Top 3 Best Platform To Do Reverse Video Search In 2021

Introduction to Reverse Video Search

Are you fed up but cannot find the source of the video? This is the right place where you are getting all answers regarding the reverse video search. Reverse search does not necessarily mean you only get the information about the video source. It means you are getting more information about the video.

Before the huge popularity of digital media, the source finding of the videos was tricky. But after the influence of the widely spreading digital media, the searching and the source finding of the video are becoming a very simple task. Youtube and Facebook are overcrowded with many types of new videos that simply increase the opportunity of increasing brand at a Social media at a lightning speed. The source finding of the videos is becoming easy and systematic.

What Is Reverse Video Searching?

Reverse video searching is a systemic process by which you are analyzing all the objects from the videos. This process is helping you to find the real images and video. Even sometimes, the copywriters are editing a small portion of the videos. The process is becoming easy with the implementation of the AI-based algorithm and various tools.

Top 3 Platforms to Do Reverse Video Search

With the help of digital media, we get to find the source of the stolen video sources. And video fragmentation and different image searching are also becoming easy.

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When you want to create a unique video, but after some time, you get to see your video is all over youtube or social media, but from different destinations. Unfortunately, you do not have any proof of your unique creation. To solve these types of issues now many platforms and softwares are present.

Here we are now going to discuss the top three reverse video searching platforms.


Berify is a platform where you can do the reverse search of a video and find the other copies. Berify strives to find the different types of copy which are available online. The platform is not very fast or robust, but it takes a little bit of time and then returns the desired results. Image matching algorithm and AI is well-performing in this platform.


The Process To Do A Reverse Search

Follow these simple steps to perform the reverse video searching in Berify.

Step 1: First, start with taking a few snapshots of the videos

Step2: Windows and Mac both are supporting these platforms

Step3: Visit the

Step4: Then upload the image in the search bar which you want to search

Step5: Then click the search option and wait a while

Step6: Your video matches are required a few times to upload and then retrieve the data.

By using these simple steps, you are getting all the matched copies from the internet. This process helps you to find the original copy, and this process is restricting you from the misuses of the images and the videos.


Tineye is one of the oldest reverse video search platforms. This platform is the first platform that helps users find the desired copy images, even without the watermark and metadata. The keyword matching is a normal process, but the video and image matching process is unique. And this is the first designed platform to perform the image and video reverse search.

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The Process To Do A Reverse Search

Follow these simple steps to perform the reverse video searching in Tineye.

Step1: First take the snapshot of the video which you want to search

Step2: Then visit the page

Step3: Copy-paste your snapshot on the search bar. If you are searching for anything from the internet, then you can directly copy then paste the URL of the video

Step4: As this is the oldest AI-based platform, it takes very little time to perform

The tin eye is still now the best reverse search engine platform. And this is an authentic platform to deliver the desired result. If you want a fast performing platform, then the tin eye is the best choice for you. Indeed, the tin eye is the oldest platform. The image and video stock are better than the other new platforms.


Shutterstock is the most authentic image searching platform. And this is the most reliable platform for bloggers. Searching from the millions of pictures and videos is always giving the most desirable result. Shutterstock was first introduced as the platform to stock photos and videos. This platform has more operations than the other reverse video searching platforms. It has various tools to stock music, edit, and stock the footage and videos.


The Process To Do A Reverse Search

Follow these simple steps to perform the reverse video searching in Shutterstock.

Step1: First take a snapshot of the videos.

Step2: The visit the page

Step3: When you enter the page, then upload the snapshots

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Step4: You are seeing a blank white page where only two options are available. One is drag and drop. Another one is uploading the images option

Step5: When you clicking enter, the page is showing you the other relevant pictures from the internet

Shutterstock is immediately showing your matched videos along with their source destinations. Shutterstock has the largest collection of images as it performs from 2003, so your searching is becoming easy.

Bottom Line:

Now, most of the platforms are working based on the snapshot of the video.No platforms are available where you are getting the opportunity to upload your entire video. The tin eye performs based on the live URL, but the other platforms are still performing based on the snapshots. These three platforms are the most effective for searching the relevant images and doing the video’s reverse search.

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