4 Amazing SAT Maths Tips For Students Who Don’t Excel in Mathematics

Introduction to SAT Maths Tips

SAT Math Tips are only going to help you if you let them. For people who are not good at math right off the bat, math seems like something they cannot master or influence.

The numbers and complicated equations constitute a foreign language that a few lucky ones are fluent in. When you consider the ability to excel in math as something like a genetic factor, it is easier to accept defeat.

Why try hard at something that we are going to fail at anyway?

This way of rationalizing becomes the norm and, it is difficult to get rid of it. Unfortunately, many fields of life require math, and in SATs, you really cannot ignore the math.

There is some good news for aspirants who fear the numbers. What you feel isn’t rare or even new. Math Phobia goes back to the 1950s, and many struggle with it even today. One thing is for sure: You are not alone in this. One of the best sat coaching in Delhi, EduQuest is here to help you.

Think About It

It is easy to advise people to change their mentality. It is when they try to do so themselves that they figure out how hard it is. People who fear math aren’t going to change overnight.

They score low in SAT math preparation tests, and that might give them higher anxiety and thus decreasing their score further. Achieving a certain mentality is also worthy of practice like math problems.

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After all, those studies aren’t lying. The catch is you can only overcome your phobia if you work extremely hard at it. “Practice” is your only hope, and you should practice the problems without fear of failure. Try to work out the numbers like you would solve a puzzle with no resulting consequences of failure.

SAT Math Tips for Students who don’t excel in Mathematics

  • Ditch your Gadgets

The calculator seems like the weapon to defeat your monster of math. But we are telling you to ditch it at first. The trick is to realize that the questions that are “No Calculator” type in SATs will not require one.

Funnily enough, relying on one can perhaps even slow you down. This section is about 25 minutes long, and this is something that is most challenging for the students.

The first of SAT math tips is to work without the calculator for a few months. Doing this will improve your mental math skills. Practice problems like you would have to at the real SATs.

Consider putting your calculator away for most of your semester until you absolutely cannot function without it. Try it, and soon you will be able to crack “the heart of Algebra” and have a “Passport to Advanced Math” (two main sections in No Calculator section).

  • Function Fast!

Many of the SAT Math Tips are something you can already guess. The main stuff is understanding the basic concept. Do not get overwhelmed and try to solve it all at once if your basic concepts are rocky. Mastering the functions will have a massive impact on the SAT score, so be patient and get cracking.

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Practice, practice, and then practice some more

We realize you have heard this before. It is worth mentioning again. It is crucial to practice, and it even more important to know how to do that.

Nobody expects you to dedicate your entire time to SAT math. So the SAT Math Tips push you to plan a way to manage your time and practice on official SATs.

  • If you lack confidence, do not hesitate to start with the easy questions. They are a booster.
  • Move on to the sections that are scarier and then attempt the easiest question that you see.
  • Most questions will require stuff you already know. Learn to combine your concepts to solve a seemingly difficult one.
  • Focus more on your weak concepts.

Any SAT Math Tips will advise practicing so much that taking the exam feels like a routine. On an actual day, you will not have to suffer through nerves.

  • SAT Preps?

Going for SAT Preps is smart but entirely relying on them isn’t. SAT math tips and tricks are something additional to help you along. Shortcuts will perhaps give you 30 more points, but it is not going to be enough to excel at math in SAT. Online tutoring, practice sessions, and studying with your friends are better alternatives.

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  • How much do you want?

One of the crucial SAT Math Tips is to know your goal. Knowing your target score will improve your strategy of studying instead of going at it blindly.

If you hope for a 700, you have to prepare for really tough problems and practice likewise. Most of the SAT tutorials do not know what they are talking about. Get reliable sources like “Crush The Test: SAT Math Prep.” Even though it’s old, it will make you ready for complex problems.

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On the other hand, if you only want a score of 600, it will have different implications. This score translates into getting 2/3 of the total questions right.

You also need to skip the most difficult questions then as it will free up more time to the medium and the easy questions. Most students will take the exam and try to solve everything in hopes of getting a higher score. SAT Math Tips, for mathematically weak students, advise against this.

Final comments

The truth is there are a lot of materials on how to improve SAT scores and reading all of them will leave you confused. Every rule can be personalized once you know your target. SAT Math Tips are just a guidebook telling you to strategize effectively. The real work is still cut out for you.

Note: COVID 19 will have an impact on exam dates too. Check from the official source and plan accordingly.

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