The Life of a Shipping Container: 6 Complete Facts

Introduction to Shipping Container

A shipping container is a large steel box that’s used to transport goods across oceans. But have you ever wondered what the life cycle of these metal boxes is? Does a shipping container gets used more than once?

You may be surprised by the information you find in today’s article because we’ll be talking about some interesting facts regarding shipping containers. We’ll also discuss why container fumigation services exist and why it’s important when a shipping container lands.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about these large steel transportation boxes and if there are other uses for them you may find useful.

Building a Shipping Container

A shipping container is built to international standards and is governed by organizations around the world including the EU. That’s why shipping containers all look the same, no matter where they are manufactured.

They must adhere to guidelines such as maximum weight load, size, and weight so that any crane can be used to offload the box.

The standard construction of a container limits the need for different machines to load and offload containers in shipyards and other areas where they’re transported to.

The Process of Creation

The process of making a shipping container starts with a sheet of steel. This sheet is unrolled using a machine and then cut into sections to make up the floor beams, corner posts, walls, and roof. The walls and roof are corrugated to add strength. Then the metal is sandblasted and primed so it can be painted.

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Metal stamping is used to create the desired form of the container. The shipping container wall panels are welded together.

Then the roof panel gets placed on top of the four walls and welded to the edges. The shipping container will get inspected for defects and then it will be sandblasted one more time.

To paint the shipping container there’s an automatic spray machine that distributes the paints evenly over the container.

L-bars are then fitted onto the doors which are used to lock them. Final touches include decals, placing floorboards inside the container, and adding water sealants to corners.

How Shipping Containers are Used and Transported

A shipping container is loaded with goods and even produce ordered by customers and businesses all over the globe, for example:

  • Fruits and vegetables are packed into airtight refrigerators to prevent them from spoiling.
  • Electronics can also be shipped across oceans such as the latest mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Some people use shipping containers for their furniture and appliances when they move to another country.
  • There are even musicians that utilize shipping containers to transport their equipment from one show to another.

How Are Shipping Containers Transported?

By Sea

Shipping containers can be loaded onto large ships using special cranes that can hold their weight. These ships can carry larger containers that weigh more and it’s a more cost-effective way of transporting goods across oceans.

By Train

Not all shipping containers will be transported overseas. People may use the containers to build homes or use them as storage units on their properties. This is when the container will be transported to the location by train.

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By Air

Similar to sea travel, some shipping containers will be transported via airplane. There are planes big enough to carry 20ft containers.

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How Shipping Containers are Unloaded

The weight and size of a shipping container is important information for shipping companies. This is because the company will need a big enough crane to handle the load of the container that needs to be offloaded.

Some countries have strict standards when shipping containers land. To protect the environment from bugs and rodents, pest control services will be used to fumigate containers. Bugs such as wood borers and brown marmorated stink bugs can pose a risk to fresh produce.

For any sized container you can opt for container fumigation services to prevent pests from other countries from infesting an area. The cargo is inspected by fumigation services to ensure the goods don’t pose a quarantine risk.

After a Shipping Container Has Served Its Purpose

You’d be surprised to know that some shipping containers are only used two to three times before they’re dumped and left to rust.

But companies have come up with innovative ways to recycle used containers because most of them are still in pristine condition.

Shipping containers can be used to make:

  • Office blocks
  • Workshops
  • Even malls
  • Some shipping containers are used to make luxury homes in Australia

Final Thoughts

Shipping containers can bring in some hazardous pests from across the world. So before you decide to buy a shipping container to build your luxury home, make sure the box has been thoroughly fumigated.

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If you feel that the shipping container hasn’t been thoroughly treated or you find creepy crawlies in corners, phone a fumigation service for assistance.

When you’re immigrating you may want to fumigate the container before and after you arrive at your destination. After all, you don’t want to bring pests into your new home.

Have you used a shipping container before? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments section below.

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