5 Ways To Select the Best ice Cooler

Introduction to Select the Best ice cooler

Are you a person who spends your weekends in the water, in the woods, or anywhere outdoors on a beautiful, chilling day? If you are, then you would not have missed an Ice cooler strapped to a boat, to the back of a truck, or on someone’s shoulder even.

Ever wondered you had to buy one too? Yes, you must have. This is because owning the best Ice cooler reportedly makes you more ‘Cooler.’

Depending on a person’s needs, they may be looking for a simple cooler or a more durable and larger premium cooler. Before buying a cooler that costs a lump sum of money just for its brand and without knowing anything about it, might not end well.

While buying a Cooler, there are numerous facets to be considered before purchasing the perfect one. The best way is to think about what you intend to do with the cooler.

Are you the type to go to the beach with a couple of drinks in your cooler in summer? There’s a cooler for you. Or are you the kind who likes to hit the road for days and go camping randomly with your mates?

Well, we have one for you too. You need a clear picture of the function of the ice cooler in your household. Should it be serving only you or your whole family?

Is it for outside trips or just a decoration for your backyard parties?.  Do you want a brand that offers very costly ones or cheaper, more efficient ones or more powerful ones, and so on?.

Do you need Ice cooler with locking facilities or just basic ones? These may seem confusing to process, so here is your beginner’s guide to buying ice coolers. This will help you in realizing and having a better idea of what you should be looking for in your ice cooler.

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Guide to buying the cooler of our dreams


We all know coolers come in awfully lot of sizes which makes it all the more difficult to choose one. While considering the size, there are two aspects to it: The storage size and The cooler size.

  • The storage size

Storage size refers to the number of drinks or ice, you need to be storing.  It basically refers to the volume of your ideal ice cooler. How many do you want it to serve?

And how much do you want to store? Though bigger is better, yet mobility becomes a problem. The bigger the ice cooler gets, the more difficult it is to move the giant machine.

If you want to be on the road with a cooler you can consider Cooler Scooter an amazing way to keep up with your beverages. If mobility is a must for your coolers then the most expensive brands like Yeti, or Grizzly is without wheels and will not be preferred.

  • Cooler Size

Coolers are like the huge teddy bears which are adorable yet taking up a lot of space. It’s difficult to get rid of them and it’s more difficult without them.

So the cooler size should not be so big that transporting it requires a lot of work. Their size should be considered before, if they fit in their cars, bikes, boats, tents, etc.

The effective coolers have a thicker wall which gives you less storage space but a huge box. As a result, there are also backpack types and affordable ones that require less mechanical work.

Ice Retention

An Important factor to consider while buying an ice cooler is to figure out the time it is supposed to be working. The difference in ice retention lies in the build of the cooler and the insulation used.

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Roto-molded coolers hold the best ice retention capacity. This is because they are much stronger than standard plastic coolers. Also, if your family uses coolers often, it is better to buy a quality 12v cooler, which is a plug-in cooler. It acts as a thermoelectric cooler, which does not require ice.  In this case, ice retention is as long as the cooler is plugged in.

To Test the worth of these coolers many have attempted ice retention tests for many ice coolers for 5 days or ten days etc. They seem to prove that though not some prove to be worthy as they claim to be. For all those who want to know what kind of cooler they should buy for their required time, It’s all here.

  • A Few Hours: This might be the easiest one yet as mostly all the ice coolers can stand a few hours uninterrupted. The ice coolers do not even need to do much work as the ice does its job.
  • A Day: The smaller kind of totes and bags might not do the job but all plastic and bigger coolers are a better choice.
  • 2-3 Days: For this kind of time a bigger and premium ice cooler will be worthy. Although low-cost ones and poorly constructed ones may not succeed.
  • 4-5 Days: These require coolers made of higher quality materials, metal hardware and better performing features.
  • 6+ Days: Only a few in the market can reach this point, and they tend to be bigger and more expensive.


Cooler life:

This is also another important factor because of the expensive market. Though there are many cheap ice coolers they do not last for a long time. The cooler life directly depends on the materials used and its cost. The more they cost the more is the cooler life.

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For people who are outdoors most of the time and explore the wilderness with their ice coolers as a company. Durability is the most important for these travelers as many coolers are attacked by bears so often that companies issue certificates if their coolers are bear-proof. Therefore bear attacks or not every ice cooler must be durable enough.

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The worst thing that can happen is a broken cooler without a warranty after spending a fortune on them. Though they are strong and unbreakable accidents happen, so it is a requirement for a warranty along with the cooler of your choice. For example, a yeti comes with a limited Five-year warranty while a pelican has a Limited lifetime warranty.

Other Features:

In the markets, there are so many features like coolers with wheels, with inbuilt speakers, can openers, base risers and so many more. The more features, the better it is.

Finally, these are common queries of customers who are unable to decide on a cooler. With many other measures out there, these are the most important ones which give you an idea of what you might require. This just makes your cooler shopping easier.

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