7 Important Reason Of Installing A Full Body Air Dryer

Introduce to the Reason Of Installing A Full Body Air Dryer

Reason For Installing A Full Body Air Dryer, If you have been asking this question lately, you have landed on the right page. A full-body air dryer is a relatively new thing especially when you see the option of it being installed in residential settings. There was a time when such facilities were available in luxury hotels.

Times have changed and improving technology has spawned many gadgets that have made our lives easier. A full-body air dryer is one of such advancements. It’s not just about the luxurious aesthetic appeals for your bathroom but it has been proven to provide various benefits to the human body.

Here is a brief guide about a full-body air dryer and why should you install one in your home.

What Is A Full Body Air Dryer?

Reason Of Installing A Full Body Air Dryer , Air dryers use innovative technology to effortlessly dry your whole body, after a shower or a bath. You will not need a towel to dry out your body or hair. The prefixed blower housing has its outlet and inlet openings to circulate warm air. This warm air causes swift evaporation from the body surface eliminating the need of rubbing or scrubbing it with towels.

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For those who want to know how it works, it is like a simple hairdryer but larger in size. The size of blower is large enough to dry the whole body within three minutes of operation. The hot air blower produces warm air whereas a thermostat controls the air temperature.

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7 Reasons/Benefits of Installing the Best Air Dryer

Convenience in Drying Your Body

Convenience in Drying Your Body
Convenience in Drying Your Body

Reason Of Installing A Full Body Air Dryer , A body air dryer makes the drying experience effortless. You don’t have to twist and turn your body to dry it completely. All you need to do is to stand in front of the dryer and switch the button on.

Set the temperature as per your requirements and it will start blowing warm air towards you. Within three minutes of standing or sitting comfortably, your body will be ready to wear your clothes. The gentle and comforting warm air also helps unwinding after a long and tiring day.



Reason For Installing A Full Body Air Dryer, Full body air dryers are gaining fast popularity all over the world because of their incredible benefits for health.

It is no secret that damp towels are breeding grounds for microorganisms. If they are not properly washed or cleaned, they can transmit germs pretty quickly. An air dryer eliminates the need of using it.

The best quality air dryers are not only designed to provide you a clean and hygienic after-shower care but reduce the steam and condensation with environmental benefits.

Full Body Air Massage

Air dryers are faster and provide quick results as compared to any other bathroom heater. This quick operation also makes it an ideal product for full body air massage. You can adjust the setting of an air dryer to enjoy a full body massage.

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Aside from giving a feeling of lightness and relief in the legs and body, you will also experience improved blood circulation and lymph flow. All of these factors contribute to better health.

Leaves Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

One of the perks of using a full-body air dryer is that it is gentler on your skin. If your skin is irritated by scrubbing or is allergic to fiber threads, installing an air dryer in your bathroom is the best idea. It dries out your body without any contact and thus minimizes the damages caused by friction on your skin.

Doctors have been recommending air body massages to people with sensitive skins to avoid rashes and abrasions. Other than the health benefits, it leaves your skin more hydrated and supple. Make sure the product you purchase is of high quality.

Perfect for Assisted Living Environments

Although it is also beneficial for healthy adults, full-body air dryers have proven to be extremely helpful for people with reduced mobility. It is considered perfect for assisted living environments designed for elders or physically handicapped people.

Occupational therapists encourage the use of air dryers for people who cannot dry themselves without assistance. It gives them a sense of independence and hence improves their mental health. Thus, it is an advantageous tool to promote functioning in daily life.

Less Laundry Work to Handle

Not many of us enjoy doing the laundry work. And the worst part of doing laundry? For most people, it is the damp and dirty towels. When you invest your money to install a full-body air dryer, there is less laundry work to handle. No damp towels in laundry mean fewer chances of transmitting diseases causing microorganisms.

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Temperature Control

A body air dryer gives you the freedom to choose the temperature setting as per your comfort and convenience. Make sure the temperature setting is not too harsh for your skin type. If you have installed air dryers for elders or kids living in your home, take control of the temperature settings.

Before You Install It!

Once you have decided you need an air therapy product installed in your home, make sure your bathroom has good quality wiring and electrical supplies. For safety reasons, it is essential to buy it from reputable companies. Shop around for the best prices.

Don’t forget to ask about the warranties and safety hazards of their product. Getting answers to these questions will give you peace of mind for your next unwinding session with your full body air dryer.


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