Amazing Tips To Search on Instagram By Location Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Search on Instagram By Location 

Instagram is one of the many social media platforms used to enhance connectivity among people around the world.

People expand their Instagram followers’ networks to such an extent that many have millions of followers commenting, liking, and posting photos.

For marketers and businesses, the numbers are everything and Instagram has provided them with a unique platform to reach those numbers.

However, reaching them is not enough but devising a strategy and using various tools to spread your word systematically is the deal of the day.

With this massive amount of social data publicly available, marketers and businesses require tools to filter information to get to know their target audiences’ attitudes, behavior, likings, locations, and hobbies just to name a few.

Initially, the search options provided by the platform were limited to search by hashtag or by username. But it has evolved over the years and in a better way.

Today, it does not only weigh on the importance of getting its content discovered and searched but also provides you with very interesting features by which you can search for Instagram by hashtag and location as well.

Using this feature, you can satisfy your curious tooth by knowing where a particular photo was taken, and you can also search other pictures taken at that location.

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If by chance they are pictures of a resort or a holiday destination, Instagram has made it extremely easy for you to plan your next trip. Start using it to know about trending locations for your next Holiday.

For beginners, few things need clarifying.

How to find someone on Instagram by location and hashtags

  • Location

The easiest and rudimentary way to search Instagram by location is by employing the search option. By tapping on the magnifying glass icon under the screen, it will allow you to type a location and find related posts and pictures.

You can also use this feature to find Instagram users by location. Filtering the data by location will allow you to reach the most meaningful information instead of a big pile of data that needs further breakdown. Remember, the goal is to reach the audience in the shortest time.

  • Hashtags

Another way is to search for Instagram by hashtag. Simply type # and related keyword in the search bar and instead of a location you will get results related to that particular hashtag.

Alternatively, you can click on the hashtag of your liking in a comment or an image. But the benefit of using the search feature is that it can give you related suggestions and increase the scope of your search.

Finding Instagram users near you

If you are interested to find Instagram users near you, type your current location, and see how many people are signed up on Instagram with a location like yours.

As a local business owner, this can be very helpful to gauge how many people come to your shop or store, so you can trim your offering accordingly.

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There are also apps in the market which allow you to find people and photos taken near you. One such app to find Instagram users near you is Insta Finder.

It uses its built-in google map to locate the people within a 5000 m radius of that location. Another app is CloseBy – Discover people.  It is time to connect with the people around you.

How to Find an Instagram Location ID

Instagram Location ID is another way to find posts from your required location on Instagram. The locations which are registered on Instagram have been provided with a unique location ID, which is a collection of numbers.

These numbers cannot be found self-evidently. These IDs are also being used by some plugins to access a photo from a particular Instagram location by using the location ID to improve their location filter. Similarly, hashtags can also be used as filters.

The easiest way to get those string of numbers is by following these simple steps:

  1. Login

Open the browser and log in to

  1. Search Location

Search the location in the search bar, a collection of usernames, hashtags, and locations will appear updated in real-time. Open your desired location with the map icon.

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  1. Location page

Clicking on the location results will take you to the location page with a map at the top and some photos from the location at the bottom of the map.

  1. Location ID

In the URL bar of the browser, you will find a string of numbers near the end of the URL. Copy them.

  1. Paste Location ID

After copying, paste the number in the particular plugin or feed being used.

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Instagram’s search by location feature has made life easy for many. Allowing marketers to focus their messages on a particular location saves time and other resources.

This has helped them to know what people in that particular area are talking about and how they can tailor their offering according to the requirement of that area.

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