3 Steps To Keep Your Home Safe With Amazing Ring Floodlight Camera

Introduction to Ring Floodlight Camera

I am a parent with two kids who are very young. I’m sure that if you have seen kids you know how energetic they can be.

They don’t sit anywhere and constantly keep running around. I get very frustrated and annoyed, even when I go out I am always worried about leaving them alone at home as anything could go wrong.

I’m not paranoid or anything but when your kids are small you fear for their safety no matter where they are. I always drop them off at some of my friends or relatives’ houses but you can’t always do that and also I don’t trust babysitters as they are just random people. This whole dilemma has made me very confused and tired as I wasn’t able to find a good solution.

I tried to install CCTV in my house but that cost a lot and wasn’t very economical, it was also very bulky and couldn’t cover the entire house, so I dropped the idea.

Luckily one of my friends bought a new type of camera system that took away the problem that the CCTV cameras had.

It was the ring floodlight camera, it was pretty great and really convenient. It had a lot of amazing features that made it extremely easy to buy and recommend.

I personally night a ton. Of these cameras for my home and to be honest the ring camera installation was really easy but more on that later. Let’s take a closer look at the product.

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The Floodlight Camera setup

The set-up wasn’t tedious, it was in fact really easy. I did it using the app. Anyway here’s how to do it. First, download the app and install it on your smartphone then create an account on the Ring app.

Then set-up the camera by clicking add device or by scanning the QR code. Then specify where the device is placed like a kitchen or bedroom etc.

Then name your camera if you want for easier access. Once that is done make a note of where you want to place all of your cameras before placing them in order to avoid unnecessary drilling.

Then start placing them and make sure to have a power connection wherever you are placing the camera. Once the camera is placed open the app and connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi.

Finally, test your device to make sure that it works. This concludes the ring floodlight camera setup. Follow the same method for setting up your other cameras.

Ring Floodlight not working

I was happy with this camera setup and I could finally leave my kids with my babysitter and watch what they are doing. I was no longer anxious as I could watch them whenever I wanted to so that gave me a sense of relief.

Anyway, a few weeks into using the camera I got an error message on my ring app saying ring floodlight camera not working.

At first, I thought my kids broke the camera but when I went home and saw it was still in its place so I checked the power supply but everything was great.

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I assumed that the camera was damaged or maybe there could be some manufacturing defect but all was well. It turns out that the camera was in storage for quite some time and was running on old software so all I had to do was update it using the app. Once I did that it started working again.

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Camera tips and maintenance

If your camera ever malfunctions then all you need to do is run the troubleshooter like I did for my error message and it will automatically find the problem and fix it.

However, if that didn’t work for you then try to reset the camera using the ring app. To do that just go to the camera setting within the app and click on ring floodlight reset then you are good to go.

Wait for the camera to finish resetting then you can set it up again. You should reset the camera if you want to sell it as there may be some data that could be stored on it. Well, that is all about the camera and its installation.

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