Basic Role Of Business Setup Consultants in Starting a Travel Agency in Dubai Beyond 2020

Introduction to Role Of Business Setup Consultants

Today the UAE is a top-rated tourist destination. After all, there are the perfect conditions for a holiday resort: favorable climate all year round, blue beaches, monuments of ancient architecture, and stunning modern buildings.

But the most critical aspect is that the United Arab Emirates government made a great effort to develop the tourism and entertainment industries. The combination of these factors makes attractive jurisdiction for running a travel business.

It is not an easy task for the travel and tourism business setup, especially in Dubai, UAE. Various government agencies are associated with this.

It is essential to know which documents, legal form, and department you have to process your documents when you start a business.

Because it does not seem easy and straightforward, it is advisable to hire a consultant for business setup services, especially when you are planning a company formation in Dubai, UAE.

Business consultants are experienced in various business fields and their excellent knowledge of the things you need to know to assist you with regards to open a company. In the UAE, the laws and regulations are quite strict because you need to have this assistant.

Essential Points To Consider While Opening Travel Agency in Dubai, UAE

A travel agent can be operated as a limited liability company or as a sole proprietorship. It is essential to make this difference because of the registration and licensing requirements.

In the case of LLCs registered as travel agencies, more stringent requirements. When creating a travel agency as a sole proprietorship, the business owner will be required to become a certified travel agent.

Before starting the registration procedure for companies that would operate as a travel agent, foreign investors will need to consider a few but fundamental aspects:

  • Forms of business in which the travel agency will work extremely important;
  • It is also vital to discover whether the company will work in Dubai or one of its free zones;
  • As foreign businessmen, you will need to appoint a local agent to register the company on your behalf;
  • It is vital to select the type of license carefully you travel agent will apply to;
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds to set up the business is another aspect to consider.
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In terms of procedures for establishing companies for Dubai travel agents, local consultants, we can offer a full service, including tax and VAT registration, by recent changes in legislation.

If you choose to operate in one of the free zones of Dubai, as foreign investors, you will be able to control your company fully because there is no local partner required. However, activities of travel agencies you will be limited to offering your services to clients in the free zones, respectively.

Steps To Open a Travel Company in Dubai-

The process to open a travel agency in Dubai is not complicated if all the necessary steps for the registration followed. It is also important to ask for the right kind of tourism licenses when considering opening a Dubai travel agent.

The following types of permits are available today:

  • The licensed travel company,
  • Licensed travel agent,
  • Incoming travel operator license,
  • Outbound travel operator license.

They are obtaining one of these licenses depending on the type of company investors want to register in Dubai. Investors should be aware that the number of 100,000 dirhams must be paid by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to receive a licensed trip.

What Is The Role Of a Business Setup consultant in Opening a Travel Business in Dubai?

Also known as a business consultant management analyst. They work in areas such as marketing, human resources, management, and even accounting.

They are the ones that assist businesses when it comes to improving performance and efficiency, analyzing companies, and build solutions for them to meet their goals.

A business consultant can help when it comes to starting a company or when an organization wants another perspective to introduce changes to achieve its corporate goals better and faster.

One of the few tasks a business consultant is to know where clients are coming from is that the former tried to understand what the latter wanted to change within the company to improve.

With this, the financial statements are required for review, competitors will be evaluated, and the practice of the company itself will be analyzed to understand the whole picture. A business consultant will appeal to have people and prepare recommendations for the company’s improvement.

A business consultant can also be called to assist a person or group of people in starting their new business. Since a business consultant knowledgeable in several areas, they know exactly what your business needs to the boom and what needs to be done for their part in starting, and entrepreneurs make their business successful.

  • Market Research 

Since a business consultant knows much about business, consulting business setup can help people decide and set up their business in a particular area by providing a detailed study of the market, what kind of business will be successful, potential competitors, target market, etc.

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One of the first questions that will appear in an entrepreneur’s mind is how much it will cost to establish a business in the area.

Business consultants will advise you not only on what your budget should be to invest in your new business but also the step-by-step itself.

For example, suppose you want to set up a travel business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In that case, a business consultant can help you become familiar with the laws and regulations governing land and even every area of ​​the country to prevent given hefty fines.

A business consultant can offer you advice that businesses work best in which governments. You can also expect some business consultants to advise you on business ethics and risks involved in opening a company in the UAE.

To further expand, a business consultant will make it easy for you to start your new business based on the type because they either would advise you that the business works in which region or which kind of business will be booming.

Because companies in Dubai must have a physical address, they will help you choose a location that will help your business bloom in the industry.

  • Legal Matters-

There can be many legal formalities that must be done when someone starts a business in the UAE-license, registration, to name a few.

A business consultant educated in the relevant field in setting up a company to offer advice relating to legal documents is needed and that the department needed them.

For example, if you have absolutely no knowledge in this area, a business consultant can give you a hand because it’s their specialty.

There are several relevant governing bodies that you need the approval of the business setup. It is essential that you know the process step-by-step and which department you should go to for specific cases, so it is convenient to have business setup consultants because they have been doing this kind of work hundreds of times.

  • Bank Account Opening

Knowing the right edge is also important because some areas require a business bank account before you can fully begin.

You must know which bank in the country to provide the banking solutions you need for your organization. A business consultant will also have information available to you in which bank and what type of bank account that your company needs to operate in the country smoothly. A business consultant will also supply details about the documents required in opening a bank account.

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4 Corporate Marketing and Advertisement

Business setup consultants help at the start of the formation of your business and make sure that you are properly running the company. Any future challenges that have the probability of arising against your organization would be foreseen by a good consultant and would propose solutions that can ensure your company to run smoothly and successfully continually.

When a business consultant handles your business formation, they can also take care of the marketing side of things by promoting you in relevant places with potential clients interested in the services or products you are offering.

What Are The Requirements For Opening a Travel agency?

Dubai travel agency manager must have three years of experience if he has a university diploma or certificate in travel and tourism, or five years of experience if he only had a high school diploma.

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To receive a travel license, an applicant must:

  1. Pay the cost of the initial approval,
  2. Requesting approval of a trademark or entity,
  3. Supplying insurance policy;
  4. Provide lease contracts and blueprints of the location where the travel agency will operate.
  5. Contracts to be signed for at least three months and office space must have a minimum of 30 meters for each activity.

Because travel and tourism segments are tightly regulated, it isn’t easy to obtain this license or even open a travel company.

But you can always use the consultancy service of a specialized business setup consultancy company. It is much easier and more efficient to entrust the job to a professional and concentrate on developing ideas and plans.

Of course, you can solve all the problems of independent organizations, but it will lead to a high cost of time. It is far more efficient to entrust the job to the professionals and develop ideas and plan your own business. Contact our staff and get qualified advice for free.

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