6 Simple iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks to Take Better Photos

Introduction to Simple iPhone Photography Tips

We love iPhones because of the quality of output and work experience they offer. This gadget is superior in robustness, swiftness of operations, and user-friendliness of features.

The camera is one of the most enthralling in-built tools that is known for yielding very high-quality photos. However, the camera alone cannot do the trick.

The user has to experiment with clicking styles and tools to get the photo right. Some of the best cell phone insurance providers do include various photography tools available in the iPhone in their cover; so, learn about the features covered and use them accordingly.

How to Take Amazing Photographs with an iPhone?

Listed here are some of the best tips & tricks to try.

Blur the Background

Almost all iPhone versions offer the convenience of blurring the background to click an awesome quality photo. The purpose of blurring the background is to focus better on the main subject and capture its details nicely. Apart from blurring the background, foreground blurring can also be done. It is done in simple steps comprising of:

  • Bringing the iPhone closer to the subject
  • Override the phone’s autofocus
  • Tap the background element
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It pushes the foreground out of focus and allows the user to have a unique perspective of the frame captured.

Use the Volume Button to Avoid Shaky Pictures

It happens quite often that the photographer’s hands get shaken while clicking the photo. The iPhone users can avoid that unwanted shake by using the volume button to click the pictures.

When the photo is being clicked in landscape style, the photographer should press the volume up button. It gets the picture right almost every time.

Interestingly, the photographers can replace the iPhone volume click with the volume up of the headphones used. It is an exciting trick to have the candid poses of the people captured. You can press the volume up part provided in the headphones, which allows the users to stay low key while capturing candid shots.

Use Accessories with the iPhone Camera

iPhone can be as impressive as a DSLR if certain accessories accompany it. These accessories take away all ambiguities that occur commonly while clicking the photograph. Some of the interesting examples are:

  • A mini LED light: Normally, the flashlight is placed in the same alignment as the lens. So, the user is not able to derive much benefit from the additional light. Mini LED light allows using the light at a certain angle that brings better light or shade on the subject making the photo look more creative.
  • iPhone tripod: Take away all the shaking of hand or instability of focus with an iPhone tripod. This accessory is not very big or bulky and can be carried around easily when going for an outdoor shoot.
  • Clip-on lens: The clip-on lens boosts the strengths of the in-built lens provided in the iPhone camera and gives the pictures with added focus, more clarity, and better refinement of the subject attributes.
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Use Self-timer for Clicking Photos

Self-timer has always been available on mobile phone cameras to enable easy clicking of group photos. This feature can be used as a trigger to click a photo by keeping it active on an iPhone.

With the help of the self-timer feature, you can have a steady picture. The other trick is to place the iPhone in a stable position, compose a shot, and then click the photograph. The photo clicked will be free from all user-mediated errors.

Select HDR Mode

iPhone comes with an HDR mode. When you open the camera, you will find ‘HDR mode’ at the top left corner of the screen. You can select and put it on.

This feature is useful in capturing the contrasting details of the photo on the screen. HDR imaging brings the beauty of sunset photos or areas having dark and light shades in a single frame.

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Use burst mode

In the burst mode, the photographer should hold the finger on the shutter button. It helps to capture about ten shots in a single second. The users can select the best-looking shot and discard the remaining ones. This mode is quite useful when the subject is mostly in motion and gets blurred on clicking the picture.


To make every trick work, the camera is to be in the best shape. Keep the phone in the case to protect the camera from any kind of damage. It is worth mentioning that iPhone insurance covers incidents caused due to accidental falls. So, do not let your photography desire take a backseat and get the camera repaired first before trying to get the best picture using it.

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