4 Safety To Remember In Myanmar While Travelling Beyond 2020

Introduction to Safety To Remember In Myanmar


Myanmar has become the darling of tourism in the world. It is formerly known as Burma, this country is in South-East Asia. It has become one of the best destinations in Asia.

Tour operators having itineraries that are cruise line over the anchor, ATMs where one of the first Burmese KFC fried is launched of the Colonel’s chicken here.

Visitors come home and visit this exotic place that seemed to have barely changed in around 50 years. Golden pagodas and thousands of Buddhist temples are famous ones.

The sunsets with Irrawaddy River were beautiful. This sunset had inspired many different aged poets.

Myanmar has hit the news headlines mainly for somber. It is a series of violent clashes between the government forces and Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine State according to the United Nations.

Some are saying that it is time for the tourists to boycott this place. The traveler decides for themselves.

This boycott hurt the people who most needed tourism. Tour guides and souvenir sellers see their incomes less when tourists go to any other place.

It could also be the travel i.e. It is one of the best forms of backdoor diplomacy that is going to be the controversial destinations to interact with locals here.

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The reason behind is that it enables an exchange of ideas and information that is possible in other countries.


If we tell traveling to almost parts of Myanmar is safe. The Myanmar government advice to tourist visitors that travel to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake will be done by using safety precautions.

If anyone thinking about visiting Rakhine State you must reconsider before traveling here.

Travel rating of the country is a high degree of caution just like for Thailand and Bali.


Bagan is the most visited spot in Myanmar. A sunrise balloon ride over them is just unforgettable so you take this ride.

Mandalay royal capital of Myanmar having a puppet show that enjoys Mandalay Hill’s panoramic views and marvels at the world’s largest book fair at Kuthodaw Pagoda.

Just when traveling to Myanmar’s arrival just before the sunset. It is the best prime photo-taking time on the southern side of the river.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is the top a huge boulder having the teetering on the edge of a cliff. It is just about the five hours drive from the Yangon.

The gilded stupa sits atop Singuttara Hill is the most only sacred Buddhist place in Myanmar. It has known that it was built more than 2500 years ago.

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There are many options available so the road to Mandalay was the Irrawaddy River. It is cruising along the legendary waterway in a visual delight.

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It has three main seasons. The dry, cool months of November to February are the most pleasant, and the busiest one, and if you want to travel in less public travel, not in these months.

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