2 Excellent Ways To Style A Red Leather Jacket

Introduction to Red Leather Jacket

Red is the best blessing that humanity has ever received! The depiction of love, elegance, and festivity — red can do all of them.

Many fashionistas have made this color their fashion statement; a large majority of people drop the idea of going for it despite wanting to rock it so bad.

This can be disturbing, and no one deserves to face this. Let’s clear some things up. Starting with a Red Leather Jacket, you may think it is just limited for some events, but the reality says that they are as timeless as your classic black leather jackets.

They can be worn anywhere, anytime! Remember to go for the right mix and match and attain suitable looks according to the event.

There are plenty of designs and available in red leather jackets like regular jackets that you already wear. So, let’s add red leather jackets to your closet with these steps.


First, choose the design or type of red jacket you have been picturing in your mind. Some options available are:

  • The Red Bomber Jacket:

Also known as flight or fighter jackets, they have become staples not only for men but also for women over the years. They look simpler than any other jacket, so opt for them if you need something not-too-extra.

  • The Classic Moto Jacket:

Starting with the classic black, the traditional biker jackets have made their way into many color palettes. Now they are available in various colors, from monochromes to pop colors, and in many designs, from Cafe Racer to asymmetrical.

  • The Red Topper Jacket:

A topper is the most lightweight version of the jackets. They are generally worn over any outfit to add extra style and warmth. Either wear them dressed down or up, they will look cool.

  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket:

This jacket is the first thing that pops in the minds of all pop and fashion lovers when thinking about red leather jackets.

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If you want to go for the same ‘80s version, then go for it without any hesitation; the jacket is a masterpiece! But if you want something more modern in it, then there are many renditions available nowadays.


Keep your creativity flowing, and now start with the styling part. We have categorized the looks that you can attain from a red leather jacket in three styles, so go for any of them according to your mood.


A statement red jacket is the easiest way to pull off a refined yet simple look without any extra effort. All you have to do is gather all your wardrobe staples in a place — straight jeans, a basic t-shirt, white sneakers, or boots.

Keep in mind to stay within the boundaries of monochromatic colors to balance out the shine and spark of the jacket. Black, white, grey, and denim will make the jacket the first thing that attracts the eye.

Now, start by wearing a plain white or black t-shirt. You can also go for a striped crew cut one or a V-neck shirt for some sass.

Wear denim jeans for the bottom. You will need something that is not so sparkly for footwear because obviously, you don’t want them to be the center of attraction — that’s your red jacket at the moment. So, go for something in Chelsea boots, black or grey converse, sneakers, and loafers.

It’s time to layer this outfit with the red leather jacket.

No matter what design you have chosen, all red jackets will compliment this look. If you are a fan of accessorizing your look, then go for them but remember the word; minimalism!

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Add a simple non-patterned scarf, a watch, and a bag if you are going to work. Enjoy your day dressed like a pure gentleman or a bossy lady.

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If you are a person of trends, then this look is definitely for you. This style is for all the seasons, and you can rock it all the year in the trendiest way.

Here, you can experiment with something extraordinary and add some colors to your ordinary monochrome look. For this, you must have to be a daring person and add some red-colored accessories with a red jacket.

But adding colors doesn’t mean that you can go for it for everything. Keep the outfit simple and classic with a pair of khaki trousers paired with a white shirt having a crisp collar.

This can be a subtle color palette. You can go for a pair of nude or tan chinos as well. Just stay with the earthy tones for the outfit, and then layer it with the red leather jacket with the showstopper.

Now, it’s time to add some accessories and shoes. Slip-on a sleek pair of red boots, either high-knee or ankle length, depends on you.

Stay minimal here, too, and add a nice watch with sunglasses. If in the mood, you can also wear a mini-purse with this look.


In a mood for some excitement? Then bring out your rebellious and daring side in front of the world. Here, you have to stay stuck with reds.

Everything, from the footwear to the outfits, has to be either red or in the accents of red. This gives you the option of combining many statement pieces and rocking a rock star look without a guitar. Cool, no?

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Note: This look is exclusively for people who have got a hold on the red jackets. So, if you want to bring out your joyous side, then try the combination of a red leather jacket layered over patterned jeans and a red digital t-shirt outfit. So bold! This look where attracts every eye; it also boosts up the confidence of the wearer, on the other hand.

You can stay neutral with your bottom, though. White or black would look the classiest with some patterns and designs.

A cool graphic designed shirt having hints of red or entirely red — as long as you are confident enough to go for it — will amp up the look.

Finally, go with the accessories of your choice, which goes well with the Red Leather Jacket. You are done now!

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