3 Reasons Why Sicily is Perfect Destination In 2021

Introduction to Sicily is Perfect Destination

Sicily is a region in Southern Italy. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most densely populated islands as well in the region. Sicily is very famous among tourists. Every year, many people, coming from all parts of the world, visit Sicily.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many countries of the world were in lockdown, and borders were closed for tourism.

However, as the borders are open, and the holiday season is back, many tourists of the world would have set eyes on Sicily to spend their holidays in 2021.

There are many reasons why one must visit Sicily to spend their vacations. Firstly, Sicily is very famous for the different types of food it serves.

You will find a lot of food variety, in streets, cafes, roadside carts, and restaurants, that are full of flavors. Secondly, Sicily is a place where tourists get exposed to the culture, traditions, and history of the region through their art and architecture.

Even the people you meet and interact with are a reflection of Sicily and Italy’s history. Lastly, people have Sicily on their bucket list due to the beaches.

Beaches are an essential part of many people’s checklist when they go on a vacation, as they can relax peacefully, engage in beach sports, and have a mesmerizing view.


Those who are fond of having different types of food and cuisines should visit Sicily once. This is because Sicilian cuisine is very unique and the most authentic form of Sicilian food is found in Sicily itself.

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Firstly, when you go to Sicily, you must try the Arancini. It is a round-shaped snack, and it is made of creamy risotto rice that is deep-fried.

When you are touring the streets of Sicily, you will find this snack almost at every shop.

Pasta Alla Norma is another dish which is very popular among tourists. It is a very colorful dish which consists of tomatoes, garlic, basil, aubergines, and salted ricotta.

An interesting thing about the dish is that its name is influenced by the opera named Norma. Both the opera and the dish are considered to be masterpieces. Therefore, you can have an essence of the tradition of Sicily in its dishes as well.

A very popular sweet dish is widely available in Sicily known as Cannoli(it is advised to try other sweet dishes as well).

Cannoli has been added to a lot of restaurant menus around Europe and even around the world. But the original taste of cannoli can only be found in Sicily itself.

This dessert is made of deep-fried pastry tubes with a stuffing of ricotta, to give a creamy texture on the inside. Another very famous sweet dish is Cassata. This is a sponge cake, with flavors of ricotta, chocolate, and fruits.

These are only a few famous dishes which Sicily is extremely famous for. All those who are fond of having different types of food must visit Sicily and try the Sicilian cuisine at least once.


A second attraction for tourists in Sicily is the beaches over there. Tourists mostly find themselves relaxing, taking part in beach sports and activities, and having a nice suntan.

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One of the best and most unique beaches in the world is near the Scala deiTurchi in Agrigento. The special thing about this beach is that you will find completely natural limestone steps. This formation has been done totally by water and air erosion by the sea.

Another beach where you can have a good time with your friends and family is San Lorenzo beach which is near Noto.

This beach is mostly quiet during August and September. Like all beaches in Sicily, this beach also offers water activities, beachside cafes, and drinks.

If you are not fond of crowds and want to have a peaceful time at the beach, Isola Bella is the place you’re looking for.
However, you have to wait until sunset so that the crowds and noises can disperse. When the sun is setting, you can have a nice walk at the beach, or you can even go snorkeling in the chilled water, to have a bit of an adventure. Gazing at the beach for long hours is also satisfying as the water is clear and the fishes are also visible.

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Art and Architecture:

Everyone knows that Europe is full of historical architecture that signifies the history and art of the region. Sicily is another region that is full of art and architecture and is one of the reasons why people visit Sicily.

If you want to admire the art and architecture of Sicily, you must visit the Church and Monastery of Santa Caterina in Palermo.

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It is a perfect example of Italian structure and design. The history behind this structure is that it was home to many nuns till 2014.

Now tourists can visit both the monastery and the church together and also buy delicious pastries with recipes of nuns.

Another place where you can have a glimpse of the art and architecture is Piazza Duomo in Syracuse. This is one of the main places where tourists visit Sicily.

According to tourist reviews, the structure, and design of the exterior of the Piazza are mesmerizing. Moreover, near the Piazza, there are drummers playing music and flag twirlers as well. Therefore, what would be a better place to see the art of Sicily and admire the beauty of their art?


These are very brief details of why people come to Sicily, every year to spend their vacations. And even if this year is a bit different, the best way to enjoy the food, art, and beaches of Sicily is still to book villas in Sicily for rent. This way, you can ensure you and your family’s safety as well as have a great experience of Sicily.

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