Latest Security Patches for Windows September 2020

Security Patches for Windows

We are in the middle of September with the return to routine for a lot, but Microsoft does not stop. This is something that is especially noticeable on Patch Tuesday that it presents to us monthly for its products, with special emphasis on Windows 10.

As is customary on the second Tuesday of each month, the Redmond- based firm sends all the computers that still have support their corresponding patches. Due to this, only a few hours ago he sent those corresponding to the month of September of this year. As we are used to, the Redmond-based firm is responsible for solving most of the latest security flaws detected in recent weeks.

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Microsoft patches that fix up to 129 vulnerabilities

As they let us know, it is best to install them as soon as possible to correct bugs in the operating system and other products.

To say that as we have been able to verify over time, there are many security flaws that are corrected with these patches that have just been released. At the same time, you have to know that these not only refer to the latest versions of Windows 10.

They also correct bugs in other products of the company such as its web browsers, the Windows 7 system with extended support, Windows 8.1, etc.

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First of all, we will tell you about this new batch of security updates that correct a total of 129 newly discovered vulnerabilities.

These affect various versions of your Windows operating systems and related software. Products such as Windows, Edge, Internet Explorer, SQL Server, OneDrive, Azure, Visual Studio, etc. come into play here. It should be noted that 23 are listed as critical, 105 as important, and one severe.

That is why, as we mentioned earlier, it is best to install these latest patches as soon as possible to safeguard our computers.

Security bugs fixed in Windows 10

Here is a small list with the security flaws corrected in the most recent versions of Windows 10:

  • Version 1803: fixes 70 vulnerabilities, 9 of them critical and 61 important.
  • Version 1809: fixes 70 vulnerabilities, 9 of them critical and 56 important.
  • Version 1903: fixes 70 vulnerabilities, 9 of them critical and 61 important.
  • Version 1909: same as version 1903.
  • 2004 version: same as the 1909 version.

Important bug fixed with these patches

At this point, it should be noted that a vulnerability in the memory detected in the Microsoft Exchange software has been corrected. And it is that the exploitation of it could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code at the system level just by sending a special email to a vulnerable Exchange server.

Security Patches for Windows
Security Patches for Windows

This is a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange software when it cannot properly handle objects in memory. In this way, the attacker could install programs or view, change and delete data, in addition to creating new accounts.

Fixes coming to Windows in September 2020

Well, if we focus on Windows 10, say that version 1803 of the system receives the update KB4577032. Here signing enhances the ability to sync one-way session cookies in Edge’s Internet Microsoft Explorer mode.

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On the other hand, a problem related to unexpected notifications and a bug that prevented saving filtered events has been corrected. At the same time, Microsoft fixes a problem with the scheduled shutdown of the PC. A security issue with HTTP- based Intranet servers and user proxies have also been fixed.

Regarding version 1809 of the system, with KB4570333, it is said that here only the aforementioned bugs related to user proxies are corrected. In fact, the same happens with the most recent versions of the operating system. As usual, these months ago, Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909 share the same update.

At the same time and with the arrival of KB4571756, in Windows 10 2004 it must also be added that a bug with an increase in permissions in the windowmanagement.dll library has been corrected.

How to install the new Windows patches

These have been the news that has just been sent with the updates that arrive this September. To get hold of all this, we will tell you how you can install them from this moment.

At first, the most common is that these updates arrive through the Windows Update application. However, this is a method that is not entirely perfect or effective, so it can fail. But we have another solution to use, as we will see.

If we see that they do not reach us in this way, we have an alternative way so that we can install the patches. Therefore, we are going to leave you the official download links from the Microsoft catalogue. This will allow you to carry out the process by hand for its download and installation.

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