Smartphone VS DSLR Camera-Know the Better One In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Smartphone VS DSLR Camera

Photography is a fascinating sector for both common people and professionals. It is like a passion for someone.

At an earlier stage, it is challenging to capture moments; they had to use a big camera like Dry Plates, Kodak, and films.

At present, photography is more than easy, thanks to the advanced technology that brings the latest devices every time to make life easy.

Photography with a smartphone is now a usual affair. Day by day smartphone cameras is becoming the world’s famous way of photography.

Still, the professional claims it just not enough for pure photography. Is this true? In this article, we will show a comparison of smartphone VS. DSLR to know which camera wins the race.

The Revelation Of Smartphone Cameras

For the last few years, whenever the top brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, so on launched their new flagship phones, they introduced further improvements to the mobile phone’s cameras.

They gave us the sparkle of the latest tech and various captioning modes. Actually, the brands admire that people will upgrade their smartphones by impressing the high-quality cameras, which is the most significant factor in the smartphone market. In reality, cameras bring about more sales to companies.

Just ten years ago, there was a vogue about compact cameras or DSLR. But now, you can see how much popularity is increasing for smartphone photography.

The manufacturing brands encourage consumers to capture their beautiful moments and share them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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For instance, Apple users share their photos with #ShotOniPhone. Google also achieves popularity by making a whole film with its Google Pixel 2. You will find hundreds of campaigns like this on the internet.

Why is smartphone photography better?

At present, people prefer most smartphone photography because it is the ease of use and convenience.

You can carry it everywhere and store you every beautiful or sorrowful moment of daily life. It simply becomes an essential tool in your life.

With smartphone cameras, you will notice a revolutionary change in the photography workflow. For example, if you go for some adventure tour, like mounting, or climbing, it is easy to set a smartphone on the backpack rather than a DSLR camera.

Moreover, high-resolution cameras can capture high-quality photos and use them for professional photography purposes.

If you take a reflect on the usage of the DSLR camera, it requires a lot of setting and effort. Sometimes, you may miss taking snappy photos or complicated ones.

In that case, the smartphone is really beneficial and their different camera modes allow you to take pro-grade illustrations. So it is clear why you prefer smartphone photography. 

DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras are the most powerful gear for photography. Usually, the professional photographer operates most of these cameras.

This camera can be exploited with different lenses and capture versatile photos. On the other hand, you can’t attach additional lenses to the smartphone.

Frankly speaking, the photos of DSLR cameras are much better than smartphones. The resolution is so impressive that you will never spot this similar resolution on smartphone photos.

DSLR cameras are usually equipped with up to 40 megapixels camera sensors or more and this is the main reason for the stunning photos. The lenses are also larger than smartphone cameras.

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The DSLR cameras allow more light to let in; as a result, it brings out lifelike photos with dynamic range.

These cameras also can capture colorful photos with low-light scenarios where most smartphones fail to make this fully possible.

In terms of exposure, the DSLR cameras have more creative controls over shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.

You can take blurred photos with nice bokeh background. Smartphones also can imitate these kinds of photos but you need to ship them with smartphones. However, smartphone photos are not as sharp as DSLR.

This digital camera has a great battery life and it lasts for one day or more. If the battery runs out, you can snap the spare battery and stick with shooting; it’s like nothing ever happens.

Furthermore, you won’t have any worry about storage because you can attach as much as memory you need and sipped it in a PC or pen drive for permanent storage.

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Smartphone VS. DSLR: Spot The Difference

After analyzing both of the cameras, it is clear that DSLR photos are a cut above smartphone photography.

The smartphone will never offer you a 200mm telephoto lens and the highest resolution for the picture.

There are also some issues with smartphone photography such as battery life can be obstacles in shooting and less storage sometimes shortens the photo quantity.

Apart from professional photographers, passionate people don’t care about all these factors. The smartphone is the easiest way to photograph because all of us carry it everywhere.

Just take out from your pocket, click photos, back to pocket, and move on. Just imagine how many memories you lost without your smartphone.

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Moreover, reasonable smartphone prices in Bangladesh are one reason where consumers can complete their photography passion with these cameras.

On the contrary, purchasing and maintaining the DSLR camera is worth a lot of money, and many don’t afford it.

You can use smartphone pictures everywhere and also edit them in Lightroom software to make them outstanding.

You don’t need the high-resolution photos until you go for the poster-sized images. When you capture photos with enough light, you are equally delighted.

Final Words

In this comparison article, you realize that smartphones are always the first preference for photography among the general mass.

Though the photo quality is better in the DSLR camera, people choose the smartphone for being easy to use.

The smartphones in Bangladesh gain generous popularity for their stunning cameras. Over time, the manufacturing brands are trying to add more and more advanced technology to give the best photography experience with smartphone cameras.

Still, now, they are able to combine 6 cameras in one smartphone with ample photography modes. And you can make pro-level shooting with these amazing cameras.

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