Best 4 Setting Guide For Csgo Pro Players

Introduction to Setting Guide For Csgo

One thing that can change your gaming experience from good to extraordinary is the proper settings of the game. Similarly, Csgo can offer the best gaming experience if its mouse and video settings are properly managed.

Settings of these two will vary from one player to another as per their ease of use so make sure you set it properly. In this blog, we will discuss the mouse and video settings as they have the main role.

Here you will get to know about certain settings that you will go through while setting up csgo like a pro. The following are the important points explained for understanding the concept and later on you can customize things according to your gaming style:


Few of you may know this fact that the rate at which the cursor movement is different from the rate at which our mouse move, and the degree of gap between these two values is known to the gamers as DPI.

Most players play with a DPI value of 400 with the mouse sensitivity to be 1 however, there are few players that are playing at a DPI of 800 with 2 as mouse sensitivity. You must be wondering now what is the difference between a 400 DPI and an 800 DPI?

We can read your mind. The basic difference is that at 400 you will experience little jitters for the crosshair. If you play at a high DPI with a low sensitivity value then you will have a far better experience with little or no jitters.

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You can check this thing out by changing your mouse setting. Playing at higher DPI is convenient for the gaming experience, but can be a little tricky and extended when you will use the options in the menu of the game.

USB rate:

It is one of the most common settings that many people already know about. It is the rate at which data is transferred from the mouse to the system.

You will be given the option to choose a USB rate between 500 or 1000. Both are a good option to go with, however, going for 1000 gives you the perk of more accuracy as data sent at USB rate 1000 is more accurate in terms of position.

The data at 500 USB rate is less accurate however many experts say that the USB rate ideal value varies from mouse to mouse. So it’s up to you how to adjust the USB rate of your mouse to enjoy your stay at the csgo lobby.

Setting Guide For Csgo
Setting Guide For Csgo

Mouse Acceleration:

Mouse acceleration can be a new term for players. It plays a vital role in the motion of the mouse and what you see on the screen in return. In the csgo settings, you will be given two options, one either to turn mouse acceleration on or off.

In case you turn in off the screen movement will not be the same as of the mouse rather it will be proportional. So it is preferred to turn it on, as turning it on will make the crosshair movement on the screen the same to the mouse.

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For example, if you turn it off and move the mouse an inch, then the movement on the screen would be a little slow or, if you repeat the same movement with a faster speed, then the movement on the screen will go a little further then the expected movement. So make sure you turn it on when you play.

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Zoom sensitivity:

The rate at which in recreation zoom happens is known as zoom sensitivity. There are different values for these settings as defined by different players. Some keep it to 1.0, but there are also some rare players that keep it to 0.8.

The players that keep it to 0.8 prefer to have slower zooms then normal. Let me clear this out on this point, the zoom is already a little slow, then the movement of the crosshair. So keeping it to 1 makes the perfect zoom for the players but as said above, you can play with the value till you are satisfied with the results.

Wrapping up:

There are so many csgo settings that you can adjust your way to have the best gaming experience. Csgocommend botalso helps you make things better. Apart from all settings mouse and video settings are the most significant.

So never compromise on the mouse set up as a bad mouse setting will offer a bad gaming experience. Many beginners have no idea about these settings.

To make things easy for them, above are some crucial settings with the ideal values. All the players need to do is try these settings out and then adjust them according to his or her gaming style.

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