8 Basic Things You Must Know Before Rhinoplasty

Introduction to Rhinoplasty

The nose is the most noticeable part of the face and everyone wants to look beautiful without any nasal deformity. People usually demand alterations in their nose shape and size when they aren’t happy about their nose appearance conversely injuries can also become a reason behind getting nose surgeries(rhinoplasty in Dubai).

The ones who desire to achieve their dream looks don’t fear going under the blade because nowadays it’s normal to get the surgery for altering the appearance and the public is accepting it.

This article discusses the most popular nose job surgery ‘Rhinoplasty’ which aims to change the nose appearance exactly as you want.

There are a lot of things you must know before getting this surgery, please continue reading to discover details about it!


Rhinoplasty is also known as nose job which aims to correct the nasal defects by adjusting the nose shape, size, and further alterations where necessary. The cartilage is modified with care and attention to deliver the most desirable appearance of the nose.

The two most important types of Rhinoplasty are:

1.      Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty involves external incisions with no detailed alterations. The structural issues of the nose are resolved with this practice however practitioners prefer undertaking this type of Rhinoplasty due to its significance of reshaping the nose by meeting the needs of patients.

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Therefore, it can leave a minor scar under the nose which is temporary and fades off with time by using some topical ointments.

2.      Closed Rhinoplasty

This surgical practice is performed usually to correct the defects and misalignment of the nose without leaving any visible scar as it’s involved with inner incisions. People who want minor change in their nose tip can undergo this practice without any fear but it’s better to discuss the details with the doctor before deciding anything.

Things you must know before getting Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is specifically aimed to balance the features of the face by modifying the nose however the more balanced features, the more you look attractive.

Conversely, a too small or crooked nose can make your appearance unattractive and ugly. Expert surgeons don’t only focus on altering the nose but also intend to decide which shapes suit you the best.

Thus, it’s better to be aware of the surgery details because like every procedure this practice also comes up with some queries and doubts that must be cleared.

There are several things you must know before getting Rhinoplasty, have a look at some dominant ones!

1.      Rhinoplasty isn’t performed only for cosmetic reasons!

Many people think that Rhinoplasty is just only for altering the nasal aspects which are true to some extent because previously it was performed only for cosmetic concerns but now, it comes up with resolving breathing problems, birth defects, injuries, deviated septum, and burns, etc.

Sometimes deviated septum isn’t recovered with Rhinoplasty you’ll need to have a Septoplasty to bring back the nose into its original condition.

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2.      Not everyone is an ideal applicant

The ones who suffer from a crooked or uneven shaped nose can experience this surgery but examining medical details also carries importance as not everyone is applicable for all treatments.

When alteration in cartilage is required must undergo the procedure before bones are fully grown however smoking activities should also be escaped before a few days of treatment.

3.      Get the best surgeon

Rhinoplasty is the most sensitive procedure which requires consideration and care. A person who is performing surgery must have the experience in correcting nasal deformities as a professional practitioner can only lead you to a successful surgery with satisfactory upshots.

Thus, as we all know that highly skilled doctors charge more price, so don’t compromise your health for some cost. Get the best surgeon for Rhinoplasty and acquire lifetime comfort!

4.      Results take time to appear

Patients shouldn’t judge the upshots of Rhinoplasty right the treatment because altered tissues require some time towards proper healing to catch the nasal shape as wanted.

Patience is going to be the key in this surgical approach however the gradual changes in the nose will appear after a few weeks and complete results can take six months to 1 year.

5.      You will not be satisfied with your appearance immediately

Patients will not be going to see the results right after the surgery. Bruising, swelling, and mild pain can be felt which is the most annoying condition but it’s temporary and will go away within a few days of treatment.

6.      The recovery process can take time

The recovery process of Rhinoplasty is a maximum of six weeks but it’s not mandatory as every person has its health condition and metabolic rates.

Patients can boost the healing course by following doctors’ prescriptions by avoiding physical activities for some weeks.

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7.      Plan a vacation for at least two weeks

It’s better to take off from work for at least two weeks before you get fully recovered. People usually do this when they don’t want to hear that they had surgery. However, Rhinoplasty provides the natural results so no one can notice that you had a nose job.

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8.      Risks and side effects

Bruising, swelling, redness, mild pain, breathing difficulty are the common side effects of Rhinoplasty which are temporary.

On the other hand, if the surgeon isn’t well-experienced patients can suffer from nose bleeding, loss of sense of smell, and displeasing scars which is the rare complication of this surgical therapy.

Wrapping Up!

This post concludes that Rhinoplasty is the safest and effective procedure but the healing process of this treatment can take some time.

Let the surgeon know if you’re already in taking some. Thus, the results attained from this surgical practice aren’t often, it might require a year before you fully appreciate the results of this surgery.

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