Latest 7 Innovative Technologies For Smart And More Productive Farming

Introduction to Smart And More Productive Farming

The world is changing fast and the change is taking place in every sphere of life. Farming is the base occupation and when it comes to a country like India, it is needless to mention how important it is to the majority of the country’s population.

We are an agricultural country as the majority of our population is engaged in agriculture either directly or indirectly.

World civilization began with agriculture as its backbone and people have been immensely careful and innovative regarding this occupation from the very beginning.

We Indians have been primarily the society which is based on agriculture and we have the tradition of taking the occupation so seriously that the necessity of understanding the occupation from the perspective of science and technology was seen long ago.

Did you know that studying agricultural science has been given immense importance in India in the period as early as the first decades of the 20th century?

Rabindranath Tagore sent his beloved son Rathindranath Tagore to study agricultural science at Illinois. Which Indian can be as far-sighted as the great poet?

He knew that the future of the country lies in the fact that the primary economic sector needs radical changes and that too in the most scientific ways.

After sharing this interesting trivia with you, we would like to tell you about some of the technologies that are being implemented now to make farming smarter and more productive.

The best agricultural parts manufacturers are now bringing the latest machines to the Indian market as Indian farmers are learning how to produce more and that too in the smartest way.

Here we have short-listed 7 such technologies that can make Indian farming smart and more productive. Let us begin with the basics first:

  1. Use of modern farming technologies

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

As found in world surveys, it is seen that farmers in the USA use large farm machinery and the sole reason behind it is the availability of large farmlands there.

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In the case of India, we are not able to make use of all the machines and tools used there as Indian farmlands are smaller.

Technicians and researchers have modified the technologies and invented completely indigenous machinery to enable Indian farmers to benefit the most.

Invention and use of better quality crop seeds have brought a remarkable change in agricultural productivity. The best cultivators in India ensure using the best quality seeds to make sure that the production is high with less effort. It is thus wise to modern agricultural technologies like engineered seeds to ensure good production.

  1. Pest control technologies

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

Pest attacks have always been a serious matter of concern for cultivators all over the country. The recent locust attack reminded us of the massive destruction of crops in the past.

However, we are now equipped with better instruments and the risk factor remained less as compared to the past. Instruments like the harvest combine made the task of harvest easy and it is thus possible to harvest the entire crop in the least possible time when there is a threat of pest attack.

Harvest combines manufacturers are well aware of the field size and budget of the majority of Indian farmers and thus they are careful enough to produce machines that Indian farmers can afford. When such machines are put to use production is increased and safe for sure.

  1. Use of agricultural machinery right from the beginning.

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

Indian agriculture is labor-intensive. But when it comes to multiple cropping in one particular piece of land, it is wise to rely on machines for the preparatory works like land tilling.

If a farmer sticks to the method of tilling the land with hand-plow or oxen-plow, the time required to finish the task will surely be more as compared to mechanical plowing.

Mud loader parts manufacturers have successfully modified huge mud loaders into smaller ones to fit into Indian agricultural fields. These machines make the basic works of farmers.

  1. Machines are required for better maintenance of crops.

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

In between tilling the land and reaping the crop, there are several other processes in the production of crops. Maintenance of crops is as important as showing the good quality seeds.

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Several smart machines are available these days to ensure proper maintenance of crops. Be it simple sprinklers used to sprinkle pesticides or fertilizers into the field or devices like venus-flytrap that is used to keep away pests from ready crops.

It is the basic knowledge of modern agricultural technologies that will enable a cultivator to decide which technology to implement and how.

  1. Harvesting has to be fast and efficient.

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

When a crop is ready to harvest, the Indian farmers feel happy with the hope to gain healthy against their efforts given in the fields. Harvest may seem easy but the reality is just the opposite.

Harvesting is perhaps the most delicate part of farming as a condition of the harvested crops determines its price in the market.

Combine crank manufacturers have brought the wonderful machine to make harvesting easy for farmers. This machine is actually a combination of reaper and thresher that enables the farmer to finish two tasks in a go. It will be surely a wise decision to take the help of such a smart machine and ensure the safe harvest of crops.

  1. Harvested crops must be handled and processed with care.

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

After harvest, comes the step to process the crop so that it becomes usable. One cannot simply harvest the paddy from the field and eat it like that.

The people engaged in processing the harvested crops are responsible for making the crop ready for use. For example, the paddy that is harvested from the rice field has to be threshed to separate the rice grains from husk.

Paddy thresher manufacturers in our country produce various sizes and models of paddy threshers to make the work easy for farmers and crop processing organizations.

  1. Post harvesting processes should not be ignored.

Smart And More Productive Farming
Smart And More Productive Farming

Unlike industrial products, there is no such thing in farming called ‘waste products’. Everything produced in farmlands has its specific uses and thus harvesting is followed by proper sorting of the main crop and the by-products.

When food grains are harvested, the straw becomes another source of income for the farmer. Straw reaper manufacturers provide different models of straw reapers to make the work of straw reaping easy and efficient so that the straw can be used well.

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Instead of the primitive practice of reaping by hand and sickles, it will be wise to make use of the modern mechanized reapers so that the by-products can be used to increase agricultural productivity.

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Having discussed some of the technologies that can bring a dramatic change in Indian agriculture and make farming smarter and more productive, it won’t be wrong to comment that the farmers who are using the technologies are the ones gaining desired profits.

Farming is no longer a labor-intensive occupation as the use of modern machines like rotavators has brought about a massive change in the system.

Rotavator manufacturers & exporter companies are gaining importance simply because Indian agriculture is adapting aptly and quickly with the modern inventions technologies related to farming.

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