4 Top Free SEO Tools and SEO Extensions to Boost Your Organic Traffic

Introduction to SEO Tools and SEO Extensions

The difference made by a useful tool is amazing. We must be aware of the excess effort and energy required to get the same task done in the absence of a practical tool.

Moving right on to digital marketing how is it possible to work smarter and quicker with SEO?

The first step is to own the correct tools for SEO services. With these tools, you can achieve a lot more than what you had expected to do as an SEO professional.

The following list includes the top free SEO tools available to boost your organic traffic — tools that encompass a large variety of uses and cover several common requirements. They are quick, free, as well as simple to operate.


MOZ falls under the category of tools employed by leading webmasters and is recognized as one of the best SEO tools.

It offers the Domain Authority score, which is considered as a standard measure in the industry to assess the integrity of a site. This score is based on several on-page as well as off-page aspects.

MOZ enables users to keep track of the ranking of their domain. It looks for the visibility of the keywords that need to be targeted on the website.

It is also possible to carry out a competitive analysis to comprehend the position of your competitors for the targeted keywords.

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This tool also audits the particular site and finds out probable mistakes that might turn up if a search engine bot attempts to crawl the site.

At the same time, it can also help you to optimize mistakes in the metadata, which can assist you to rank higher in search engine results.

MOZ assesses the backlinks and identifies sites where you earn from as well as the credibility of these domains.

To assist any effort related to contextual marketing, this tool enables you to recognize the anchor texts linking to your site. It also helps you to keep track of newly gained backlinks and even those that have been lost.

Google Search Console (GSC)

Let’s consider that Google Analytics is the oxygen for a digital marketer. Google Search Console is undoubtedly the food for an online marketer.

The term “webmaster” used in the former name Webmaster Tools is fairly incorrect. The tool helps webmasters and SEO experts. The emphasis of the tool is around “search” and “optimization.”

A few of GSC’s top insights result from barely taking a glance at the dashboard. SEO experts and digital marketers can be up to date with this dashboard regularly.

Google Search Console offers more or less similar data like Analytics, albeit in a much more simple and precise way. You can do fewer changes to the data but have an easy reach to them.

If a best SEO agency has ever dealt with the much-dreaded manual penalty or has regularly disavowed persistent spam links, it must be fairly aware of Google Search Console.

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This happens to be the best SEO tool for everything. You can carry out a site audit to point out problems and optimize the said site. Ahrefs is indeed an incredible tool that each SEO specialist needs to have in his SEO toolkit.

You might want to keep a check on how your website ranks over a certain period. Keyword research is a significant tool to decipher the search queries and target the right keywords.

Analyze any possible competitors in your field and keep a track record of the way you fare in their comparison.

Analyze particular pages on the website, either considering the traffic received by them or considering the kind of content or pages that receive the highest number of shares on any given social media channel or other domains online.

Ahrefs allows you to find out the backlinks or domains for backlinking to the site. You can evaluate the anchor texts to understand how your link building strategy is working.

You can even keep track of the backlinks you may have gained or lost recently.

It happens to be as crucial an aspect of SEO as backlinks. In case you have been linking to poor-quality websites, it may give out an indication to the search engines that the site is probably of poor quality, leading to more inferior rankings or may cause these search engines even to penalize you.


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