3 Ways to Convert the iPad into a Second Monitor on Any PC in A Fast Manner

Introduction to the Second Monitor

In this advancing technological world, people tend to invest in buying the latest gadgets, and iPads are one of them. iPads are mostly preferred as it comes with an expandable battery, super-swift keyboards, and world-class performance. Moreover, it has some other exclusive features which make it always on top of the demand list.

Now, you can do so much more than just scroll through on an iPad. Have you ever tried to enable two monitors in your iPad with the help of macOS Catalina? Yes, now it is possible.

The Sidecar features in macOS Catalina or Duet Display can change the iPad into a second display within a few taps. However, this feature is limited to certain specific models of iPad and Mac devices. 

So, if you own an older version of Mac and iPad, you will be deprived of getting a second monitor. Thus, it is now to invest in an upgraded version.

Furthermore, having a second monitor connected to your computer can be an ideal way to enhance your productivity level. Got an upgraded and latest version of the iPad? So, let’s begin with some easy and simple steps to set the iPad as a second monitor. 

Get a Second Display now!

There are some preferable iPad features, which are mainly designed to convert the iPad as a second display. Moreover, these advanced feasible features are adequately quick and simple to use. And, the feature list primarily includes Sidecar, Duet Display, or Splashtop Wired XDisplay that can easily enable the dual-screen options. 

So, now, you can surf the internet in one display and write on the other one, using the second display of iPads. And, if you find these easy steps difficult to handle, avail professional help from Macbook repair Dubai. 

Are you excited to know how to implement the steps? Then, let’s get started!

Option 1: Sidecar on macOS Catalina

Sidecar is considerably one of the best options that you can ever think of for turning the iPad into a second monitor. And, if you own a Mac device, the first thing that you must acknowledge is that every latest version of macOS comes with a second-monitor functionality. 

For the macOS Catalina, Sidecar is the most appropriate feature that extends or mirrors the Mac desktop. But, it is restricted to some of the Mac devices. Here, we are mentioning the compatible devices that most likely have the Sidecar feature.  

  • 2016 MacBook
  • 2018 MacBook Air (or later)
  • 2016 MacBook Pro
  • 2018 Mac mini
  • 2015 iMac
  • 2017 iMac Pro and 2019 Mac Pro

Moreover, Sidecar can only be used on iPads that are compatible with the Apple Pencil system. This includes 6th Generation iPads, 5th Generation iPad minis, third-generation iPad Airs and even iPad Pros. 

Now, it can be assumed that you are quite aware of the possible Mac devices that can connect with the iPads, so now let’s proceed with the steps to enable the Sidebar feature.

Step 1: 

First and foremost, the users need to permit the iPad to connect with the Mac device using a USB cable. And, if you’re looking for a wireless procedure to connect both the devices, enable the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Handoff. 

Simply, move to the Settings app and check if any of these three connections are turned On. Additionally, you have to log in with the same Apple ID on both devices. 

Step 2:

Now, search for the Mac menu bar and tap on the Airplay icon. And, next, from the variable list, look at the model name of your iPad. Choose it and wait for a while, until the icon changes. You have to further tap on the Menu again. 

Now, you will get two options to choose from. One is the” Mirror” option, and the other one is the Extend option. 

Expert’s Advice: If you are unable to see the Airplay icon, go to the Apple Menu. Next, tap on the “System Preferences” option and then choose the Displays feature. Now, make sure that the “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available” is chosen. 

How to Mirror the iPad’s Display?

If you have opted for the “Mirror” option for Mac’s display for your iPad, the iPad will show you the exact same thing where you will open Mac’s display. In short, it can be stated that the iPad’s display will essentially become a reflection or mirror of the Mac display. 

And, once the iPad’s display will be mirrored, you can control all the installed Mac apps. Additionally, you can swiftly edit all the documents and do a lot more enabling the Mirror feature. 

How to Extend the iPad’s Display?

If you want to get an extension of the iPads, display, tap on the “Extend” option. And, for enabling this option, Mac’s display will act as a secondary display. Now, you can drag and open several applications and fields on your Mac to your iPad to get a more prominent view. 

