7 Ways Why Simplicity Works Best When Website Is Built

Introduce to Simplicity Works Best When Website Is Built

Have you ever come across a website where you cannot figure how to exactly use it? Or a website where you kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, still did not find what you were looking for?

Yes! Then you are like the most 60% of people around you, if No! Congratulations because you have never come across some irritating websites. According to several web and graphic design company, many websites embed hundreds of features that are never useful. This makes the website complex and hard to use and does not allow customers to stay in the place. A solution to all the problems above is maintaining a frugal and simple website.

Is a simple website be boring?

Is a simple website be boring
Is a simple website be boring

No! They are quite the opposite, with the right information and suitable context they are rather more informative and attractive than websites that are hard to navigate.  Let us look at why simplicity still works like magic for web design.

Advantages of simple design

1.  Easier to navigate:

Easier to navigate
Easier to navigate

Simpler designs are easy to navigate and are user friendly. They are not complex to use and any person and easily gather all the information they require efficiently. Efficient navigation can be done in many simple ways and the designer does not have to incorporate heavy drop downs in it. Good navigation can be carried out through pictures on the website, including an on-site menu, splitting screen, and many simple ways. This can make the website look attractive too.

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2.  Loads faster:

 Loads faster
Loads faster

A slow website is like a headache to users, slow loading of the website never helps the user to stick around the website for a longer time. A simple design will load relatively faster on the server and the users will not be disappointed. These websites are true to the words of just one click and do not involve extraneous loading in between.

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3. More readable and scannable:

More readable and scannable
More readable and scannable

Simple websites are easy to look for information, a simple website never compromises in the content they use and hence will always be very informative to the user. A simple website will also be highly scalable as users do not have to scroll through murals of information to reach the right one. This makes the life of users easier and gives them only the necessary content that is actually required.

4.  Quick design:

Quick design
Quick design

A simple code involves easy and quick design methodologies. Simple designs are easier to build and have smaller code structure. This helps to complete the website building process in no time and also keep it useful and attractive at the same time. This is one of the best advantages of the simple web design.

5. Easy to code:

Easy to code
Easy to code

Simpler the design easier is the code of the design. It becomes easier to debug such a close and gives you a lot of time to actually focus On the content of the page, rather than bugs present in the code. A 300 line code with 500 bugs is a tedious solution to the task. Keep the website simple and code simpler, this will help you build a great website. This can be achieved by merging different technologies and making the formulation of the plan.

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6. Less server space:

Less server space
Less server space

Server size plays a prominent role in gathering traffic and loading contents. With a simple design, you can save up to 100 Mb of space and this can drive more traffic to your website at a very affordable price. This technique is very useful for sites that have high traffic and a great volume of clicks, this will help the server not to get crowded and the sites will run with relative ease. This might not be effective to local sites, or sites that do not have so many users at the current moment.

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7.  Cost-efficient:

A simpler design is easy to code so if you contact any best web and graphic design company, they will automatically charge you less due to less tedious tasks and less code density. If the company is paid according to hours still the cost is reduced as simple codes are faster to formulate and any web design company can do this task in a few hours. It also saves the server up losing and traffic money. This overall proved to be very cost-efficient.

How to make your design simple?

1. Remove unnecessary elements:

Ask yourself if a particular element is needed in your website? If the answer is maybe, just remove it. Make sure to keep only the most important and principal needs on the website. This will make it simpler and more efficient in the work. Remove some decorative elements like unnecessary outlines and any such stuff. This will not drastically change the look and still keep it up to the notch. Remove unnecessary texts and replace them with images, ditch multiple slides with no particular information. Keep the sub design near and crisp. This will also help in making the look of the website cleaner and sleek.

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2.  Make a simple backend:

Simple designs do not always mean simple aesthetics, sometimes it does mean simple coding and easy use of the backend of the system. Never overlook the backend as this can make the system extremely bulky and obsolete. Keep the backend simple. Incorporate a good content management system CMS, to improve the overall working and performance of the website.

In today’s modern world people are driven by the internet and they have a myriad of resources, a fancy website can keep them hooked, but a good and simple website will make them stay back and have a look. Many national and international companies have started to notice the change that a simple website can bring to the charts. Simple never always mean boring, simple can mean up to the mark and the point with fewer complexities and understandable content. At the end of the day,  what matters is how you represent the product and not how you advertise it. Keep it simple and keep the people hooked with information, this is the most efficient way to gather loyal customers.

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