9 Small App Development Industry Trend to Look in 2020

Introduction to Small App Development Industry

The current mobile app developer community is driving towards a funnel of mobile apps. Like the bottom of the pyramid which is big and massive slowly tapering towards the top, small apps are making their mobile base. Every app is aiming for light and mobile-ready size.

Full vs. Lite

Even many apps have different versions with stripped-down features, because of enabling slow internet and small space users to make use of them.

So much so that Android Go became the first OS to be the Lite version of Android, it’s a bigger and heavier sibling. We Newstricky take a small dive into the 9 most popular trends of the small app industry in 2020 and see what the future has in store for them?

  1. Mobile Wallets

A trend that has caught up quite recently and almost all small mobile app developers are using them, is the “mobile wallet” system.

A mobile wallet system is a payment system that helps any business get through issues because of depositing money and transferring money from one account to another.

Mobile Wallets reduce the downtime of transfers from one bank to another by creating virtual accounts on the cloud, at their Mobile Wallet Service.

  • They are faster but come at the cost of introducing middle-men.
  • They act as point-to-point connections virtually.
  • In some cases, they are more secure than wire transfers.
  1. Blockchain

This has become the most anticipated trend of 2020 and small apps are trying to use them for various ideas, from securing communications, transactions, and overseas transfers. And because of that, it can enhance the current level of security by a significant amount.

  1. On-Demand Services

The current situation of 2020 has pushed the on-demand services through the roof. From every small app developer that works in the field to those who are completely software-based.

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Practically billions are hooked to these services. From daily lifestyle e.g. YouTube to entertainment e.g. Netflix, on-demand services are the future.

  1. Mobile Wearables

As the smartphone grew beyond size the need for smaller wearables became more evident. The small app developer community is now busy making apps for Wear OS and similar platforms.

From lite ear-buds, watches, and other products, these wearables are the forefront of health devices. By connecting directly and measuring heart rate, blood pressure, and so on, they can do miracles.

  1. App on Cloud

To understand the extent to which most app developers are using the cloud, we can see how small app trends flow. With the majority of the industry moving towards AI and ML, small app developers depend on the cloud for processing power, communications, internal memory, storage, and more.

Secure hosting and robust functioning is the key here. Because everything costs money, Apps on Cloud saves dollars of shareholders.

  1. Using AI and ML

Something that comes hand in glove with the above trend is the use of AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence can do lots of stuff today because of its sheer power.

Because of the power of data, small app developers are busy collecting them. Collecting data is so easy today on a smartphone that everyone is occupied in it.

And, by collecting data like images, texts, videos from the various apps, a big database can be created. This can power everything from Google to Amazon. And, more companies are taking up this approach in 2020.

  1. Enterprise Mobile

The first and primary mobile app trend that caught small app developers was the utilization of app management. Because managing small apps or apps can be cumbersome, enterprise-level app management is necessary.

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So a lot of organizations came along with services towards managing small apps, their finances, their development, their security, and keeping them up to date.

  1. Assistive Search

Every small mobile app is trying hard to make use of AI and ML tools. The best application of this comes from voice-enabled tools.

For example, Siri, Bixby, Alexa are all examples of tools that run on AI and ML. Because of small apps, these products have reached the average public via speakers, mobile, and home appliances.

With assistive searches like voice search, voice commands, and natural language conversations, the future of mobile app trends looks quite contactless.

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  1. Apps for Trial

Another business strategy that many small app developers are offering is a free trial period. Because of a free trial period like 30-days, users find enough time to learn and know the app.

And, if the app is working fine, they are mostly to buy it. Or, they can choose to see ads, trade their data for using the app.

In any case, the trend looks promising for sustaining a company making small apps. And, this trend has become a standard business model in 2020, and for the future.

  • It can help build sustainable small mobile app development trends.
  • Products from hardware and software companies need lots of such small apps today.
  • It is because of the balanced integration that bundles of electronics, sensors, all work in harmony. Without this harmony, nothing would function.


To conclude, small apps trends in 2020 are an indication of tomorrow’s market. Because there are tons of them at the base of the pyramid, it matters to study these trends.

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New companies who wish to enter the developer phase, build products, starting with a small app are the first step. And, making use of the above trends can give their business the push in the right direction.

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