Increase the Efficiency of Your Recruitment Process in 2021

Introduction to Recruitment Process

The human resources department is considered one of the most valuable assets of a company. Hiring the right person is essential to the success of your organization.

Recruitment companies themselves play an important role in the development of companies around the world, as they affect the efficiency of client activities by taking care of their recruitment activities. It helps companies find the right people for the right position at the right time and place.

What is the Recruitment Process?

Simply put, the recruitment process involves analyzing the job requirements and then finding a potential candidate for that position, who is further encouraged to apply for the position in the organization.

The program is designed to attract more and more applicants to choose the best of them. It is the process of finding and attracting potential resources to fill a vacancy in the organization.

It provides the organization with the right talents and attitude needed to achieve the goals of the organization.

How Is Recruitment Done?

The hiring process depends entirely on the company and the methods it uses to find applications that offer a specific job.

However, most of the companies go through a formal process of recruiting and hiring new candidates.

Before hiring a job seeker, a company goes through 3 phases – planning, hiring, and selecting employees.

The next stage is the recruitment stage, where the recruitment process takes place. The company tries to reach out to a bunch of candidates through job postings, referrals, ads, and more.

Applicants who respond to these job posts are selected as per the company criteria and their suitability for the role.

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Employers can also check potential clients and even referrals. After the selection, the applicants go through an assessment and interview stage where they are assessed based on several questions and work they did in their previous job.

The third and final stage is hiring where the employer evaluates all information from the pool of applicants and selects the most suitable out of all.

The company offers employment and issues letters to candidates as per the requirements. Since the recruitment process involves a considerable amount of resources, time, and money, many organizations have turned towards using recruitment and onboarding software to ease their hiring process.

However, it is still important to know how to properly manage the process, and here are some tips to improve the recruiting process:

Way to improve the recruitment process:

Get The Job Description right:

The job description should clearly define the general duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a particular role.

It should highlight the area of experience, seniority, knowledge, and skills needed to perform a job. It is one of the most important things in the recruitment process that both the recruiter and applicant have a clear understanding of the job specification and your business requirement. Once you understand the nature of the job it helps the applicant to check whether they are fit for the role before applying.

Do Employer Branding:

Many applicants choose to immediately join a company with a high EVP due to its market image, and how they treat its employees.

On the other hand, small businesses with low employee value propositions struggle to hire the best talent for their business even though they have excellent pay and working conditions because no one knows about the company.

The employer brand plays a key role in deciding whether or not a talented candidate should join your company.

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Build Talent Warehouse:

Build your own talent warehouse that can significantly reduce your recruiting costs. Stay in touch with people who have applied previously but were not an exact match for the job because of their skills or qualifications. However, because of their attitude, they turned out to be a very potential and good candidate for your company. Check-in every now and then and make them feel part of your organization.

Take Effective Interviews:

Remember that candidates are also judging whether they want to work with your company or not, so create a positive impression of your company.

Use the interview as a platform to create a positive experience for both parties. It is important to have an effective interview to understand how well the candidate fits for the position you are offering.

Do not hesitate to ask the candidate several questions during the interview process, understanding his knowledge of the subject, to assess how well or poorly he fits for the professional role, or to understand his personal aspirations or interests, and the clarity of their attitude and how they will perform in this job at different levels.

And also give them an opportunity to ask questions to you on your company culture, your ways of work, business model, etc.

Train Your Recruiters:

Each firm works with a wide range of managers with a wide range of interview skills. Sometimes less experienced hiring managers ask senior managers to interview them and help them improve their interview skills.

Train your recruiter on a set of questions to ask for clarity on the candidate’s job skills and attitudes. Training helps you maintain a level and achieve the best outcome you can expect.

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Do the On-boarding Right:

This is the first step in retaining talent. Whenever there is a new addition to our organization, they should be excited about doing it, and you need to make sure that their enthusiasm continues until the end of the first week.

Keep track of how they feel in this new environment after joining, are they looking to a future with your company, do they have any growth plans with your company?

The new addition should feel welcome and should see it as a golden opportunity to work with your organization.

Companies nowadays have adopted virtual onboarding where the whole process of onboarding is done virtually using video conferencing tools.

You should also adopt this strategy for your new joiner who is going to start their new journey with you but couldn’t have an in-person onboarding experience so that they don’t have the feeling of being left out from the team.


Technology is helping transform the environment of today’s businesses and with the recruitment software, the recruiting game will change the work culture by taking things online.

From hiring to onboarding, all will be done virtually. However, the human touch is still needed to make connections and relationships.

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