8 Healthy Advantage And Tips Share Your Bed With Pets

Introduction to Share Your Bed With Pets

Almost through the ages, 50% of pet owners love to share their beds with their pets for sleep at night and the remaining 50% provides special bed or space inside their house for their pets.

So in these cases, we can see that pet owners have been bifurcated regarding this topic because some feel its unhygienic or harmful for their own health.

Here are some points of sharing a bed with your pet:-

  • Pets make you feel relaxed – Sleeping with your pet assures mental health and make you feel relaxed and increase bonding with your pet and ensures security.
  • Reduces chances of Stroke and Heart Attack – According to the CDC staying with your pet can lower your Triglyceride level, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure. Thus chances of Heart Attack almost reduce to 33%.

    Share Your Bed With Pets
    Share Your Bed With Pets
  • Improvement of your Mood – According to NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH (NIH). Playing with your pets can put a positive impact on your mood. In their study, they put some students in front of some pets for 20 minutes and found that there is a decline in their anxiety levels and improvement of mood and well-being.
  • Pets are good for our Brain – Touching pets can increase the level of Oxytocin in our body. The other name of Oxytocin is “Cuddle Chemical”.This can make us relaxed, trustworthy, and produces psychological stability with our pet.
  • Pets Produce Warm – Most of the pets have fur on their bodies thus their body temperature is 3-6 degrees more than ours, thus in winter, they become more efficient than the nonelectric blankets. Thus we feel extra warm to snuggle up a furry pet on winter nights.
  • More opportunities for outdoor exercise – CDC states that people possess pets having more opportunities to play outside as well as increase the chances of meeting other peoples. We live in a digital world faceless chances to meet or communicate with other peoples face to face. But being the owner of a pet you have to take him for a walk or ride thus it increases your chances of meeting with other owners.
  • Staying with pets from 1 year old prevents allergies – A study from SWEDEN was published where it is written that the more pets inside a house the better it would be referred to “mini-farm effect”. Thus it has been noticed that children raised on farms face no allergic issues on a later stage of their life compared to the owner of pet adopted the later stage of their life.
  • Pets make you good Sleep – Some owners of their pets love the Rhytmic sound of animals breathing. They stated that the Rhythmic sound of their pets make them relaxed and helps them to get early and proper sleep at night.

Dog trainer Manasvi Chudasma said on this statement that since childhood her house is full of pets and she allows her dogs to sleep with her on the same bed and she doesn’t face any kind of hygiene issues till now.

She also stated that some of her clients also have hygiene issues with their pets thus they prefer providing some other sleeping spaces inside their house. But she feels both things are okay until the pet feels comfortable with the surrounding atmosphere around him.

Share Your Bed With Pets
Share Your Bed With Pets

But before sharing a bed with your pet you have to follow some tips.

1)Aggression of Pets

In some cases, animals start to show their aggression with their owner sleeping in the same bed, in that case providing other beds or space can save you from scratches.

2)Let the door be Opened

for dog and cat owners letting the door of your bedroom opened is advisable because cats and dogs are nocturnal by nature and often have a tendency to wake up from their bed. They don’t love to spend the whole night in the same bed

3)Allergic issues with animal fur

People having allergic issues with animal fur are advised to make a separate space for a pet so that animal fur may not drop down on your bed.

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4)Transmission of disease from Pets

Pet experts never discourage you to let your child sleep with your pet. The chances of transmitting disease from pet to your child is rare. Thus yearly checkup of your pet is necessary.

Share Your Bed With Pets
Share Your Bed With Pets

5)Maturity of a baby in front of Pets

The child has to be a little bit of matured so that when he/she shares a room with a pet alone one thing he/she has to keep in mind that he/she will doesn’t do anything to make the pet feel disturbed like teasing and pulling of tail etc. Otherwise, the pet may bite or scratch the baby to protect himself.

6)Never approve a child having Disease

Doctors won’t approve a child to sleep with his family pet having cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, or dealing with other diseases.

7)Interference of Relationships

Never allow a pet to sleep in between you and your partner because animals feel more control of their humans. Thus it may create a distance in your relationship.

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