So, the Sidecar in macOS Catalina is both widely functional in both wired and wirelessly manner. And, if you want to close this screen display operation, go back to the AirPlay menu and select the “Disconnect” option. And, if at any point of time you fail to process, then take your Mac device for a thorough checkup from experts at Macbook repair Dubai.

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Option 2: Splashtop Wired XDisplay

There are several other Mac devices that don’t contain the Sidecar feature. And, for these devices, Splashtop Wired XDisplay application is the best possible alternative. Additionally, this free application can be used by every Windows and Android user. 

Turn the iPad into a second monitor by just installing the Splashtop Wired XDisplay on your computer and iPad. Connect the iPad with the computer with a USB to get an incredible image quality and connectivity. 

About this Application:

Splashtop Wired XDisplay contains two major components, one is a Desktop agent that will run in the background of the computer or Mac Devices. And, on the other one, there is an iPad app or Android app that needs to run on the tablet. And, you have to enable both these components for connecting the devices. 

Once, you establish a connection, a blank desktop will pop up automatically on the iPad screen. Now, go to the Display settings of your computer and drag the preferred windows from the iPad to use it as a second monitor. 

Moreover, the Splashtop Wired XDisplay can be quite a suitable and decent solution. Additionally, it is easy to install and can be monitored flexibly. MacBook repair Dubai is always there to guide you with suitable solutions if you face any technical glitch. 

Option 3: Duet Display

Next comes, the Duet Display which is counted as one of the advanced and free software to convert the iPad into a second display. And, just like the Splashtop app, it also offers an application for the iPad that helps to establish a connection with the companion app of the computer. 

And, if you require the frequent usage of a second monitor, opt for installing the Duet Display application. Moreover, by just spending $20 per year, you get the privilege to purchase the Duet Air subscription. 

This Air subscription comes with wireless connectivity, remote desktop, and improved graphics. 

Are you thinking about how to use this Duet Display app? Well! You just need to implement these below-mentioned steps after installing the app.

  • First, you have to start the Duets Display server from your PC and then open it on the iPad.
  • Now, use a USB cable to connect both the devices to get a second monitor.
  • Right after that, to get an optimal experience, few display settings are needed to be changed. 

Expert’s Advice: If you are a Windows user, right-click on the desktop and choose the “Display Settings” option from there. And, the Mac users should head towards the “System Preferences” option. Then, tap on the “Displays” option. 

Next, you will be prompted with two squares. And, these two represent the main computer display and the iPad monitor. Tap and drag the iPad’s monitor for repositioning it in the right place.

And, if you have placed the iPad on your left, you have to drag the iPads’ square on the left and the square of the computer’s monitor on the right. When you are done with resetting the position, close the Display settings tab. 

Is it Essential to Change the Display Settings? Yes! Definitely

Now, launch the Duet Display settings from the system tray (Windows Users) or Menu bar (Mac users). From here, you can adjust multiple display settings like Framerate, performance, and resolution. 

The default settings might be a little sluggish for the older versions of the computer. So, we would suggest you lower the resolution, frame rate, and power usage. Set the Framerate to 60 FPS, Performance to High Power, and the Resolution to 1366×1024 to high-end display results. 

Now, you are ready to explore the two monitors by just tweaking some of the Display options. And, if you want to explore more features, then purchase the “Duet Air” subscription for just $20 per year. 

Moreover, you get an additional drawing feature by just spending $30 per year. For further subscription-related information, get in touch with experts at Macbook repair Dubai. 

Go Ahead and Explore the Dual Screen

Once you have picked the preferred app that you want to install to get a second display, go further and turn the Mac devices or iPad into a makeshift double-screen computer. And, surely, you can place the iPad next to the computer using an iPad cover with a stand. It will absolutely work like magic. 

But, if you have to frequently use the second monitor, you have to invest in a mounting clip as well. Moreover, you can also opt for a simple tablet stand to keep the iPad elevated at one place. 

Placing the devices in the right direction is equivalently important. And, once you repositioned the place of the iPad and the laptop or computer, you can now watch unlimited web series and play multiple games using dual monitors without any constraints. So, get started!


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