Sex Education: A Comedy-Drama Series or Much More Than It? Review in 5 Minutes

Introduction to Sex Education Movie

Breaking all the taboos linked to sexual identities — Sex Education became a great success. The first season hit the screens in January 2019, and the creators were not sure about its success.

This show touched many sensitive and concealed topics on so many levels regarding the natural life phenomenon. Though the world has become innovative and time has changed, education about bodies and how they work is still considered prohibited.

This show started with a boy named Otis Milburn (played by Asa Butterfield) — a sixth-form student living with his mother, a Sex Therapist. Otis was a lean boy with a weak framework.

He was shy and had pale skin, and his wardrobe only revolved around one single puffer jacket. The Otis Milburn Jacket was the only piece worth noticing from his dope high-school wardrobe.

Otis faced many problems in his life, especially dealing with other people as his mother’s profession was not hidden from anyone. Students used to bully him, and he got so embarrassed that he started hating everything about her profession. He stopped talking to people and became a weirded out boy with one friend only.

This show showed that Otis was facing many sexual problems in his life after hitting puberty, but he was not able to talk about them with anyone.

Not even his mother, who studied to deal with such problems. The first season of the show depicted all problems teens face in their early lives and can’t express them due to taboo.

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This series helped in realizing the fact that all genders deserve respect. Coming out as something different than heterosexual is not absurd.

Every person feels different, and they are allowed to have feelings for whoever they want. The antagonist Eric (played by NcutiGatwa), was portrayed as homosexual, and it was a pleasure to watch how proudly he accepted his identity.

This should be easy and possible for everyone to disclose their interests without anyone judging and poking fingers towards them. The best you can do is support them as most of their family members will already be opposing them. It takes so much courage to divulge such things to the world. This show taught us how to support people in such situations morally.

Otis met Maeve (played by Emma Mackey), totally crushed over her weird personality. Maeve was a social outcast, considered as a bad girl in school. She had only one friend who was also embarrassed by showcasing it publicly.

Maeve was raised without parents by her older brother, making her socially awkward though she had a sturdy personality with a cool sense of humour. She was living alone and had to bear her expenses. To fulfil her needs and to get money more easily, she started a sex clinic with Otis.

Maeve was supposed to find clients while Otis used her mother’s knowledge and guide them; of course, they weren’t supposed to reveal identities. They both helped many students and solved their issues secretly. They also made quite a fair share of money from this business, until a feud split them.

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The second season of the show focused less on Maeve and Otis’s clinic and more on the romances and love triangles. The first season was a smash hit, and it encouraged the creators to discuss more sensitive yet bold topics openly in the second season. The main target of this show was teens suffering from such problems and not being able to talk.

They got inspired them to talk about these problems. Though the graphics were disturbing and nude, so the show is age-restricted. This show primarily focused on making the environment comfortable for everyone and pictured the importance of sex education. Usually, parents and mentors leave their offsprings to learn everything on their own.

Which lead them to find things, and most probably, they indulged in wrong acts. After a certain age, this education should be obligatory. It will help them know the basic life phenomenon and ease the confusing state. This show also portrayed the lack of attention from parents because of rude behaviours and emotional instability.

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Otis’s character moved from being a calm and shy college student to a rude boy. He started misbehaving with everyone and having anger issues. This series also led to many controversies due to the sensitivity of this topic, but it also helped in revolutionizing the system. The fashion game of this series was not up to the mark.

Though the costume personified the characters very well, Maeve’s weird fashion choices and Otis’s dull style. Eric, on the other hand, showed his colourful personality with flamboyant outfits. At the same time, you can love Otis’s Jacket with Jensen Ackles Coat as an alternate option.

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