How To Recover Deleted Files From Android: A Complete Guide Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Recover Deleted Files From Android

Android’s advent has transformed the mobile operating systems, and its significance in today’s life has surged due to Android’s utilization in current smartphones.

These mobiles have become crucial parts of our lives, given that we store our private data and information on these devices. Sometimes, we could lose valuable information and files on these devices, which can be a massive loss of essential data.

Hence we look for methods to recover those files so that we can save our vital data from being lost. This article will help you to recover your data from Android by using software and simple techniques.

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  1. How could you recover data from the internal memory of android mobile with the help of powerful recovery software on your PC?

There is a more uncomplicated strategy for you to get your data back from the internal memory of the smartphone supposing that the mobile phone is functioning and you can run a Debugging mode on it such as:

  • You require altering the android mobile settings on your smartphone.
  • Open Settings, Click Applications, Open development option, and then turn on USB Debugging.

Note: your options might be different as per the version and model of your Android.

  • Now attach the USB cable to laptop or PC to connect it to your mobile. There will be a notification bar on mobile to connect USB, and there will be a display of USB storage connected to pc selects that. If you do not get the display, try again by reconnecting the USB. There might be a slight delay due to the loading of drivers of the device by windows of pc, and after a few moments, it will appear as a removable device with an indication of drive sign.
  • Now you can turn on Active file Recovery software as the storage media of your device will be detected as a substitute device on your pc and software will scan for deleted files and data on your Android.
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Points to be noted:

when data is recovered, you should safely eject your device from windows by clicking on safely remove hardware option and do not forget to run off USB Debugging mode.

The method is supposed to work efficiently on Motorola, Asus, HTC, LG, and Samsung with keeping android versions, 2.x, 3.x, 4.0.x.

  1. Dumpster image and video recovery app

This app is handy for android users because it provides two primary benefits to users. One, it helps recover the lost or deleted files from android phones, and the second is that it assists in the cloud back up of data from android mobiles.

  • You need to connect your Android to pc to use this app efficiently.
  • Sometimes, you can download it on your mobiles as it looks like an icon or recycles bin of your pc and all files of mobile you delete will go in software to remain there.
  • You can quickly recover a file from software memory, or it can be deleted permanently from there if you do not want to keep the files.
  • It can also restore files like HTML and APK from android memory.
  1. Undeleter Data and Files Recoverer

It is a tremendous magical app for you when your data is lost and deleted from your Android. It will do wonders for you if you download it on your android mobile.

  • It also provides back up for a variety of files of the system.
  • It is the compatible recovery of a wide range of system files.
  • It extends its support to recover data lost from internal storage or sd card.
  • You need to open it and turn on the scan to check for lost data from either your internal storage or SD card.
  • You can install it free from the Google Play store app.
  1. Recycle Bin

This software is entirely operated to handle all trash in your android phone.

  • The app operates by file explorer, which is associated with your system to manage all your system files.
  • Your deleted file from the android phone is transferred to the app folder that is storage for files.
  • For instance, when your file is deleted by mistake or lost from android mobile, you can turn on the app folder of this software to scan for files deleted, and thus, you can quickly recover your desired file.
  • The app can be operated to act like trash bins or recycle bin, but in reality, it has more features than traditional recycling bins. You can handle it with ease by sending files just by a single click
  1. Disk Digger App

If your Android is an embedded phone, then this app will do magic for you.

  • If you are unaware of the term rooting, then it can be explained simply and straightforwardly. Rooting is a procedure in which authorization of users in the android mobile OS where such apps are allowed to operate, which use main functions of the system. Now let’s see how it could be fruitful for your android mobile.
  • It is a robust software that is made to restore the images, and video files lost you’re your android mobile.
  • But it will not operate to recover other types of files for your android mobile
  • It is free for all you can download from the Google Play store.
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Recover deleted files by Google drive

If you have lost images of files on Android, but when your Android was actively backed up by Google Drive. Thus, you do not need to worry because Google Drive allows sharing images or files between different devices only with your authorization.

You can restore all photos or files while opening Google Drive on your pc. However, it operates to store your photos or files only when you have turned on Google drive back on your Android. Here is a simple procedure you can follow.

  • Turn on the Google Drive app on your mobile.
  • Swipe to the right, and you will find trash below My Drive option list.
  • Find modified or missing files in the trash.
  • For the recycling of files, click on three shape buttons in the trash below welcome to Google file option.

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