Remote Work Burn out- 4 Smart Tips to Overcome it

Introduction to Remote Work Burn out

It’s been almost one year that this generation is spending days with pandemic and lockdown. Most of the people are told to work from home(remote work) until further notice.

Obviously, it’s the only way to fight this totally unknown and dangerous situation. Survey says, as everyone has to adjust to remote work, often we can see fatigue and work burn out among some of the employees.

If you are feeling extra tired and bored after a regular day’s work from home its has some obvious reasons behind it. Not only the work pressure but also the pressure of social isolation and the heartbreaking news by destroyer COVID-19.

Remote Work Burn out
Remote Work Burn out

From several employees, it is proved that they are working from home three to four hours more days than before the pandemic.

Employees say that they are feeling more pressure and workload than the previous situation before the pandemic. All these reasons are very much responsible for fatigue and work burnout.

But to arrange our bread and butter we have to work. We can’t give any excuse for our stomach. So we have to know some smart ways to enjoy our work (From home) and to feel relaxed more.

In this article, we will know some best ways to get rid of remote work burnout.

  • Maintain office culture:

    Remote Work Burn out
    Remote Work Burn out

Remote workers don’t get the opportunity to spend time and chatting with co-workers or grab some sandwiches and coffee at the local cafe.

They can’t go out to take lunch with their co-workers and make short and valuable chat about their lives. Also, they are not getting the opportunity to take some wine and beer at the weekend to reduce workload and work pressure.

So, employees should maintain their office culture as well as when they are working. To gossip with friends they can use group video calling after work, take a break from work every short interval, gossip with family members while feel bored, listen to music regularly.

  • Set some priorities and stick to them:

Obviously work is one of the important things in our life but the most important thing in our life is life itself. So we have to set some priorities in our life and we have to maintain them on a regular basis.

Once an IT employee said, “I usually sleep with my laptop, eat with my laptop, bath with my laptop, work with my laptop, walk with my laptop, and also spent my whole day with my laptop.

I have not shut down my laptop for the last ten days. One day I forgot to change my pajama in the morning. Not surprisingly, I became bored and burnt out to doing that. Thus I work the whole day with a lack of satisfaction.”

This scenario should be changed. This kind of situation can make serious problems in your life both physically and mentally. Try to set some priority in your life. Like family, friends, office, workout, holiday trip, etc.

  • Generate and keep boundaries:

    Remote Work Burn out
    Remote Work Burn out

“The remote worker greatest challenge might be himself/herself”.- Janet Choi

From many employees, it is proved that by doing their work they never feel done and complete. When we dig deeper to this point we found some reasons behind these conditions.

Firstly, as companies hire juniors in a bulky amount naturally a competition and race create between them. This race is called the fight for existence.

“If you can perform better you will not be fired from the company and your salary will increase”, this thought is deeply adopted by the employees, and as a result, they are feeling fatigued and work burnout.

To overcome this situation we must have to generate some boundaries to our work. We have to set a goal for every day’s work. We have to be more prominent and trustworthy about our work.

We have to understand our limit first. We are people with blood, we are not robots. We all have a certain limit. If we don’t focus on our limit and take part in this dangerous race without taking any precautions it’s not going to be done in the long future.

  • Take breaks:

    Remote Work Burn out
    Remote Work Burn out

As we said in remote work, employees don’t get chance to meet with co-workers, don’t get chance to eat tiffin in the canteen with spicy gossips, can’t take refreshments in short intervals with the dearest in office, can’t take wine and beer in every Saturday with partners, can’t make a plan to make a short and long tour at end of every month, can’t gossip about politics, movies, latest song, funny clips.

These all can make a huge impact on an employee’s minds. We must keep in mind that we have to create a virtual world as per our requirements. We know ourselves the best.

So, we know how many refreshments we need to keep our minds fresh. At this time the best solution is to take a lot of short breaks or intervals in your work time as there is no one to stop you as you are working remotely.

Thus the work will be solid and the employee will feel more relaxed and happy to do a lot of work. And when possible also arrange a long break from work.

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