7 Best Ways to Shoot Like a Pro With Your Smart Phone

Introduction to Shoot Like a Pro

Smartphone cameras nowadays have every kind of useful settings and modes that assist you to take higher photos. But I am invariably stunned at however very little folks to fathom the practicality of their phone’s camera.

You’d ne’er withdraw shooting with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera while not reading the manual and learning what every button and performance will.

It’s exhausting to believe that concerning ten years agone I used to be rocking a flip phone that had those buttons you had to press 3 times to urge to a precise letter once texting. Heck, I bear in mind once I was adamantly hostile texting as a result of it took method too long.

Now, I exploit my smartphone every single day to require photos. In fact, it’s my go-to camera for fast snaps. And tho’ smartphones are not to the extent of ancient digital cameras, they create pretty darn sensible cameras.

·         Pros Shoot Manual

That flip phone I had all those years agone definitely did not have manual controls, however several of today’s phones do.

And albeit your phone’s camera does not have native manual controls to regulate things like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, you’ll transfer any range of apps that supply those controls.

 Shoot Like a Pro
Shoot Like a Pro

If you wish to accelerate your smartphone photography game, the primary factor you would like to try and do is get out of the motorcar and lead of what the camera is doing.

Not solely can that enable you to tailor the camera’s settings to the particular shooting scenario, however, it’ll conjointly assist you to be a lot of art with what you photograph and the way you photograph it.

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·         Take Long Exposures

If you wish to make one thing together with your smartphone that’ll extremely wow folks, tackle long exposure photography.

Of course, to manipulate with the particular shutter speed you utilize because the length of the shutter will rely upon the speed of the article.

You’ll conjointly have to be compelled to stabilize your camera with a stand. Otherwise, your long exposures can simply be a giant, fuzzy mess.

·         Take Action Shots

Of course, the inverse of taking an extended exposure with fantastically blurred options is to require an associate action shot during which the movement of the topic is frozen in time.

To do so, you will need to go back to the camera’s manual controls and choose a quick shutter speed. Again, the speed you would like to use can rely upon the speed of the topic after you snap the image.

Bear in mind, however, that the quicker the shutter speed, the less lightweight that reaches the camera’s sensing element.

 Shoot Like a Pro
Shoot Like a Pro

That means you would like to order your quick action shots for times once there are lots of lightweights. Shooting on a sunny afternoon ought to do the trick.

If you wish to shoot earlier or later within the day and realize that your phone’s camera simply cannot muster a quick enough shutter speed, strive to increase the ISO to form the sensing element a lot of sense to lightweight.

·         Try a Sequence of Shots

Just like a daily camera, most smartphone cameras have a burst mode that permits you to require a sequence of shots in rapid-fire action.

The trick to obtaining a thriving sequence is to mount your phone on a stand, therefore it’s a stable base for the sequence of images.

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Then, frame the shot, memory to compose it during a method that the movement that happens throughout the sequence has enough space within the frame.

Once you’ve got your sequence of shots, you’ll merge them along into one image.

·         Depth of Field

Depth of field refers to the realm of a photograph that is in sharp focus.

There square measure many ways in which to govern however massive or little the depth of field is, with the aperture being one in all them.

The larger the aperture (the smaller the f-stop) you utilize, the shallower the depth of field is going to be. that allows you to urge nice fuzzy backgrounds.

Another trick to assist minimize the depth of the field is to urge near to the topic.

In the case of the image higher than, the lensman got up near to the wall on the correct, that keeps it in sharp focus.

That conjointly implies that the background is going to be out-of-focus, leading to a picture that is exhausting to believe it had been smitten a phone!

Just make certain you faucet the screen to specialize in the topic whereas you are at it, therefore you are positive the topic is sharply focused.

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·         Give Macro an attempt

 Shoot Like a Pro
Shoot Like a Pro

With all the special lenses and accessories you would like to require macro photos with a conventional camera, it’d be onerous to believe that you just will take nice macro shots with nothing however your phone.

But it’s extremely simply a matter of a couple of sensible details. When you frame macro shots, do not be afraid to urge inventive.

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You might attempt filling the frame with the topic. you would possibly even fill the frame most that you just got to crop a number of the topic out.

Just look out that after you crop the shot that you just crop with purpose – do not crop a touch, crop a lot. Otherwise, it’d appear as if the method you framed the shot was by mistake.

·         Make a Time-Lapse Video

Today’s phones even have a handy time-lapse perform that permits you to urge super inventive and build awing videos.

Again, you’ll have to mount your phone to a stand, therefore, it’s stable for every frame of the time-lapse.

Then frame the shot specified you’ve got one thing that is each static and one thing that is moving. That method you get a pleasant distinction between the 2.

Then all you are doing is about the time-lapse mode to fireplace away, and your phone can do the rest!

A fun trick to try to do is to mix the frames along in post-production, which accentuates the very fact that the static object remains in which the moving objects within the shot are on the move.

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