How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac-3 Best Ways

Introduction to How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac

Over time everything tends to slow down and the same is true for Mac. With time, your Mac tends to become sluggish and hence perform slow. The major reason behind this is storage space.

If your Mac is running low on storage space it will perform slowly and hence Mac should be cleaned from time to time to remove old and unused files.

Also, many times we duplicate files by copying them to different locations and such files then occupy precious space unnecessarily.

If we do not pay attention to this timely, it becomes next to impossible to find the duplicate files and then delete them. So, to have your Mac perform smoothly, you should know how to remove redundant files on your Mac.

This article will walk you through both the manual procedure and which best Mac Cleaner software you should use.

Using one of the best Mac storage cleaners effectively cleans all the junk, duplicate, old files with minimum manual efforts.

How To Delete Duplicate Files Manually From Your Mac?

Let’s first see how to remove redundant files on your Mac manually. For this, you can make use of the Smart Folder feature present in Mac.

Follow the steps below to do so:

  • On your Mac, open the Finder app.
  • From the Finder app, click on File from the Navigation Pane.
  • Here, click on New Smart Folder from the drop-down list.
  • Doing so will open the New Smart Folder window. Here look for a + sign on the top-right corner and click on it.
  • Post this you need to sort the files, the best way to look for duplicates is to sort the files by names.
  • After you have sorted the files by name, simply look for the duplicates and delete them.
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While the above steps are easy to perform, it gets too time-consuming if the number of files is big, hence it is suggested either to delete duplicate files regularly or use the top Mac Cleaners available.

Below we have listed three of the best Mac Cleaner software that makes work easy for you and keeps your Mac running smoothly.

How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac
How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac

Best Mac Cleaner Software To Delete Duplicate Files:

Rather than learning how to remove redundant files from Mac, isn’t it better to just use the best Mac storage cleaner and let it do the work for you?

These programs not only delete duplicate files but also perform various functions to retrieve precious space and hence increase the efficiency and performance.

How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac
How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac

In this article, we will be covering the three best Mac Cleaner software’ namely Smart Mac Care, CCleaner, and TuneupMyMac.

1. Smart Mac Care:

How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac
How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac

Smart Mac Care is multi-utility software by Systweak Software that improves the overall performance of your Mac. With this software installed you can:

  • Safeguard your Mac from all kinds of spyware/malware infections,
  • Delete junk, old, duplicate files to retrieve precious space,
  • Provide added security by deleting privacy traces, and
  • Remove unwanted startup apps to increase the boot time.

With so many features Smart Mac Care is the best Mac Cleaner software for your Mac according to us and gives a kick start to your slow and sluggish Mac.

To delete the Junk and duplicate files, simply launch Smart Mac Care and perform the Junk Scan to scan for all the duplicate files that eat precious disk space. Once the scan is complete remove the junk and duplicate files to restore space.

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Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later

Visit Here

2. TuneupMyMac:

TuneupMyMac is another utility that suits best to your requirements when you want to enhance the overall functionality of your slow performing Mac.

TuneupMyMac lies among the top Mac cleaners, which is power-packed with features to increase the performance and speed. It effectively:

  • Cleans Mac with a single click using the One-Click Cleaning feature.
  • Retrieves wasted space by deleting junk, unused, duplicate, old files.
  • Deletes cache and log files for better performance.
  • Uninstall unused applications and languages.
  • Effective optimization of the hard drive.
  • Provides secure deletion of sensitive information.

To delete the duplicate files, use the Duplicate Finder module under Optimization. Simply launch Duplicate Finder and click on Find duplicates to scan for duplicates and then remove them, recovering precious space.

Duplicates Finder searches for duplicates files which are 4 KB or more. Therefore, if you are searching for duplicate files that are smaller than 4 KB, they will not be shown in the scan results of the Duplicates Finder.

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You can change the default size in TuneupMyMac Preferences > Duplicates Finder option.

Additionally, the default location which is scanned for duplicate files is the Documents folder. If you have duplicate files in other locations, please add that location to be scanned for duplicates by clicking on the Change Folder button.

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or late

Visit Here

3. CCleaner:

How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac
How To Remove Redundant Files In Mac

CCleaner For Mac is another tool that is considered the best Mac storage cleaner. It is a one-stop solution to all your Mac problems and keeps your Mac in a healthy state. It effectively:

  • Deletes junk, duplicate, old files and make your Mac perform at a fast speed.
  • Improves privacy by deleting sensitive and personal information.
  • Retrieves precious space by deleting junk files.
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Having a de-cluttered Mac is very important to make it perform smoothly and effectively. This article was meant to educate you about both the ways using which you can remove duplicate files from your Mac and restore disk space.

While you can always choose to follow the manual procedure while learning how to remove redundant files from your Mac, you can always use the top Mac cleaner and let them do the work.

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