10 Basic Risk Associated With Hair Restoration

Introduction to Risk Associated With Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common problem for many men and women. Men can start losing hair from the age of 20 years until middle age.

Women also suffer from hair loss problems. There are different types of hair loss treatments, both surgical and medical.

Before you undergo any hair loss treatment, the surgeon must find the cause of hair loss. Some medical problems may also lead to hair loss. Hair loss may also be caused by;

  • Baldness
  • Stress
  • Illnesses
  • Hormonal imbalance

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical hair treatment procedures. When qualified specialists perform surgery, there will be minimal risks. But any surgery will not lack some risks.

Potential Risks Associated with Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure is very safe. It is also typical, with minimal risks and complications. But like any additional surgery, there are risks and complications.

These risks will be disclosed to you by your doctor during the consultation. The following are some potential risks associated with hair restoration.


After the hair transplant surgery, you may experience bleeding. This bleeding is always normal and should stop with simple treatment. Excess bleeding may also occur but in a few cases. If this occurs, make sure to reach your doctor immediately.

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2.Thinning of Pre-Existing Hair

After the hair transplant surgery, some of your pre-existing hair may start to fall. This complication is somehow rare but can still happen. Within a few months, your hair will return to normal. If this hair falling continues, you should seek medical help.


You may feel some rare pain during the surgery. Some patients will not need painkillers to relieve this pain. After the hair transplant surgery, you can take some Panadol to ease the pain.


Hiccups are very common during hair transplant surgery. The cause for this is not known yet. This complication happens 5% of the time. It can satisfy up to a few days. 


The itching of the scalp is another complication that happens during hair restoration treatment. Itching is widespread but does not last. It can only last for a few days. To reduce this itching, you should wash your hair daily with mild shampoos, of course.


Infection occurs in rare cases. The antibiotic can treat the condition. To avoid risks such as infections, always go for experienced doctors. 


The risks of having scars usually depend on the type of hair transplant surgery. In FUE, there are no scars because it does not involve the cutting of skin. But in the FUT procedure, the skin has to be cut for hair tissue to be collected.

The cutting of skin will leave some scars, which will over time. To avoid these scars, opt for FUE hair transplant surgery.


Cysts usually occur in the recipient area during a hair transplant. Implanting a large number of grafts may cause cysts. You may let the cysts disappear a few weeks after the procedure. These cysts are usually equal to a small pimple.

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9.Scalp Laxity

The laxity of the scalp may be affected after the hair transplant procedure. The trauma your head received during the surgery can cause laxity. This complication is mostly associated with FUT surgery. The scalp will loosen months after the procedure.

10.Hair Curl

Hair curl is a long-term complication that may happen after hair transplant surgery. If the transplanted hair follicles curl, it may lead to ingrown hair.

This curling is an irritating side effect and may cause infection. A large number of curls may lead to unnatural results after the procedure.

Another risk of hair transplant surgery is that balding may continue even after the surgery. 

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The precautions

To avoid all the risks and complications of a hair transplant, the doctor will advise you to follow some instructions. These instructions include;

  • It would help if you slept in a semi-sitting position after the surgery. This position will help to stop swelling of the scalp. The sleeping position will also prevent you from touching your scalp accidentally.
  • You should not touch, scrub, or rub your scalp for a few days.
  • The doctor will also advise you to use shampoos while washing your scalp.
  • Make sure to follow the doctor’s advice well.
  • It will help if you avoid alcohol and cigarettes for several weeks.
  • Also, make sure to take the medications prescribed to you by the doctor.
  • It would be best if you also avoid direct sunlight after the procedure. When going out, make sure to cover your head with a hat.
  • After the hair restoration surgery, you should avoid too much exercise. Take a few days before you continue with your workouts.
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The Cost of the Hair Transplant Surgery

The cost of a hair transplant ranges from $4000 to $15000. Most insurance companies do not cover this procedure.

Because the process is considered cosmetic, and you will have to pay from your pocket. You can as well speak to your insurance company to see whether they can cover for you.


Beverly Hills hair restoration treatments are of high quality. It would help if you always looked for the best clinic for hair transplant surgery to avoid unnecessary risks.

Beverly Hills hair restoration clinics are still the best. The clinic is well furnished, and the doctors are knowledgeable.

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