Restore Your Confidence with Hair Transplant – 4 Important Tips

Introduction to Restore Your Confidence with Hair Transplant

Hair serves as a beautifying element in the human body. Having full hair makes a person look and feel confident about himself or herself. However, sometimes down the line, hair stops growing in some parts of the scalp or the entire scalp. When this happens, the patient is not affected physically but psychologically as well. The good news is that doctors have come up with various treatments to salvage the situation, no topic how extensive the hair loss is.

Although there are several treatments available to treat hair loss, not all work for everyone. The patient who is suffering from hair loss needs to first seek consultation from a specialist doctor. After extensive tests and examination, the doctor will suggest proper hair loss treatment options suitable for the patient. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic, hair transplant and PRP for hair loss are among the best hair restoration techniques proven to be quite effective. In this post, we will concentrate on the FUE hair transplant procedure and PRP hair treatment.

We will explore both treatments as standalone, and we are also going to look at how doctors can improve the outcome of hair transplant surgery by fusing with the PRP for hair loss therapy. Read on for greater understanding.

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What is a Hair Transplant Procedure? 

When suffering from hair loss, one of the doctor’s procedures to restore your hair is the hair transplant procedure. This type of hair restoration involves grafting healthy hair from one region of the scalp to another. Since not all scalp areas suffer from hair loss while performing a hair transplant procedure, doctors will remove healthy hair from the back of the head (donor area) and implant them in the area that suffers from thinning; otherwise known as the recipient area.

While performing this procedure, the doctor may use two available techniques: an FUE – follicular unit extraction approach or a FUT – follicular unit transplantation. The FUE hair transplant procedure is more advanced than FUT since it is less invasive and produces a more natural look.

How the FUE Hair Transplant is Done 

When performing an FUE hair transplant procedure, doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration will use the latest hair transplant medical devices. The first step in the procedure is to shave both the donor and the recipient site. Once that is done, local anaesthesia is going to be applied in both areas to reduce discomfort. A punching device is then used to extract individual hair follicles one by one. The recipient zone is then perforated with tiny holes where the follicles will be placed, and hair grafts are implanted in them carefully.

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Depending on the number of hair grafts to be transplanted, the surgery will take 4 to 6 hours. Once all the harvested hair grafts are transplanted, the patient is discharged from the clinic to go home to recuperate.

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How PRP Hair Treatment is Done 

PRP hair treatment is also another latest and effective hair restoration therapy. PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy has been used in the medical field for years. It involves extracting platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood and injecting it into the injured or damaged body tissue to enhance healing.

In PRP hair treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn, and the sample is put in a centrifuge machine that divides it into three different blood compounds. This is done by spinning the blood sample rapidly. After about 10 minutes, the blood will be divided into three separate layers, including red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-poor plasma. Platelet-rich plasma is then drawn using a syringe and injected into the patient’s scalp, which suffers from hair loss to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles.

FUE Hair Transplant and PRP Hair Treatment Fusion 

The FUE hair transplant procedure can be fused with PRP hair treatment to improve a hair transplant outcome. Once the hair grafts are removed from the donor area, they are first placed in a platelet-rich plasma solution to improve their survival rate. Doctors from BHHR only use the patient’s blood to extract platelet-rich plasma.

After the hair transplant procedure is done, they will also inject the patient’s scalp with the PRP solution to speed up healing and regenerate hair follicles. PRP contains growth factors that help to repair and restore damaged body tissues. This allows the patient to heal very quickly and produces a more natural look that is also permanent.


Hair loss is quite devastating, and even though many patients have learned to accept and live with the condition, it doesn’t have to be that way. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic offers these advanced hair restoration procedures. They are also done more professionally, and the patient should expect the best results from either the FUE hair transplant procedure, PRP hair treatment, or a fusion of the two.

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