What Are The Best Singapore Corporate Gifts For 2021?

Introduction to Singapore Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for the best Singapore corporate gifts to give to your clients and business partners? Below are some of your best options.

Disposable face mask

Since we are still suffering from the pandemic, it’s still useful to give away products that can protect us from COVID-19.

Experts agree that one of the best ways to protect ourselves from the virus is by wearing a mask. Disposable face masks can protect us from inhaling droplets that may contain the virus.

By wearing a mask, we are also helping protect other people since we may not know if we are carrying the virus or not.

Hence, giving away disposable face masks as corporate gifts is a good idea. It’s practical and will send out a message that you care about the health of the person you’re giving it to.

Eco-friendly coffee mug

Giving away corporate gifts is also a great way to display your love for the environment. By choosing gifts that are environmentally-friendly, you’re sending out the message that your company cares for the planet and is willing to do things that will save the environment.

A good eco-friendly gift is a reusable mug. When you give a reusable mug to a person, you’re encouraging that person to stop using single-use coffee cups that only end up in landfills.

It’s also a very useful gift that people will surely appreciate. Coffee mugs are also very easy to customize and personalize.

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Companies have been giving away umbrellas for a long time already. And there are several good reasons why it’s a very popular corporate gift.

First of all, umbrellas are very useful and people can’t have too many umbrellas. Umbrellas are often lost or loaned to other people so it’s a good idea to have several at home.

Secondly, the marketing potential of umbrellas is enormous. You can put a big logo of your company on the umbrella and when people use them, your logo and business name will be prominently displayed. Last but not the least, umbrellas are very affordable and it is very easy to source.

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Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are very popular nowadays. So when you give away fitness trackers as corporate gifts, your company will be popular as well.

This is a very useful and beneficial gadget. People can use them to count how many calories they are burning in a day, the number of steps they are taking, and even the quality of their sleep.

Giving out a fitness tracker sends out the message that you care about the person’s health and fitness.

Food hamper

Singapore Corporate Gifts
Singapore Corporate Gifts

You can never go wrong with food because good is always appreciated. A good corporate gift idea is to give away good hampers that contain local delicacies and gourmet products.

There are several shops and restaurants in Singapore that curate food hampers depending on your budget and preference.

It’s best to include specialty products that are not too common or are exclusively offered by a particular shop. A food hamper is probably the safest corporate gift that you can get since most people love food.

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