How Can a Single Parent Manage a Business? 9 Best Tips

Introduce to Single Parent Manage a Business

Being a single parent, of a 3-year-old child and running a business has become part of my life. I still remember, watching the clock in the middle of the night. It was 3 o clock. I’m going to discuss the best strategies for persons like me to have a better way to execute the company forward:

Be ready to change

It happened to me as well. When I planned a campaign for my business, it was not working well. So I had other options on hand as well. So I am sharing that I was wise enough to use other ways as well. I learned that in running a company, I had to be flexible and accept to change the course.

All it boils down to have a do proper homework. Every plan may not work as it is thought. So I learned the hard way. Then I adapted to it with time.

Listen to the inner voice

It’s all about giving ear to your gut feeling. Sometimes even others may suggest it right, but sometimes I used to get the feeling, that it’s not right. So I used to follow it and was, open to trying something different.

Most of the time, it worked. It happened with me many times, that the figures, which I saw were, all suggesting me to go for it, but on the other hand, my inner compass was pointing in the opposite direction. I thought about it, for some time, I didn’t go for it.

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As raising a kid, I took time for everything to happen time, my child, Paul, starting taking solid food at 6 months. So same is the case with the business. It requires patience, to see that seeds will grow into plants. Whatever I decided, took a while to show its fruits.

In the early days, I remember I used to get upset when things didn’t take too long. But I was fortunate to have done everything systemically. Trust me, it worked.

Putting Paul First

My top priority was my child Paul. I always took him with me in meetings. I was also happy to see that, people around me understood me as well. In the early days, I remember it was not so easy. Paul used to wake up in the middle of a Skype meeting; I used to hang up, used to feed him.

When I see him, he is calm and had slept, I used to resume again with an apology. Now things are on track. Now I have a nanny, who looks after him.

Ask the Experts

I used to ask my friends, who were in the business. I used to sit down and used to discuss everything inside out. I also spent time with people, who are industry experts. They gave me great analysis. It helps me to understand, the situation better. Hence I placed myself well in any given situation.

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Spend time with one own self

I used to get more burned out, after working and looking after Paul. It brought about more worries and stress. My neighbor Jenny suggested me to join the gym. It went out well. I started to develop to be more focused, all my body pain vanished. I even began to cut down on junk food.

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That’s not all; I even took time to read a collection of best books for starting a business. It broadens my horizon. I was able to think and make my decisions even better. When Paul was asleep, I used to start reading, highlighting the main points.

I was able to first-hand information about managing my company in a better way. I am grateful to God for not making those errors, which I learned in those important pages of renowned entrepreneurs’ memoirs.

Time Management

This I learned after experimenting, on making my routines. I used to do meetings online as I started as a hobby. It was tough, going back to Paul, feeding him, and then returning to my computer screens. But as time passed, I started to manage my schedule well.

My friend Alice, told me to add everything to the Gmail calendar. So I planned everything a night ahead. During all this, I started doing everything fast, I became a multitasked mom. Soon it paid off.

I was able to finish projects on time, I even expanded my team. We became 40 people. We had deadlines, sad moments, party time. I soon became a person, whom everyone looked up to.

Work-Life Balance

In early days were very difficult. I used to work overnight, to gets things done. I used to miss, key deadlines, like taking Paul for vaccinations. I even remember I used to even to miss meetings with my suppliers as well.

I was not getting satisfaction, so many things in the head. Then, Jessica, my cousin sat with me, one day, I realize that I was mixing my professional and personal life. It had become a mess. I did an overhaul of my day-to-day tasks. It started to take shape. Now I feel that I learned a hard way to reach this point.

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Take Risks in Life

With few years down the road, I tried new ways to, look at the way I was making decisions. At times, some people even made me terrified about the consciences, but I stood stronger and took the bold steps to think out of the box.

I feel like, that those small and humble steps brought about a huge impact on my life; I can say that now I even advise others on this. It has turned around my thinking. I am more confident, more positive, and forward-thinking.


I tell everyone that, I have learned a lot all these years. In the early day, people used to make fun of me. But I am happy to say that, they even applied in my company, when I was able to make a successful venture.

All my fatigue goes away when I come home and see Paul’s smiling face. I take him in my lap. I feed him and enjoy the quality time together.

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