3 Amazing Tips To Get Your Seasonal Sleeve Box Right

Introduction to Seasonal Sleeve Box

Launching seasonal packaging designs give brands an incredible opportunity to embrace a brand new look for their product and connect with their audience in a novel way over a shared holiday spirit.

But like any other strategy to sell more products, it requires adequate preparation before you put your custom packaging sleeves to test, which is getting more challenging in today’s fiercely competitive market.

So how can you get your seasonal custom sleeve box packaging right? And will it be good enough for your business?

To reduce your stress, here we have outlined three top tips that will help you get your seasonal sleeve box right at Thanks Giving, Christmas, and beyond.

The global food packaging market size was USD 304.98 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 463.65 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period.

Think Beyond the Usual

When it comes to Christmas, you must have seen certain classic images, such as red Santa hat, sparkling snowflakes, and green holly leaves.

Brands have been using these images for the past many years to connect with consumers on an emotional level to drive excitement and build momentum for the event.

In contrast, small and mid-sized businesses that do not enjoy the same reputation, persisting with the same custom packaging sleeves mean products fail to pique customers’ interest and keep them away from brands that have already captured a huge market share.

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In a time, when retail shelves are brimming with loud and colorful packages, one could argue that brands should take more risks to attract potential customers and think about how their packaging can look different and exciting out on the retail racks.

Since minimalist packaging design has already made its mark, you could use it to set your custom sleeve boxes apart from the competition, while highlighting quality and extravagance.

By giving your custom sleeve box a festive feel with glitter, ribbons, or color change, you offer customers what they are looking for during this period.

To add more value, you can give your packaging a touch of luxury.

Stay On-Brand

Even if you are using limited edition packaging, make sure your products are recognizable under the boxes.

Try to build your seasonal packaging around your brand identity rather than completely revamping it. While it’s alluring to try something new, going a bit far can increase the risk of irking loyal customers as they will fail to recognize your brand and product.

The idea of leveraging seasonal sleeve boxes is to strengthen your brand identity than perplexing your customers.

When crafting your seasonal sleeve box design, consider maintaining your brand’s message, appearance, and core values.

Following this strategy will aid you to make changes and keep your packaging design afresh while increasing product sales by staying relevant in the minds of the customers.

Toblerone is a prime example in this regard. The famous chocolate brand introduced a special pack on Christmas, which was carrying the brand name “Ho Ho Ho.”

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But since the packaging had numerous recognizable brand features, such as the classic yellow sleeve, the novel design was able to increase annual sales by an astounding 400 percent.

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Choose the Events Astutely

It’s easier for food and beverage companies to adopt new packaging designs all through the year before holidays and other festive seasons like Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well for all the industries. It makes more sense for other industries to shift their investments elsewhere during the retail calendar.

For this reason, brands should carefully consider which holiday or event they would be most likely to be associated with.

Of course, there can be plenty of opportunities to release your seasonal sleeve box, but its best to launch them on events that are more relevant than others.

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