications were built using HTML only. There are now a variety of technologies that, in collaboration with HTML, create a better and more advanced product. However, despite all the innovations, HTML remains the leading technology today.

Almost everyone on the Internet uses HTML services. Everything we see and use is created with its help.

Therefore, React HTML is an extremely important element in creating a product. It is a type of second “pillar” for a successful outcome.

The acronym stands for “Cascading Style Sheets,” but everyone says CSS as it is more convenient and easier.

This program was created to facilitate the process of creating a presentable and beautiful website and web page.

CSS works with the “face” of a web page. It controls all the technical functions regarding the appearance of the web page – color change, font style, spacing and text size, etc.

In addition, CSS is easy to study, so it will not be difficult, and knowledge of this program gives control over HTML documents. In general, CSS often works in a duet with other HTML or XHTML languages.

CSS is reusable, the developer creates a sheet and then can use it many times, and in different projects, it saves a lot of time.

In addition, the developer can define a style for each HTML element and use it for any number of pages.

So, CSS completes our top three programs to work with ReactJS. He is the third, but not the most important, his knowledge will provide the developer with a visual appeal to the user.

And now everyone is very fond of aesthetics and what is pleasing to the eye, so CSS must be studied!

Well, and then let’s look at related programs that will help a React developer to better understand the structure of work.

Someone may say that they are optional, but I do not agree with this statement. They provide skills and knowledge that will sooner or later be needed in the work of a programmer in the web field.

In addition, those who say so will probably be very surprised when they can’t do something without being able to use certain functions and those who can show themselves on the best side of professionalism.

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Of course, here we will immediately mention Git. Its task is to check version control. More precisely and simply, with Git you can make changes to your document and these edits will be saved as a separate version, so if necessary, you can easily find the version of the product you need.

Another possibility is to download your code and share it with others and vice versa so you can download someone’s code.

This may be needed as an example of work, or you may find the perfect code and study its structure for future projects.

In general, Git is a very useful resource for developers of all levels, so I recommend learning it after the main programs to work in React.

Another important thing a developer needs to learn in order to work with React is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It is the most popular puncture program that currently exists on the Internet.

Its function can be called a request-response server. That is, the user sends a request that will be sent to the server, the server upon receipt of the request seeks a response and sends it to the user’s server. Therefore, HTTP is required to retrieve information from the server and send it to the user

Knowledge of algorithms and data structure is also one of the general knowledge. Of course, not all web developers know it, because it is not the most important element for learning React, but if you want to be more interested in programming, you still need to clearly understand the algorithms and data structure.

Next up are the design templates. This is a very good skill even for yourself and all-round development.

Someday you will definitely need knowledge about templates. They are quite easy to study with the help of various literature or courses.

And only now it is possible to start studying ReactJS. Yes, there is a lot of information, but this is your preparation.

So think, can you make a quality product without knowing something of the above? Will you be hired without CSS or Git skills?

They will not take it. It is impossible to talk about knowledge of JavaScript, it is the basis of the basics.

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In addition to JavaScript, I would recommend studying TypeScript at the same time (in the nearest future you will definitely need it).

But believe me, even when you read the React, after it there are still some points that need to work. And in general, web development never stands still.

There is always something new, new versions of old programs are released and developers are obliged to study everything. For what, you ask?

And in order to be competitive in the market. Non-trendy and outdated products will definitely not be successful among users. Your knowledge works for you.

In studying all the material you will still need your own endurance and purpose. Believe in your strength, if now it seems impossible to you, then as soon as you start and understand how it works you will not be able to break away.

You will need to devote a lot of time to training, so think carefully about whether you will have it (at least 2 hours a day), because training should be structured and disciplined. It is impossible to study all programs allocating 15 ha every day.

But I believe that those who really need it will find the time and inner motivation to learn everything.


First of all, thank you for paying attention to this article. I hope it lived up to your expectations and charged for future accomplishments.

Secondly, as you can analyze, there is really a lot of work. There is a lot of information, it can be difficult to understand at first, but there are many courses that will help you understand everything if you do not succeed.

There is a lot of literature on the Internet today about everything we discussed with you, read it.

And third, everything is in your hands. Do not sit idly by and start studying today to get one step closer to your goal tomorrow – to become a ReactJS developer.

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